Different Types of Pedicure

Updated at: Aug 02, 2013
Different Types of Pedicure

A pedicure promises an unimaginable transfortion of dull dirty feet into pretty tootsies. Discover the different types of pedicures that exist.

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Should your feet be choking up to the extremities of travelling on the road, the best thing to do is to pamper them once or twice a month with a pedicure. For guidance on the types of pedicures that exist, look no further.

Fish pedicureEssentially, a pedicure that can be done either at home or at a salon, involves the polishing of toe nails, increasing of blood circulation in the feet, exfoliating the dead skin to make the feet feeling smooth and shaping the nails to make them look beautiful. The punch is to pick the type of pedicure that would suit you the best for the money you are willing to spend.

Regular Pedicure

Regular pedicure is the most commonly given treatment to the feet. This procedure consists soaking the feet in a tub of warm water with smelly salts, scrubbing the feet with pumice stone or a foot file. The salts and scrubbing removes all the dead skin that may be present at the front and back of the foot. Furthermore, the toes are clipped, filed and cleaned properly and massaged with a moisturiser. Finally, the nails are painted with a colour of the person’s choice.

Spa Pedicure

Apart from the basics of a regular pedicure, spa pedicure involves paraffin wax, salt scrub or mud mask. The feet are dipped in a bowl of paraffin wax till it cools and forms a peel upon removing which reveals a smooth skin beneath. Mud mask is just like a face mask which helps to remove all the dead skin and help sore feet relax. Salt scrubs are exfoliating agents that while exfoliating, also moisturise the skin.

Stone Pedicure

Stone pedicure allows a person to relax while working out the sore muscles and treating any aches or pains in the calves as well as feet. This pedicure allows the use of amenities as in a regular pedicure except that it consists the rubbing of the feet to tighten the muscles with the help of warm to hot stones. Certain spas and salons also include rubbing the foot with essential oil as well as stones.

Mini Pedicure

Mini pedicure is, when compared to all the other types of pedicures, inexpensive and quick. This pedicure does not contain exfoliation or massaging of the feet. Mini pedicure only involves removing of polish, filing the nails and re-polishing toes. This type of pedicure is unknowingly done at home by most women.

Fish Pedicure

Fish pedicure is a fun pedicure by virtue of which you dip your legs into a bowl of water with fish in it. The fish nibble the dead skin off your feet to reveal a smoother skin underneath. Not all spas or salons provide fish pedicures as the fish need to be cared for.

French Pedicure

French pedicure essentially involves the same steps as a regular pedicure with a polishing effect that is applied to the nails. Once the nail technician has soaked, scrubbed and shaped your toe nails, she will paint each toe nail with a nude or light pink base followed by a pure white tip.

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