Treatment for Bronchial Asthma

Updated at: Jan 24, 2013
Treatment for Bronchial Asthma

Not providing immediate medical care to your asthmatic condition can make it worse for your health. Here are a few treatment options for bronchial asthma.

Aditi Dasgupta
AsthmaWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Jan 25, 2012

Treatment for Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial asthma and its treatment has been under research for several years. Being a chronic inflammatory and respiratory disease of the lungs, it involves sporadic attacks in breathing pattern thereby, making the person wheeze, cough and feel tightness in the chest. There also is a lot of phlegm formation in the chest that leads to congestion in the airway almost throughout the year. A treatment for bronchial asthma involves:


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  • Checking your family history. Bronchial asthma is more likely to happen to you if someone in your family had it. The allergy causing symptoms are often passed on genetically by way of chemical discharge of histamine. Histamine is the prime cause of stuffiness that one experiences in the nose leading to a running nose, feeling feverish and itchy all over the skin (for some, it is just around the nasal area).
  • Bronchial asthma can be treated with the help of acupressure. A couple of sittings with the doctor can actually make the bronchial asthmatic attacks reduce in frequency and intensity. Acupressure techniques involve detecting and applying pressure on the pressure points, which usually hurt a lot in the beginning. Gradually, over a couple of sittings, as the pain subsides, you will get a sense of getting cured. The breathing pattern becomes more relaxed and easier.
  • Enroll for regular yoga classes. Yoga helps one to calm and relax his or her mind. Most patients suffering from bronchial asthma face severe chest congestion and tightness due to anxiety. Yoga helps one relax the constrained muscles considerably over a period of time. Often, other exercises such as jogging, brisk walking or cycling can cause heaviness in breathing. These exercises are therefore, called exercise-induced asthma! Consult your doctor before trying any new form/s of exercise.

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  • To cure bronchial asthma, every doctor will suggest you to stay away from its triggers. Smoke, dust, tobacco drugs, pollution, toxins, extreme temperature changes, higher altitudes, perfumes, deodorants and other pollens that cause allergy should be avoided at all costs. Some people get heaviness in breathing while excessive laughing or crying.
  • The course of the treatment of bronchial asthma will include a series of tests that your doctor will ask you to undergo for a detailed analysis of your condition.
  1. Peak Expiratory Flow or PEF is a meter through which you are asked to exhale forcefully. This meter measures the force of air exhaled into it. This detects the intensity of asthma.
  2. Spirometry checks the functioning of the lungs.
  3. A chest x-ray is a must. This is done to check if there are any visible inflammations, spots or scars inside your chest.
  • Treatments will also include asthma inhalers and prescribed medicines apart from changes that need to be made in your way of living. Inhalers available in the market and prescribed by doctors have low quantities of steroids that have negligible side effects and can reduce the intensity of the attack in minutes.

Make sure you go for periodic checkups. Medicine has developed some outstanding medicines that provide better respite to patients suffering from bronchial asthma. Today, it has become easier to lead an active life despite of having asthma!


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