Trying to lose weight? Bhastrika Pranayama can help!

Updated at: Jan 27, 2018
Trying to lose weight? Bhastrika Pranayama can help!

Bhrastika Pranayama is a very effective weight loss method and it can be used for the treatment of a variety of ailments which include reduction of excess weight. Follow the precautions to ensure that you do get the benefits.

Vatsal Anand
YogaWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jul 12, 2017

Bhrastika Pranayama is a type of breathing exercise, which fills the practising individually with energy and cures his ailments too. It is also called bellows breath as its practice is a kind of mimic of a working bellow being blown for having a fire. If you want to perform bhrastika pranayama for losing weight, make sure the exercise is performed as instructed. Your entire system is flooded with the life force or prana as you pump air throughout your body.


How Bhrastika helps in weight loss?

As your lungs become full of oxygen after performing Bharstika, the metabolic and other functions of the body are improved. The process of energy production in the cells is taken to the next level, as the excess of oxygen in your body accelerates cellular metabolism. Enhanced metabolism helps to remove unwanted fats and toxins.

The right method of doing Bhrastika Pranayama

Follow the steps given here to practice this breathing exercise:

  • Sit in a comfortable position, most preferably cross-legged, also called the sukhasana. Make sure your neck, body and head are erect.
  • Keeping your mouth shut, inhale and exhale quickly ten times. It should produce a hissing sound if you do it in quick successions.
  • Inhale deeply once after breathing in and out quickly ten times.
  • Stay still and suspend your breath with the deep inhalation.
  • Be in this condition relaxed for as long as possible.
  • Now, you need to exhale as strongly as possible. This completes one round of bhrastika.
  • Be in restful mood and observe your breath.
  • This practice should be repeated twice or thrice daily.

Precautions while performing Bhrastika

  • If you perspire a lot while performing the breathing exercise, immediately take 2-3 normal breaths.
  • Some people also feel giddy while performing the pranayama. Taking a few normal breaths would resolve this problem within minutes. You can continue then.
  • Make sure that your diaphragm is stretched and lungs are full to their capacity when you inhale. It is important to ensure that your lungs get complete exercise.

When you perform the bhrastika pranayama, it raises the metabolism of your body to a level that flushes out the harmful toxins which include the accumulated unhealthy fat. Not only is the metabolism improved, your hormonal imbalance is also restored to normal as various glands that release important hormones affecting your body weight are optimised.

As stress is one of the important factors affecting your weight, pranayamas such as bhrastika are very useful in maintaining your weight. This makes for a holistic healing method rather than myopic or one-dimensional methods of weight loss that are very popular nowadays. Just make sure that you follow the steps as instructed here, and you would have learned one of the most beneficial exercises for keeping your body and mind fit.

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