The sun can give you more than several units of the much-needed vitamin D and surprisingly, it is the darkening of the skin’s pigments, also called tanning. While tanning is mostly harmless, it can snowball into even severe conditions like chronic pigmentation, sunburn, etc. For a safe summer, know about safe tanning techniques, different types and dangers of tanning and how to heal tanned skin.

  • Simple ways to remove sun tan at home

    Wondering how to remove sun tan? Check out some popular & effective homemade tips to remove that horrid tan. You can apply these natural packs anytime!

  • Reasons to use coconut oil for sun tan removal

    Be it cooking or skin care or health care, coconut oil is truly a versatile ingredient. It has been used in local and folk medicine since ages and now the world has begun to acknowledge the benefits of this super food.

  • 5 Foods that tan your skin

    Certain foods help the process of skin tanning. Here is list of five foods that are easily available and can be used to get the cherished shade of bronze.

  • How to get tan without burning

    Know the procedure of working up a good tan without the risk of getting burned. There are many products that aid in sunless perfect bronze.

  • How Does a Tanning Bed Work?

    Tanning beds help the fans of tan to get the brown skin artificially. One must not use a tanning bed without knowing how it functions. Read on for it.

  • How to treat white spots caused by tanning

    Getting tanned may seem attractive but comes with a lot of skin discomforts. One of them are unsightly white spots on the body. Read how you can cure these problems.

  • Easy Ways to Remove Sun Tan from Hands

    There are many things that you can do to get rid of the unsightly tan lines on the arms, legs, feet and chest. Learn how to remove sun tan from hands.

  • Use Sunscreen in Moderation

    Frequent use of sunscreen puts your skin at a risk of skin cancer and other complications. Here are some instructions on using adequate sunscreen.

  • Do Tanning Beds Provide Vitamin D?

    Tanning beds can provide bronze skin tone artificially but do not source  vitamin d. Users do not enquire about the facts related to it which can harm them.

  • Make Your Skin Gleam with Our Capers to Remove Sun Tan with Homemade Scrubs

    Take a look at some easy and natural homemade scrubs for removing sun tan and soothing the affected skin.

  • Treat Dark Patches Caused by Tanning

    While we enjoy the sun, it affects our skin in many ways. Dark patches is one such side-effect of tanning. Read on for some easy cures to get rid of them.

  • Scary Facts about Tanning Beds

    Tanning beds are quite popular among youngsters but they remain clueless about the health hazards these beds pose. Read here to make an evaluated choice.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Tanning Tips

    Fans of tanning can pick the way they they want to get tanned-outdoors or indoors. Choice should be made keeping in mind the pros and cons of both.

  • Follow These Tips to Get a Good Tan on a Sun Bed

    A sun bed can provide the desired tan look artificially to its seekers. Know how to get a good tan on a sub bed and get sub bed tanning advice.