Types of Men we can do without

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Types of Men we can do without

Relationship Help - If you want to know the kind of men you do not need to get intimate with, some pointers given here can help.

Bushra Kafeel
DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Nov 22, 2011

Types of Men we can do without

We have come up with a list of types of men who are certainly not going to make you happy. If your man is dominating and emotionally manipulative then you can definitely do without him:

  • You can surely do without a man who is extremely dominating. One who makes all the decisions and doesn't consider your opinion on things from the colour of your dress, the kind of food you eat to the choice of a movie you watch together is someone you don't want to spend time with.
  • A man who is addicted to drinking or smoking is not right for you.
  • Another type of man you must avoid is one who brags excessively. Some men like to brag about their money and the kind or number of women they have been with.
  • A man who pretends to be a good listener but is actually not is worth not being with.  The best way to identify such men is observation. Observe if the man you are dating responds actively or not. If he doesn't, it is time you switch. 
  • Men who stereotype women on grounds of their dressing style.
  • A man who is weirdly good in bed is another type you should avoid being with. He may create an illusion that both of you are meant to be together. If you notice such unusual skills in your man then proceed with caution!
  • Women are often attracted to flirtatious men who indulge in excessive flattering. Immoderate flirting, however, must be considered as an alarming sign. Furthermore, such men work harder to dupe you into thinking that they are your ‘dream come true’.
  • A narcissist man also falls under the category of those types of men you can surely do without. Such men introduce themselves as loving and caring though eventually separate you from your friends, family etc. If you are a romantic fool, there are chances you would lose your self-confidence enroute. He can easily drop your self-esteem to an irreversible low and make you feel as if you are worth nothing better.
  • Emotionally and physically abusive men must be completely avoided.
  • If your man has a history of being thrown out from work, it is time you realise he is not worth investing time on. Not having a consistent job history is symbolic of the fact that the person is irresponsible, immature and lacks the ability to understand the essence of hard work.


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