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Her Shying Away and the Sudden Anger - Why, Oh Why!

Dating By Arpita De , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 07, 2011
Her Shying Away and the Sudden Anger - Why, Oh Why!

Sexual Body Language - Understanding a woman’s sexual body language can be a daunting task for all the men out there. But a little willingness can surely take you a long way!

Men around the world have been beating their heads trying to figure what their women are thinking, and what their body language is trying to tell them. If you can figure what your woman is thinking, you have certainly become the master.


woman's body languageThe language of sex and intimacy is both overt and latent. And men have been baffled at groping little nuances that a woman reveals through her sexual body language. We admit, it can be frustrating; but men, a little more interest on your side will prove beneficial for you only!


Turns Face Away

So you are in the heat of the moment and you want to kiss her. But she either shuts her eyes really tight when you do it or faces away.


  • This surely means that something is not right.
  • Probably she is not enjoying the sex. Worse still, maybe she is enjoying it with someone else and only obliging you!
  • This kind of sexual body language may also indicate that she is probably not physically comfortable at that point in time.


Does not initiate/participate

Do you have make the first move; always? Does your lover only lie like a log while you do all the work (we mean foreplay)?

  • Not participating while having sex can be an indicator that she is simply not interested in sex with you.
  • When your partner fails to make the first move repeatedly, it can mean that she is either shy or disinterested.
  • Many women are also of the belief that if they make the first move or are too passionate in bed, it might be misappropriated by the guy. This belief leads them to being passive.


Expressionless face

However hard you try to see that glint of passion, desire and satiety on your woman’s face, you fail. She not only maintains a poker face but sometimes you also catch a glimmer of distaste.


  • Probably your girl's body language is indicative of the fact that she doesn’t enjoy sex.
  • It can also mean that she is hiding something. A possible illicit liaison maybe?
  • A stoic expression can also be a huge hint that the bedroom tactic has to change. Probably she wants to participate more and not lie like a stone under you.

She hides her body

Your girl never undresses in front of you and she insists that all lights be killed before any action begins.


  • That fact that your woman hides her body from you can mean that she is not confident about it.
  • She might be ashamed of what she looks like naked and fears that you will reject her once you have seen her in entirety.


A woman’s sexual body language is a web of information and hints for her man. If you are really interested in making things work between the two of you, try talking to her. A little patience and the willingness to go that extra mile will surely help you better things on the sex front!


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