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Travel Stress and its Impact on Health

Updated at: Jan 30, 2013
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Written by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Jan 30, 2013
Travel Stress and its Impact on Health

Being ill is bad enough as it is without adding to it the additional stress of travelling. Dealing with travelling blues becomes almost as hard as dealing with the illness and the treatment.

Being ill is bad enough as it is without adding to it the additional stress of travelling. But in the day and age that we live, a phenomenon, insensitively labelled medical tourism is a big reason for people to travel. Medical facilities, doctors, and costs of treatment vary wildly n our globe making it easier to find suitable treatment and suitable costs for patients. One kind of baggage that goes along with anyone travelling for health reasons is the stress that comes with either being the invalid or the accompanying friend of the invalid. Dealing with that becomes almost as hard as dealing with the illness and the treatment.


If the country you’re going to is one in which you don’t speak the language, it may be a good idea to learn a little of the local language before you leave. Getting a basic knowledge of the common phrases and some of the important things relating to hospital environments and treatments will help you a lot when you actually get to the place of treatment. As more and more people travel for medical reasons, many people in these hospitals and relate areas are pretty up to speed wit travellers’ needs and may also speak a smattering of your language, but to keep yourself safe from touts and confusions that may arise, it may be a good idea to learn a little of the language. Arranging for help from a local who speaks your language is also a good idea. With more and more online forums that help medical tourists, and in consultation with your doctor, you could find someone who lives there and speaks your language to help put with your translating and local travelling needs. Knowing that someone with you knows the ropes can be a big stress buster and help you stay calm while you handle the pressures of treatment.


Food can be a problem for foreign travellers in any country. To reduce stress stemming from altered food practises, it is important to be prepared for food eventualities that may arise. Read up about the kinds of food that is available in your destination and how you can procure it. If you are on a specific diet, consult your doctor and read up (the internet has vast resources to help out these days) about the costs of your food, and methods of procurement.


In any case, be prepared and pack enough food to give you time to sort out your provision needs once you get there. If you have taken up an apartment where you plan to stay for the period of your treatment, you may need to make additional preparations before you can get self sufficient with your food needs. Many times, vegetarians or vegans travelling abroad may find it hard to get food that they can eat in the place they’re going to. It is best to consult with your doctor to be prepared for food eventualities.


Other little things like packing circumspectly and carrying a good book or two to read, and spare batteries for your music player during long waiting periods or travelling can often relieve stress during medical travel. Remembering to pack water and enough clothes that are comfortable and season appropriate can also go a long way in making you comfortable and stress free while you travel.



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