Trick of the Trade:Blow Dryer Mistakes to Avoid

Updated at: Jun 20, 2014
Trick of the Trade:Blow Dryer Mistakes to Avoid

Blow drying your hair has become essential in these racy times but certain blow drying mistakes can damage your hair for worse. Know such mistakes that you should avoid.

Ariba Khaliq
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Jun 19, 2014

Do you stroll into your office wearing a suit-with dripping wet hair? Or do would you go to a party with those ratty wet ringlets? This is a world of early mornings and late nights where the “towel off and run” trick won’t work.

Of course you want to recreate at home the same glamorous and perfectly blow-dried bouncy hair worthy of flaunting at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; but alas, you end up kissing the hot mess and the first mistake usually starts with blow drying.

Knowing some of the most common mistakes women make while using their blow dryer can help you attain that perfect state of blowout without having to visit the salon every time. Don’t worry, we will also tell you how to fix those errors.

blow dryer mistakes

You’re Skipping Heat Protection

Applying direct heat to your hair can damage it. Whenever you are using a heating tool on your hair, also use a product that provides heat protection. Stylists recommend spraying heat protection spray evenly on damp hair before subjecting it to any heating tools.

No Sections?

Blow drying thick and voluminous hair can prove to be a daunting task. That’s where the idea of dividing your hair into smaller sections comes to rescue. Make sure you dry every strand thoroughly. Use clips to hold up the different strands you are not working on. It will keep undone hair from touching the finished hair.

“What is That Attachment?”

You need to be using “that” duckbilled attachment called concentrator which directs the airflow to your hair, properly dying the desired area. Without this weapon, you will lose this battle with your hair because it will blow over the place, get messy, tangled, not get fully dried. Attach the concentrator to your blower and dry your hair from root to tip for a silky smooth look.

blow dryer mistakes

You’re Holding it Wrong

FYI holding the dryer by its body is a no-no. For proper control it’s best to hold the dryer by its handle. Then pull your hair at an angle from the dryer with a brush so that the brush and the dryer should always remain parallel. The concentrator should be pointed in the same direction as the handle. This makes sure the air hits your hair directly behind the brush.

Not Choosing the Right Brush

Right equipment ensures perfect blowout. Metal brushes can cause serious damage when used incorrectly or with too much heat. These days all of us use chemical hair products and a natural boar bristle brush works best for coarse and chemically treated hair. Its bristles grip your hair well, won’t expose it to overheating, and prevent over-drying and hair-breakage.

blow dryer mistakes

Leaving Hair Damp

Not fully drying your hair can cause major heat damage if will use heating tools like curlers or flat iron on your hair afterwards. It will also make your frizzy. Sometimes this is hard to feel any damp spots initially because your scalp is warm. Use the cold setting on the dryer and blow all over the scalp in order to quickly tell if you have any wet portions left.

Saving on Finishing Products

Finishing products are essential to prevent frizz, fly-aways, and fluffiness after your hair is dry. They seal the cuticle for a sleek finish. Apply a small amount of finishing spray to your ends, then distribute the rest evenly throughout. Don’t use too much product for it can make your locks look greasy sooner.

The proper blow-drying technique is gentle on your hair and leaves the hair with plenty of bounce and lustre. Above all, it is important to use the right kind of blow dryer. You should be able to adjust the temperature and the air stream; look for a hair dryer that has at least two settings including a low-temperature setting.

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