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  • Healthy Snacks that Help you Gain Weight

    Want to gain weight? Besides taking the three main meals of a day, munch on healthy snacks to aid your weight loss efforts rather than taking empty calories in the form of junk food.

  • How Wheat Makes you Fat

    Since the advent of genetically engineered wheat, it has contributed in making people put on weight. Here is what wheat does to our health.

  • Weight Gain Diet for Working Men

    To gain weight, the idea is to have calorie intake more than what you burn. For men to gain weight through diet, it is necessary to avoid unhealthy and junk food.

  • The health risks of diet soda everyone should be aware of

    The popular belief is that diet sodas and foods/beverages prepared with artificial sweeteners are unhealthy. Does diet soda really help you gain weight?

  • Can High Calorie Foods Help Kids Gain Weight?

    If your underweight child needs to gain weight, here are few tips to increase their calorie intake subsequently, resulting in increased weight. The high-calorie foods must be nutritious and healthy.

  • Best Drinks You Can Try to Gain Weight

    Sipping drinks to gain weight is relatively an easy way. These help you get a lot of calories and protein to help you build muscle.

  • Can Grapefruit Juice Make You Fat?

    Like any other food, overconsumption of grapefruit juice can lead to weight gain. Determine the amount of sugar in the juice and balance your calorie intake with the number of calories your body needs.

  • Can Overeating Fruits Cause Weight Gain

    Fruits are healthy to eat, but have you ever given a thought to the number of calories they have? Could eating a lot of them make you more healthy or obese?

  • Eat these Healthy High-Calorie Foods for Easy and Quick Weight Gain

    A balanced diet accompanied with a healthy, high-calorie food results in weight gain. This will help you to gain weight in a healthy and wholesome way.

  • Healthy protein shakes for weight gain

    Protein shakes are one of the mediums that aid weight gain by boosting your daily intake of calories. Learn the easy recipes of some healthy protein shakes that will help your weight-gain efforts.

  • High calorie foods for weight gain

    Healthy weight gain is as much a challenge as losing weight. Here is a guide on nutritious high-calorie foods that help you gain weight.

  • Try out this diet chart for fast weight gain

    Diet chart for Weight Gain - Weight gain diet should be a combination of nutritious food items minus items containing unsaturated fats, which increase LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol. Here's what your diet chart for weight gain should be.

  • Does sodium make you gain weight?

    Consuming excessive amount of sodium can make you gain weight temporarily. This is due to water retention by kidneys to balance the electrolytes in the body.

  • How long does it take for food to cause weight gain?

    So when and how did the delicious food that you eat just suddenly become a weapon of physical destruction? Know how right here!

  • Here is a list of that can help teenagers to gain weight

    To gain weight, a teenager must eat nutritionally dense foods. Teenagers' diet should have a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats to facilitate weight gain.

  • Healthy food options for weight gain

    You must include healthy foods for gaining weight. You are not aiming to merely gain weight but better health also. Find a list of health foods with their benefits in this article.

  • Aamir Khan's shocking weight gain: Dangers of yo-yo dieting

    We all know what a perfectionist Aamir Khan is. For his upcoming film Dangal, Aamir gained 95 kgs and will lose after the shoot wraps up. This kind of yoyo diet is extremely dangerous and can even cost a person his life. Read the dangers of yoyo dieting here.

  • Weight Gain Tips for Children

    A healthy approach towards weight gain ensures child's well-being. Create a healthy meal plan that has nutrient-dense foods your child loves.

  • Nutritional Drinks to Gain Weight

    The nutritional drinks to gain weight can be protein drinks, carbohydrates drink and supplement drinks. You can make your own drink as per your requirements and medical advice.

  • Natural Weight Gain Protein Shakes

    Natural protein shakes for weight gain are high-calorie drinks that boost calories and nutrient density to promote weight gain. Here is an outline of how protein shakes can help you gain weight.

  • Does Soy Milk Make You Gain Weight?

    There are apprehensions regarding the fat and calorie content of soy milk and its potential to cause weight gain. Soy milk does not add to your weight if you consume it in small amounts.

  • List of Weight Gain Foods

    Here are list of weight gain foods that are essential for you in order to gain weight. Know what foods need to includes in your diet for high proteins, high carbohydrates and healthy fats and more.

  • Foods that help Children Gain Healthy Weight

    You must ensure that your child is not underweight because such a condition can weaken your his immune system to infectious diseases later on in life. Look at the foods that will be most helpful to help them gain a healthy weight.

  • The Foods that Help you Gain Weight

    A combination of diet plan, weight gain foods intake and physical is a foundation to put on weight. Those who have a desire to gain weight must include high protein foods, carbohydrate-rich foodstuff and healthy fats in their everyday diet.

  • High Protein Diet for a Healthy Weight Gain

    Gaining weight can be as troublesome as losing weight. For proper weight gain, you can follow a high protein diet, but before that, you must possess its complete knowledge.

  • Weight Gain Diet for Vegetarians

    Weight Gain Diet for Vegetarians - On daily basis vegetarians consume fewer calories than the non-vegetarians. But this doesnot mean that you can't gain weight by vegetarian diet.

  • Weight Gaining Foods for Women

    Weight Gaining Foods for Women: High nutritional value. proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fat are the main component for weight gaining foods for women.

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