5 Types of Women Men Avoid

Updated at: Jan 13, 2014
5 Types of Women Men Avoid

Dating Tips - Men are no less choosy about women when it comes to dating and about relationship, even more. Five most common types of women that men avoid are given in this article.

Vatsal Anand
DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Sep 16, 2011

5 Types of Women Men AvoidMen can be as picky about choosing their date. When they find one which is the type they avoid, they scoot in the opposite direction as fast as possible! It is difficult to build a list of 5 types that men avoid but given below are the most common types that men surely avoid.


Types of Women Men Avoid

  1. The Flirtatious type – Men have a liking for the situational flirt but not the serial flirt who has a serious issue of self-esteem. Such women seek attention at all costs and this takes a heavy toll on men’s patience. For getting attention, they would giggle, touch and toss her hair for any impressionable or even not so impressionable man.
  2. The Fighting type – Some women do not take long to start a fight. It would seem they are looking for it. They would start a fight at any pretext such as construing an innocuous statement as a personal insult and behave like they want to wage war with the world. You can only get misery out of such women which will turn your pleasant self into a bitter person.
  3. The Psycho – These are the scary types. They would come into your life and sort of plant themselves in it. Nothing works to get rid of her; even if you have told them many times that you are not interested in dating her. They only try even harder to get your attention. They would keep calling you and some might even stalk you. It is obvious that men do not like such women.
  4. The Rebound or Commitment Ready type – You are having a good time with her on the first date. The music is good, you are enjoying her company and just making yourself comfortable with her. Lo and behold, all of a sudden she starts talking about getting married, planning a vacation together and even having kids. These are not the signs of the start of a healthy relationship. Men know that and this is why they do not like such women. Many times women who have just come out of a relationship and are on the rebound, make this mistake.
  5. The “I am always right” type – They just would not accept your opinion of something. They have to be right no matter what the subject. If you dare to insist your point of view, you will regret having done so. Such women can be tolerated up to a point but they may seem to be good at first. Men like such women in the beginning but soon realise that they cannot expect to be with them for long.


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