Treadmill Mistakes: Get Rid Of These 6 Habits In The Gym

Updated at: Jul 15, 2019
Treadmill Mistakes: Get Rid Of These 6 Habits In The Gym

Running on a treadmill is one of the most excellent cardio workouts to do for weight watchers.  However, there are some glaring mistakes that we often commit while running on the treadmill, which in turn can affect our health. 

Vani Malik
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jul 15, 2019

Most runners prefer running on a treadmill than running outdoors. This form of exercise is best to beat the tricky weather conditions and run no matter how the weather is outside. However, running on a treadmill is not as simple as it looks. It is essential to understand the need for running right as it may have long-lasting implications on the body. Listed below are some of the common mistakes we see people making while running on a treadmill: 

Craning Your Neck to Watch TV 

It is common for gym-goers to watch television while working out in gyms. However, craning your neck will exercising can cause damage to your neck muscles. While one cranes his/her neck, one part of the musculature gets stretched, while the other gets tightened. The longer you stay in one position and crane your neck, the more the chances of getting injuries as it can limit the oxygen supply to that side of the neck. 

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Too Engrossed in the TV

Just glancing on the screen is one thing and thoroughly watching and enjoying a soap opera while running on a treadmill is another. Even though your body is sweating due to the cardio workout, but your mind is somewhere else. Distraction can increase the chances of getting hurt while running on the treadmill. Concentration and proper breathing are prerequisites of a great workout and watching a screen can create distractions while running on a treadmill. 

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Doing The Same Thing, Again and Again 

Doing repeated workouts on a treadmill can reduce the chances of getting the desired results in weight loss and overall fitness. It is best to include a variety in your running speed and incline as it helps in challenging the body limits. Go in for a mix of fast and slow running in one set and make required variations throughout. Interval workouts are best for more rapid and higher weight loss results. 

Skipping the Warmup 

There is always that time with gym goers when they think of skipping the workout and directly start with the drill. However, warmups are essential for a reason. Skipping a warmup increases the chances of getting injuries and cramps as the muscles are directly subjected to intense movements. As a tip, it is not necessary to invest a lot of time in warmups. Just give 5-7 minutes and go joint by joint. It helps in making the body more mobile and active to handle the intense workout sessions.

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Holding the Bars 

Holding on the treadmill bars while workout out is suitable for beginners walking or running at very slow speed. Gripping the bar may give your body the support, however, will restrict the calorie loss in the body.

Running On Steep Incline 

It is essential to change the elevation on a treadmill for interval workouts. However, running on a steep incline can harm your thigh and calf muscles. It also puts stress on the knee, making it susceptible to injuries. It is also commonly seen that the people running on steep incline hold the bars for extra support. This can lead to less calorie loss as compared to the time and energy spent on a workout. 

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