Sex Problems

Sex problems: Sexual problems can arise during any stage of the sexual activity. Common sex problems are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pain during intercourse and vaginal dryness.

  • Common reasons for Infertility and treatments available

     Infertility in India is on an increase and the major causes being cited are urbanization, pollution, stress, chemical exposure, competitiveness, career preference, etc.

  • Causes of unhappy sexual life for men

    Growing age can be one of the factors for unsatisfied sexual life, but there are other reasons, which result in unhappy sexual life for men. Read to know those reasons.

  • Can Obesity cause Sex Problems in Men?

    Obesity which causes a lot of other diseases can also cause an erectile dysfunction in you. Here is a look at the how that happens.

  • MRI Scans to Detect Paedophiles

    Early identification of paedophilia will help treat the disorder.

  • Sexual problems in men

    Sexual problems in either of the two partners can be devastating, but there are many treatment options available for treating them.

  • Hormone Disorder and the Pill tied to Blood Clots

    Contraceptive pills increase the risk of blood clots in women with hormone disorder.

  • Heart Disease, Impotence Increase Death Risk

    Sexual complications like erectile dysfunction along with heart diseases are life-threatening, says study.

  • New Solution for Prostate Cancer Treatment Found

    Researchers at the Monash University in Australia have identified a sub-group of cells that contribute to prostate cancer recurrence.

  • Damage to Sperm and Mental Health of Children due to Stress

    Now a new study has revealed how stress could cause damage to the male sperm which could lead to depreciating mental health of children.

  • How HIV Kills Immune Cells?

    Untreated HIV infection attacks and kills crucial immune system cells. There are drugs that can prevent viral replication and may improve immune function.

  • Exercise Cuts Erectile Dysfunction Risk

    Men could avoid diet-induced erectile dysfunction if they engage in exercises every day.

  • How Ageing Can Affect Men’s Sex Life

    Ageing don't have any direct affect on men’s sex life. However there are certain other associated conditions that can affect sex life for instance the presence of any physical disorder or medication.

  • How to Deal With Vaginal Dryness

    Vaginal dryness leads to discomfort and itchiness. It is essential to deal with the condition at the very beginning to avoid further complications.

  • Personality Disorders and Sex

    Personality disorder effects the sex life of person. The best way to deal with sex problem is to seek expert help.

  • How Can Aging Change Woman’s Sex Life

    Sex Problems- With aging women undergoes many psychological and physiological changes. Menopause is the main factor that changes sex life of women.

  • Tips to Revive Sex Drive

    Sex Problems - Stress, medication, relationship issues and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol consumption can be the reason behind low sex drive. You can check them to revive your sex life.

  • How Lifestyle Affects Sex Life

    The fact that better lifestyle can give you better sex life is evident from various studies. Educate yourself about about how your lifestyle can affect your sex life.

  • What Causes Sexual Problems in Men?

    There are numerous physical and psychological reasons associated with male sexual problems. All these problems can be treated permanently with a little bit of care and proper medication.

  • Painkillers in Pregnancy Linked to Male Infertility

    Sex Problems - Chemicals released from painkillers during pregnancy may have a detrimental effect on male fertility. Researchers claimed they have evidence to suggest that painkilling drugs could be harmful to the early development of male endocrine system as these drugs act as disrupters in effect; they impede with normal sexual development.

  • Fertility Issues in planning a baby

    Sex problems - Fertility in women falls steadily as they age, especially after thirty-five even though they might be healthy and fit. Find information on fertility Issues while planning a baby.

  • Fertilization issues in Women

    Sex Problems - Fertilization is the process of the fusion of the sperm and ovum which help to start another life. Learn about the fertilization issues in Women.

  • Health Risks of Homosexuality

    Sex Problems - There are more health risks of homosexuality than the one associated with hetrosexual relations. Gays, bisexual and lesbians at more risk of mental disorder, sexual transmitted diseases and even shorter span of life. Read on for details.

  • Painful Sex or Dyspareunia for Men

    Sex Problems - Painful sexual intercourse in men can be cause by Dyspareunia and other reasons. If your pains occur repeatedly, contact your doctor immediately.

  • Why does it Pain During Intercourse?

    Sex Problem - Pain during sexual intercourse can be due to various reasons. It can be either due to certain physical condition or by reactions of artificial products used to add pleasure to sex.

  • What Causes Pain during First Intercourse?

    Sex Education – Pain during first intercourse can occur in both men and women. It could be pain due to a disease, psychological or emotional factors.

  • Reasons for Skipping Sex

    Sex Problems - The reasons for skipping sex can range from martial boredom to some fatal illness that kills sexual drive. The reasons for skipping sex should nto be undermined as they can take a toll on a relationship.

  • Problems that Make Sex Painful for Men

    Sex problems that can be painful for men include genital herpes, psoriasis, urinary tract infection and also yeast infections. Most of these problems casue pain due to friction that is experienced by men while having sex.

  • Severe Pelvic Pain during Intercourse

    Sex Problems - Severe pelvic pain during intercourse is known to plague many people. This form of severe pain in the pelvic region during sexual intercourse can result due to sexually transmitted diseases or reasons such as a dry vagina.

  • How Ageing Can Change Women’s Sex Life?

    Sex Problems - Ageing can affect women's sex life in various ways. With age some women experience an urge to experiment while some react in an adverse manner and shun their sex life.

  • What is Delayed Ejaculation?

    Delayed Ejaculation Sex Problem: In this problem men take longer than usual to reach orgasm. Delayed ejaculation is a caused by psychological and physical medical conditions.

  • Sexual Pain Disorders Treatment

    Sex Problems – Treatment of sexual pain disorders is a mix of psychological and medical approaches. Sexual pain disorders can be treated successfully only after the entire medical and psychological profile of the person is reviewed.

  • How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

    Premature ejaculation is more common in young men who don’t have much experience of sex. Here are few of the tips to prevent premature ejaculation.

  • Real Purpose of Sex is to fight Parasites

    Research has proven that offspring produced via sex are better at fighting parasites than the ones that are cloned. Worms were used for4 this research to show that the ones that had been sexually reproduced fared better than the ones that were cloned.

  • Female Sexual Problems

    Female Sexual Problems: Problems that arise at any phase of sexual response cycle are referred to as sex problems. There are varied and complex causes of female sexual problems.

  • What causes Loss of Sexual Desire?

    Sex problems – Loss of sexual desire is caused due to various reasons such as smoking and drinking. Sometime the reasons for loss of sexual desire are different for men and women.

  • Myths and Facts on Circumcision

    Circumcision is surgical removal of penis' foreskin. Unfortunately circumcision is surrounded by various myths and misconception, which can be busted if students are given sex education on circumcission.

  • What is Vaginismus?

    Sex Problems- Vaginismus is a condition of involuntary spasm of vaginal muscles, especially during sexual intercourse. This condition can be effectively treated with right treatment.

  • Can Sexual Problems be Prevented?

    Sexual problems may not be prevented completely but some general tips can be followed to keep the conditions that cause them at bay.

  • How is Sexual Dysfunction Treated?

    Sex Problems - There are many therapies available for sexual dysfunction in men now-a-days. The first line of treatment is changing the lifestyle followed by natural remedies.

  • What is Inhibited Sexual Desire Problem in Men?

    Sex Problems - Inhibited Sexual Desire is the lack of sex drive. They neither initiate sex nor respond favourably to their partner’s desires.

  • Can Sexual Problems be Cured?

    Curing sexual problems: Sexual problems can be cured by treating its underlying cause. Therefore, the treatment strategy can vary from one person to the other.

  • Is Fat in the Way of your Sex Life?

    Sex Problems- 'Fat sex' is the new term introduced by fitness gurus. It is the normal sex with the only difference that people the two involved are overweight.

  • What Comes between You and Orgasm?

    Sex Problems - Stressing about orgasm, damage to sympathetic nerves and interrupting the orgasm by different thoughts at the time of orgasm can play spoilsport in your orgasm.

  • Internet Sex Addiction Symptoms

    Internet sex addiction can affect a person both personally and socially. There are various symptoms of internet sex addiction, which if detected at proper time can be treated completely.

  • Painful Sex after Hysterectomy

    Painful sex after hysterectomy - Hysterectomy usually renders the vagina dry and it can lead painful sex right after the procedure. The best way to avoid painful sex after hysterectomy is to talk to your doctors and also try alternative cures for positive results.

  • Home Remedies for Low Libido

    Low libido affects us all at some stage, or to some degree, but it is a manageable complaint. When the right steps are taken, it's hardly an issue.

  • High BPA Levels may Hurt Sperm Quality

    High BPA Levels Hurt Sperm Quality: Medical experts have proven that high BPA considerably reduces the sperm count in men leading to infertilisation. People who are more prone to BPA side-effects are factory workers, miners or people involved in toxic waste management or bottling factories.

  • Low Testosterone Raises Heart Death Risk

    Balanced testosterone levels have been related to the longevity of heart patients for a long time now. But, is it true?

  • What Happens if a Yeast Infection is left Untreated?

    Understand Skin Disorders- At times an untreated yeast infection goes away on its own. But if your immune system is not able to fight back then the infection gets worst.

  • Cancer and Sexual Dysfunction in Women

    Cancer and Sexual Dysfunction in Women: Sexual dysfunction in women after undergoing cancer treatment can be due to physical as well as psychological causes. They need to take the treatment accordingly. The sexual dysfunction may be caused by cancer or even the procedures involved in its treatment.

  • Too Young for Hot Flashes

    Hot flashes, night sweats, loss of regular menstrual periods and sleep problems. These familiar symptoms of menopause appear in most women around age 50. But if they arise before age 40—which happens for about 1 in 100 women—it’s a sign that something’s wrong. Early symptoms like these could be a sign of a little-understood condition called primary ovarian insufficiency (POI).

  • Understanding pain in the pelvis

    Pain can be the first sign that something's wrong—cramping pain in the pelvis or pain during sex. But for women of childbearing age, difficulty getting pregnant is most often what leads them to see a doctor. The culprit, endometriosis, is difficult to diagnose and may require a surgical procedure.

  • Is Homeopathy Effective In Treating Infertility?

  • Sexual Problems in Women

    Sexual problem in women is anything that interferes with women’s satisfaction during sexual activity.

  • 10 Common Sex Problems among Couples

    Couples can face sex problems due to psychological and physical causes. Know more about the 10 common sex problems among couples and be better prepared to deal with them.

  • Homeopathy for Sexual Health

    It is a well known fact that our ability to feel love and intimacy is what keeps us well and healthy. Loneliness increases the risk for disease, and relationships have a positive effect on overall health right from heart health to age-related health issues.

  • Overcoming Female Sexual Dysfunction

    Sexual dysfunction in females can be due to psychological as well as physical reasons, and you need specific treatment for each of these disorders.

  • Exploring Female Sexuality and Anorexia

    According to a feminist, Naomi Wolf, there is a connection between anorexia and women's sexuality. Moreover, women develop anorexia as a manifestation of their denial, of their sexuality.

  • Cancer and Sexual Dysfunction in Men

    Learn how cancer and its therapies cause sexual problems in men.

  • Ayurveda for Sexual Health of Men

    Ayurveda offers effective solutions for maintaining sexual health of men. Besides this, it also describes diet, life style changes and herbal remedies for healthy life and to promotes development of resistance to diseases and to helps you to have active and healthy life through out.

  • Vaginal Dryness can cause Painful Intercourse

    Vaginal Dryness: A dry vagina can lead to extreme pain during sexual intercourse. Vaginal dryness is caused due to lack of natural lubricant and is prone to infections also

  • Questions To Ask Your Sex Partner

    Questions to ask your sex partner: Talk about sex with your partner to decrease the risk of (STDs) and clarify all your sexual concerns.

  • Problems with Gender Roles & Sex Discrimination

    Problems with Gender Roles & Sex Discrimination are widely prevalent in every society. Here is a comprehension on what and how they exist in different spheres of life.

  • Casual Sex Threatens your Longevity?

    Indulging in casual sex with multiple partners not only affects personal health but also mental. Here is how casual sex hinders your longevity.

  • Is it Normal to Bleed during Intercourse for the First Time?

    Bleeding During First Time Intercourse : It is absolutely normal to bleed during first time sexual intercourse. However, it is not mandatory in all the cases.

  • Is Pain during Intercourse Normal?

    There are many reasons that can trigger pain during sexual intercourse. Take a look at those reasons and understand that pain is normal during sexual intercourse.

  • Conditions That Cause Sexual Problems

    Conditions Causing Sexual Problems: Sexual problems or difficulties during any stage of sexual pursuit are associated with desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution. Know about the conditions that restrict individuals from enjoying sexual entanglement.

  • How Does Sexual Addiction Impact A Marriage?

    Sexual addiction is a common problem that impacts not only relationships but also marriage.

  • How Stress Can Lower Your Sex Drive

    Stress affects you emotionally and psychologically, thus lowering your sex drive. It causes improper functioning of the sex hormones and this result  in low libido.

  • Natural Remedies for Sexual Dysfunction in Women

    Sexual Dysfunction in women is quite usual. Here are natural remedies that can effectively solve the problem.

  • 5 Common Myths about STDs

    Sex Problems - There are many common myths about STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases that are carelessly floated around. We bring you a list of 5 of these common myths about STDs that you should most certainly stay away from!

  • Rules for Stronger Erections

    Sex Problems - If you want to have stronger erections, quit smoking, be stress free, eat better and follow some other tips given here.

  • Celebrities and Sex Addiction

    Celebrities and Sex Addiction: Of all the things that celebrities have been known for, sex addiction has been on the hit list. Take a look at these celebrities, who have battled sex addiction or have been rumoured to have been so.

  • Why Sexual Desire Declines with Age

    Sex Problems - Emotional troubles, certain medications and menopause are some of the reasons behind decline of sex drive with advancing age.

  • What Is Sexual Anorexia?

    The act of avoiding sex or sex related matters is called sexual anorexia. It is a kind of addiction in which the person is addicted not to have sex.

  • Herbal Cure for Low Sex Drive

    Herbal cure for low sex drive: Low sex drive can be treated and cured by many herbal remedies.

  • How to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction

    Erecticle Dysfunction sex problem: Getting rid of erectile dysfunction involves the right diagnosis followed by use of certain natural methods of getting your sexual health back to normal.

  • Causes of Dipping Sex Drive in Women

    The causes of dipping sex drive in women can range from physiological to psychological factors. Read to know what factors affect the female libido.

  • Effect of Depression on your Sex Life

    Sexual problems and depression – How are sexual problems related to depression? Take a look at the factors that can make you depressed and experience sexual problems at the same time.

  • How does Sex Therapy Help

    Are you having  problems in your love life due to sexual problems? Take at look at aspects associated with sex therapy to overcome these difficulties.

  • Female Sexual Dysfunction Issues

    Some common female sexual dysfunction issues are inhibited sexual desire, arousal disorders, vaginal pain disorder and lack of orgasm.

  • Solutions for Low Libido in Men

    Solutions for low libido in men – Interested to know the possible solutions for low libido in men? Here are some solutions for low sex drive in men.

  • 12 Common Causes of Low Libido

    12 common causes of low libido: Have you lost interest in sex? Have an insight into the reasons of low sex drive, which is also referred to as low libido. Health and relationship issues lead to low libido.

  • What Changes Sex Drive in Women?

    What changes Sex Drive in Women: Age is a primary cause of change in a woman's libido, though there may be other physical, emotional and hormonal factors too.

  • Does Weather affect your Sex Drive?

    Weather always affects your sex drive because it changes the pattern of the hormones produced in your body. The change in production of sex stimulant hormones to sex dampeners explains the effect of weather on sex drive.

  • Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

    Sexual Performance Anxiety: the way to overcome sexual performance anxiety is by enjoying sex rather than considering it as performance.

  • How do Sexual Problems affect Men?

    Sexual problems affect men in numerous ways. It affects their mental, emotional and physical well-being and can be a reason for a distorted relationship with their partner.

  • Coping with Sexuality Problems

    Coping with sexuality problems- As one grows up, knowing what sexuality he/she belongs to may be flabbergasting and even so dissapointing if one discovers himself/herself to belong to an unfavourable one. Well, the sexuality problems can be nailed with an iron rod.  Learn how, here.

  • Premature Ejaculation Treatment for Men

    Premature ejaculation is a common male sexual disorder which is completely treatable. Various treatments and exercises are available which can permanently cure premature ejaculation.

  • How do Sexual Problems Affect Women

    Sexual problems affect women and lead to  stress and anxiety, low sexual desire, concern about sexual performance, low self-esteem, marital or relationship issues, depression and guilt.

  • What Is Sex Addiction?

    Sex addiction is characterised by compulsive sexual thoughts and activities such as masturbation, Like every other addiction, it negatively influences one’s overall health and life.

  • Causes for Low Libido in Men

    Low libido can be caused by many physical and psychological factors but it is really a compatibility issue between the couples.

  • When to See a Sex Therapist

    Sex therapy involves techniques to develop intimacy between partners. Those who have relationship problems should visit a sex therapist.

  • Sexual Problems in Older Men

    Sex problems in men become common as they age. Apart from sexual dysfunctions, men also experience change in sexual behaviour.