Types of Pregnancy Tests with Double Lines

May 28, 2012

Quick Bites:

All the home pregnancy tests test pregnancy by looking for the presence of HCG hormone in the urine or blood of a woman. There are several types of home pregnancy tests that display results in different ways. While some pregnancy test kits display result through digital text, others use a plus or minus sign. Apart from the different ways of displaying results, some women have their own preferences. Those women, who prefer using a pregnancy test kit that displays the test results with double lines, have several options to opt for.



Accu- Clear makes use of lines to display the results and can detect pregnancy as soon as a woman has missed her period. The test kit’s handle is wider than other pregnancy tests that make it an easy-to-handle test kit during the testing process. Accu-Clear pregnancy test is available online and at several supermarkets and drugstores.


FIRST Response

Rapid Result and First Response Early Result are similar pregnancy tests that show result with the help of lines. The Early Result test can easily detect pregnancy as early as six days before a missed period. Although, it demands that a woman wait until she is close to her menstrual cycle, it shows results within a minute unlike other pregnancy tests that take about three to five minutes. First Response pregnancy test kits are easily and widely available at drugstores, supermarkets and online retailers.


New Choice

New Choice brand pregnancy tests are commonly sold at dollar stores and are another pregnancy test option that use lines to detect pregnancy. Instead of placing the test strip in the flow of urine, in New Choice, women urinate in a cup and use a dropper to draw a few drops of urine from the cup and place on the testing film. Although, using New Choice may seem inconvenient, it is way cheaper than standard pregnancy test kits.



Simple Early Result and Answer Quick pregnancy test help a woman test herself for pregnancy up to 5 days before a missed period. Women can find this brand of pregnancy test at drugstores, online retailers and supermarkets.


Other General Store Brands

Many pregnancy tests that are locally available also use lines to display the results. Although, the specifics of the tests available in store may vary with each store, most tests detect pregnancy after a woman has missed her period. General store brands are less expensive and as effective as higher brands.


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