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Treatment for low libido in Men

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 28, 2012
Treatment for low libido in Men

Treatment for low libido in Men - Low libido in men can be treated by following some simple tips. See a counsellor or doctor if these do not work.

Treatment for low libido in menThere can be many reasons for low libido in men but you need to differentiate between lack of sex drive and the inability to have sex. The former is called low or lack of libido while the latter is a disorder we know as erectile dysfunction. There are some rare couples who have sex only twice a year and there is nothing abnormal about them. They are just cerebrally inclined, in other words too engrossed in their work to care for having sex.

Some causes for low libido include boredom, relationship issues, body image, ageing, sexual abuse and side effects of medications.


Low libido treatment for men

  • For relationship issuesCommunicate with your partner to identify your problem and try to solve them. Do so before your volcano of a problem erupts and makes resolving the issue impossible. You can consult with a counsellor or a sex therapist for the same if communication with each other does not fix the problem.
  • Body image – Your negative image of yourself is probably brought about by unusual and unhealthy images of sexiness portrayed in the media. You should be able to call the bluff and be content with what you are. Nonetheless, if you suffer from some health complications such as obesity, try to treat yourself with medical help.
  • Medication side-effects – Sex drive can be reduced by some common medicines for high BP, depression or anxiety. First of all learn more about all the medicines you take including their side effects. Your doctor should be able to tell you which of them are causing low sex drive. Ask him to recommend alternatives for these. Some antidotes to these medications may also be taken but never make the mistake of stopping the medicine without consulting your doctor first.
  • Ageing – This is the natural problem that leads to low libido. You need to up your testosterone levels, one method of doing that is through supplements but that needs to be verified by your doctor given your health condition. Moreover, you need to ensure that the testosterone dosage is not too high as that can lead to other side effects.
  • Sexual abuseIf you have been subjected to sex abuse at any time in your life, it might pose problems in allowing you to start healthy physical relations. You really need to take the help of friends and professional counsellors who can help you tide over this situation in your life. You must get over this mental scar before allowing anyone to have sex with you. No need to put pressure on yourself to have sex too early.



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