Uncommon Pregnancy Symptoms

Jun 10, 2018

Quick Bites:
  • The veins around chest and arms can appear unusual
  • Women can experience excessive saliva production
  • Another unusual thing is itching sensation on entire body
  • There can be excess discharge of cervical fluid

Every woman shows different signs and symptoms of pregnancy, which depends on some factors like the woman’s health and whether the pregnancy is a normal or has complications.

Most of us are only aware of the common pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, missed periods, fatigue and morning sickness, but there are many other uncommon pregnancy symptoms as well.

  • Constipation: This is another result of pregnancy hormones to your body. The hormones cause your intestines become sluggish and slow down. To resolve this problem, you must eating enough fiber foods, drink plenty of water, and do some exercise routinely. If the constipation continued, go seek your doctor or midwife for additional treatment.
  • Itching sensation: Another unusual pregnancy signs is itching sensation on entire body. It is only some of the women who report itching but those who do usually suffer from cholestasis (condition related to liver). This can have adverse effect on the unborn child.
  • Skin Issues: There are certain skin issues that are associated with pregnancy. You may notice extra skin on your body parts or dark patches on your face. For instance, there may extra skin/lose skin hanging from your underarms. It is bacause, your body is producing extra melanin, causing the dark spots; and the skin tags are due to friction, as well as hormones.
  • Spider Veins: The appearance of the veins surrounding the chest and upper arms is one of the more unusual early pregnancy symptoms. This symptom can be distressing, especially if the veins are prominent. During pregnancy the blood volume and flow are increase. This change results in developing blue veins across chest, however, these veins are harmless to women.
  • Saliva Production: Some of women report to have excessive saliva; this is due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. You can try limiting starch in your diet or drinking water with lemon juice, however, they are harmless and will disappear postpartum.
  • Increased Cervical Fluid: There are chances that a pregnant woman notices more discharge of cervical fluid. It can either occur throughout the day even once. Here the cervical fluid may have unusual colour and smell. It usually happens due to increased hormones and vaginal blood flow, however, talk to your doctor if it develops a foul odor, itches or burns, or becomes greenish-yellow or very thick or watery; you may have an infection.
  • Implantation Bleeding: Brownish and pinkish bleeding is also quite an unusual symptom of pregnancy. This bleeding starts when fertilized egg implants the uterus. However, one must remember that bleeding can also occur due to other factors such as certain infection.

There are certain symptoms that are never attributed to pregnancy but are actually signs of pregnancy. Here are some other pregnancy symptoms that are reported by many pregnant women:

  • Runny and stuffy nose: This condition is referred as rhinitis of pregnancy. It is a rare symptom of pregnancy. It can start in the second month of your pregnancy and tends to worsen in the later stages.
  • Vivid dreams: Pregnancy dreams, especially in the last trimester, are often vivid. These happen due to the fears and insecurities in you about pregnancy and impending motherhood.
  • Strong smelling urine: At early stage of pregnancy, you may experience smelling urine than usual. It’s an uncommon sigh of pregnancy. Be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Achy legs or hips, backache: It is also anunsual sign of pregnancy. You may blame your growing tissue or hormonal changes for your aching problem. Consult your doctor before taking any medications.
  • Dizziness or light headed: It's not uncommon to feel lightheaded or dizzy occasionally during pregnancy. Dizziness is caused by rising hormones that cause your blood vessels to relax and widen.
  • Bleeding gums and nose: Your gums and nose may bleed unexpectedly during pregnancy. You may also notice that your nose is more congested than usual, also a result of increased blood flow to the mucus membranes.
  • Metallic taste in mouth: It is one of the most uncommon signs of pregnancy. It is unpleasant in taste and is named as Dysgeusia. Hormones, particularly estrogen, play a part in controlling the sense of taste.
  • Insomnia: It can be caused by the combination of pregnancy hormones and a number of unhelpful conditions, like frequent urination, heartburn, leg cramps, and pre-birth anxiety.

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