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    Try these Reflexology Techniques to Get Rid of Back Pain

    Pain By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 17, 2014
    Try these Reflexology Techniques to Get Rid of Back Pain

    There are many ways in which you can relive back pain; one of them is reflexology. Whether your back pain is intermittent or chronic, reflexology techniques can help you get rid of back pain.

    Back pain is a common complaint that can affect your routine activities and severely disrupt your quality of life. Back pain, which is tenderness or discomfort in the spinal area, limit one’s ability to work or just move around.


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    There are many ways in which you can relieve back pain; one of them being reflexology. Whether your back pain is intermittent or chronic, reflexology techniques can help you get rid of it. Try the following simple reflexology techniques to alleviate the stiffness and ache in your back.


    Foot Reflex Points

    Applying pressure to the reflexes on the soles of your feet can help treat back pain. Sit and relax, use your hands to work the spine reflex points that are located along the inside edges of your foot i.e. from the tip of your big toe all the way to your ankle. When you work your sciatic nerve, there is an improvement in blood supply at the back, which takes care of back and shoulder pain.


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    Hand Reflex Points

    If using foot reflexology seems difficult to you, you can use hand reflexology to relive back pain. You need apply pressure with your thumb along the outside edge of your palm to contact the reflex points for your spine. Work on your right hand first, working on the reflexes that correspond with your shoulders. You need to apply pressure to the area just at the base of your little finger. And then switch to other hand.


    Sleeping Tennis Ball Exercise

    Lie flat on the ground and place a tennis ball sock (containing two balls) under your neck just like a pillow. Bend your legs and plant your feet on the ground. Raise your hips slowly while you maintain a balance on the tennis ball sock and your feet. Walk yourself on the tennis balls slowly. This will put pressure on the bladder points, which will relieve stress and pain. If at any point of time you feel sore, stop the exercise.


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    Standing Tennis Ball Exercise

    For this exercise, stand against the wall with feet stretched wide apart. Bend your knees like when you would squat. Lean forward and place the tennis ball sock (containing two balls) behind the shoulders and in the middle. Straighten your knees by rolling the sock on your back slowly. The sock will roll on the spinal cord and relieve the aches.

    When our spinal cord is positioned in an improper manner, it causes discomfort in the back. The reasons for back pain are injuries, muscle tension, improper standing or sitting position, unhealthy sleeping habits and abnormalities.

    As all the muscles and bones are linked with each other in some way or another, treating a back pain is much easier accessing the pressure points that link them. This is where reflexology comes in and rids you from backaches.



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