The Secret is Revealed: Show Keratosis the Way Out of Your Life

The Secret is Revealed: Show Keratosis the Way Out of Your Life

We bring to you a comprehensive guide to natural and medical treatment of Keratosis. Happy healing if you suffer from this skin condition. Read the tips to treat Keratosis.

Keratosis is a skin condition that leads to scaly patches on your skin. The condition is also known as chicken skin and can cause your skin to look like, chicken obviously. Many home made as well as medical remedies are available to cure you of keratosis. We bring to you an assortment of the best few.

treatment for keratosisHome remedies for Keratosis

Keratosis is one of the most common diseases affecting skin. This defect is caused due to imbalance in keratin; it is not vital and can be treated at home. There are a variety of methods to treat this defect with the help of using herbs as well as our daily food ingredients. Some of the home remedies are:

Foods rich in Vitamin E

Consume foods that are based on vitamin E as they are responsible for nourishment of skin which in turn reduces the defect of keratosis pilaris.

Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is not only good to eat but oatmeal bath also exfoliates your skin. Take a good dip in the bath tub that has oatmeal-it will help to hydrate the skin. (Do not eat the oatmeal floating in the bath-tub)


Herbs which have smoothing effect on skin can be used to soften the bumps. Natural herbs like marshmallows, chickweed and calendula can be very effective against early symptoms of keratosis.

Protein rich foods

Avoid foods that are rich in protein. Proteins induce the growth of keratin. It is better to limit your protein in-take in the fight against keratosis. So, avoid all the meaty dishes, if you can’t, then minimize their intake.

SNS (Say No to Soap)

Using soap on an area affected by keratosis is a big No. Soap causes dry skin and can further aggravate the problem.

Coconut Oil

Use Coconut oil. It is one of the best skin moisturizer and very effective against keratosis.

Vitamin E capsules

The capsules can be broken down and applied to the affected areas. They work bliss. For children around 400units would do, while adults can go up to 1000units.

Apart from the home remedies, always remember the following things if you are having keratosis.

-    Limit exposure to the sun: Overexposure to UV rays of sun do not do any good. Cut it down!
-    Dry Gently: Do not rub your skin dry. Leave some moisture; it is good for the skin.

The most important remedy is to control your diet. Yes, we know it is not a cure, but believe us, no cure works better than a glutton free controlled diet. According to Deepanshi Rana, a student in D.U, controlled diet has been the best cure. “I have been on a strict regimen of juicing, clean eating and switched back to organic coconut oil as a moisturizer, my skin is very happy now”, says Ms Rana.

Apart from these home remedies, you can ask your dermatologist to suggest you baths or scrubs to better treat the keratosis.

Medical Treatment Keratosis

No Medical treatment is a bang on solution. Lifestyle changes, along with the treatment are the best solution for keratosis. Some of the Medical treatments for keratosis are:


Affected area is exposed to liquid nitrogen which results in freezing of skin. Lesions shrink or fall off. Temporary redness remains and in some patients permanent white spots can form.

Laser Surgery

A carbon di-oxide laser is guided on the lesions. No bleeding is caused and is highly effective when keratosis appears on a limited area on the skin.

Chemical peeling

The uppermost layer of the skin is peeled off. Skin grows within 7 days. It requires local anaesthesia. It can cause temporary dis-coloration and irritation.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

PDT is especially useful for lesions occurring on face and scalp. Topical 5-aminolevulinic acid, a photosensitizing agent, is applied to the lesions and the whole area then exposed to sunlight. This activates the ointment. The treatment selectively destroys keratosis, although redness and irritation may occur.


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