12 Facts about napping you were not aware of

Updated at: Apr 22, 2016
12 Facts about napping you were not aware of

Napping is the perfect break during a stressful day, or even when you are feeling a little low. Napping if done correctly, can be used as a tool to increase productivity and counter stress. Read on to find amazing facts about the world’s fav

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In today’s sleep deprived world, where sleep duration is getting shorter as work days get longer and longer, napping might just not sound that bad anymore.


benefits of napping


Types of nap

Believe it or not, napping has its categories too. If you sleep regularly in the day, you might be classified as a habitual napper. Other categories include emergency naps, when you are just too tired or sleep deprived to stay focused, or planned naps wherein you purposefully plan a nap, just to increase productivity or to feel well rested before an event.


Duration of the nap

Long naps can eventually leave you feeling groggier and ruin your sleep at night, while short naps are considered the best to boost alertness and increase productivity. A short nap can range anywhere between 10 – 30 minutes.


Benefits of short and long naps  

While shorter naps are great for increasing performance and restoring your energy levels, longs naps are not all that bad either. Research shows that longer naps can help with memory and retention of events, and also enhance creativity.


Taking power naps

An increasing trend in the recent times, power naps are short naps which usually end  before the person goes into deep sleep. Power naps are very common with individuals having a fast paced lifestyle, as it helps you stay active throughout the day and provides that much needed rest.


Naps can increase your ability to work

Research supports the fact that naps during a work day can result in better productivity.Some leading tech companies have acknowledged this fact and encourage napping amongst their employees during the work day.


Timing your afternoon nap

Since the duration of napping is a key, it is important to time your nap and not fall into deep sleep. The pressure of timing the nap however, can lead a person to be too vigilant to fall asleep. Set an alarm on your phone before napping and find a peaceful environment for that afternoon nap of yours.


Naps can worsen insomnia

Daytime naps can make it even more difficult to fall asleep at night if you are suffering from insomnia. It is best to avoid daytime napping if possible for those who usually have trouble sleeping at night.


Naps are not a substitute for proper sleep

There is a huge difference between how a nap and a proper nighttime sleep work. A nap is just a break whereas nighttime sleep is when your body undertakes a number of important processes such as repair, healing and growth.

Naps can make you better at memorizing things

While cramming is certainly not the way to get good grades, if you are preparing for a test and memorizing things, having a short nap can help you retain more of what you cram.


Naps make drinking coffee more effective

Surprised? 15-20 minutes is the duration which caffeine takes to go from your stomach into your bloodstream and come into full effect. Napping immediately after drinking coffee will make you feel refreshed and raring to go.


Take a nap after lunch  

This is the most dreaded and slow time of the day, after lunch your body feels tired and lazy. Take this opportunity and rest for a while.


Naps are not for everyone

If you are not experiencing all these amazing benefits of napping, it just might be that naps are not for you. Don’t fret and try some calming exercises such as meditation or stretching to relieve that stress.



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