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10 Types of Love You’ll Experience in Your Life

By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 25, 2013
10 Types of Love You’ll Experience in Your Life

Love is inevitable. We all have experienced it and know how it feels to be fallen for someone. Take a note of all these various types of love that we  might have had experience  at least for once in our life.

We all have had our share of love experiences but have you ever tried to categorise your feelings for someone according to the types of love we have mentioned here? If you haven’t, do it now. Believe us,  it would be interesting to find your love type.

10 Types of Love will Experience in Your LifeUntil now, no one has been successful to define love in its real sense. Throughout our lives, we search for our “true love” (read: soul mate) but we are often speechless when it comes to defining it. You know when you experience it, you know that it is blissful; you know it means the world to you, but can you name your feelings of love for someone? No, you cannot because love has different shades and means different to each one of us. So, to solve the enigma related to love, here we have jotted down the ten types of love that have often left the human species bewildered and confused.


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  • Platonic love: The purest form of love which is oblivious to sexual intentions. We often associate this form of love as friendship and we all experience this in our childhood. You may categorise your love for your siblings, close friends and relatives here. This type of love evolves from care and affection we feel for our closed ones.
  • Crushes: You can never deny having a crush on someone. Can you?  Of course, not! It starts even when you probably don’t know what infatuation is.  No matter how many romantic relationships you have had, you cannot forget your first crush.  The anxiety of seeing your crush and then staring at them discreetly is what we all have experienced.  The memory of liking your crush crazily and wondering that they might also feel the same for you still seem happy thoughts and give stomach jolts.
  • Unrequited Love: Commonly called one-sided love, when you like someone and are almost sure that the other person will never reciprocate similar feelings. Your feelings for the other person get stronger day by day but they remain oblivious to your emotions, are in a relationship or you don’t have the guts to express your love. Haven’t all of us experienced it? Yes, we guess.

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  • Selfish Love: You love yourself more than you love your partner. Mean, no? Yes, you are concerned about yourself rather than being caring for your partner’s happiness and wishes.  Selfish lovers are narcissistic beings who enter into a relationship just for the heck of it and are least bothered about other person’s feelings and sentiments.  They make a point to make out maximum from their relationship and disappear suddenly when asked for a favour or an adjustment.  If you are one of them, we’re sorry to show you the mirror. But if your partner falls into this category, we advise you to show him/her the door.
  • Obsessive lover: Is your partner addicted to you or seem to stalk you everywhere you go? Probably he or she is obsessive about you and feel helpless and lonely when you are not around. Obsessive lovers behave like infants who most of the times crib for attention and care. They leave no stone unturned to invade their partner’s personal space and have high degree of insecurity in their relationship.
  • Lusty Love: Have you met someone whose touch is powerful enough to tickle you down there? Are you nodding your head in yes? Oh! You might not admit but you’re lusty and experiencing lusty love. Strong sexual attraction and desires lead to this love. You get into a relationship only for sexual gratification and even do not hesitate to initiate sex in the first few weeks.  If you and your partner spend most of your dates in bedroom, believe it or not, its lusty love.
  • Hasty Love: Though this kind of love is spontaneous, it takes you no time to move on to the other thing.  Your love interest doesn’t necessary be a person it can be a cute little pup, a new car, an adorable teddy or a bouquet. It happens at first sight and ends in a few seconds or minutes.
  • Romantic Love: Oh! It’s beautiful and feels like paradise when you share a deep bond with your special one.  You find yourself translating Shakespearean sonnets to your pals and you don’t know how. The whole world seems to be full of music of love and you find yourself turning into an ardent daydreamer.  Thoughts of your beloved never seem to cease no matter where you are. You cannot hold back your grin which indicates your blissful romantic life.

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  • Same Sex Love: Do we need to tell you what is it? Among one of the most hyped topics of the recent times, same sex love needs no introduction.  You fall for a person of a same sex, leaving all socio-culture ethoses on wayside.  
  • Unconditional Love: You may easily get to read this type of love in fairy tales and MBs, but there are slight chances of finding unconditional love in real life. But if you love your partner more than yourself? Are firm on standing for your partner no matter what comes? We are glad to find someone like you, who is determined for his/her partner and relationship.  And we are proud to say that you and your partner are fortunate enough to find selfless love because this is what most of the people spend their half of the lives looking for.

Gone through our list of love types? You may have experienced all ten types of love so far, we wish that by the end of the day you find a person who loves you selflessly, the tenth type of love in our list.


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Written by
Gunjan Rastogi
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 25, 2013

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