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Types of girls you must never date

Types of girls you must never date
Quick Bites
  • A gold digger will have the least interest in you as much as she would in your wallet.
  • An insecure woman is driven by insecurities and has little self esteem.
  • The hyper critical woman will always criticise you and your worth.
  • Control freaks can be dominating.

Once you have gotten past the age of celebrating teen flings, you want to settle for what people say is ‘true love’. But, with it comes expectations about the ideal partner. Women have always talked about eccentric characteristics of men that always repelled them. But, aren’t men entitled to such repulsion towards women too? If you haven’t thought about it, here is a guide to all the different types of territories you shouldn’t explore.



Types of girls you must never date



Here’s presenting a list of types of girls not to date.



The control freak

Dating girls who are control freaks is like dealing with an exemplarily dominant woman, a typical character that wants to be the one to decide every inch of your movement. She will make sure you feel like a speck of dust that deserves not to respected or have desires of its own.



The gold digger

Even if you have a trust fund that will keep this woman happy for as long as she lives, she is not the one that you should even imagine dating. She will never ditch and will always opt out of plans where she suspects to be the one signing off the bill. Even if you tell her that you are broke, she would suggest delaying the plan. She will make you fend for all her whimsical shopping wants.



The gossip girl

Girls love gossiping but you mustn’t let this pass as the universal truth. Dating girls that are always gossiping aren’t really the kind that will add meaning to your life. And a relationship that does not help you two to grow together is not a relationship worth keeping.



The insecure woman

It is natural for us to struggle with insecurities as that is a very human emotion. Unfortunately, there are some people who are driven by it. How do you spot such a woman? Well, she would always talk negatively about herself in an attempt to fish compliments. She will be overtly flirtatious with guys she meets. She will use her body to seek the affirmation of men.



The hyper critical woman

You do not want to be at the receiving end of cynicism almost 24 hours a day. A woman who is critical will rarely support you or appreciate you. She will only under cloud your values and worth. You need to look at the good in yourself and then look for a woman who does the same.

With these points in mind, remember there are a plenty of girls for dating that will make you feel happier by the day. But, you have to remember that perfection is a myth and you must always keep your expectations grounded.


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Written by
Arka Roy Chowdhury
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 10, 2016

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