If you’re dating, married, have a crush on someone or friends with someone, this section will give you an insight on how a relationship works, how to make yours a healthy relationship and deal with relationship problems. If you are troubled in your relationship, you are at a right place. The section has plenty on various relationship topics such as relationship advice, relationship help, relationship guidance and relationship counselling.

  • Ways to Get Over a Broken Heart

    Getting over a broken heart – Did someone leave you heartbroken? Breakups are scarier than nightmares for all they do is make one’s life miserable. Here are some tips to get past a painful heartbreak.

  • Seduce her and win her: Best tips to seduce a woman

    To seduce a woman it is important to know her feelings and work accordingly, wondering how? Here is a guide for a sure winner.

  • Her Shying Away and the Sudden Anger - Why, Oh Why!

    Sexual Body Language - Understanding a woman’s sexual body language can be a daunting task for all the men out there. But a little willingness can surely take you a long way!

  • Relationship Problems between Husband and Wife

    Time spent together, male ego, conflicts and the attitude of not compromising are a few of the relationship problems that crop up between husband and wife.

  • Tips to build trust in your relationship

    A relationship can work only if it is based on trust, honesty and respect. You have to work hard and with sincerity to build trust in your relationship. Here are some ways to bring trust in your relationship.

  • 5 Things that will decide the future of your relationship

    When deciding the future of a relationship, there are certain basic things that should be looked at. From the relationship status to the relationship goal, there is a lot at stake when you are trying to preserve a precious relationship.

  • Why the girls are crazy about tall guys?

    Girls love tall guys due to the simple reason that their masculinity seems to be on the higher side. But there could be many different reasons for liking a tall guy over someone who is not too tall or someone who is rather short.

  • Why is the first year of marriage important

    Most people are more and more aware of what they want and what they don't and this is causing them to walk away from an unfulfilling relationship. In this regard the first year of marriage is of prime importance and couples should be careful to create a strong base in initial years of being married.

  • Emotional stages a divorced couple goes through

    A person’s dealing with divorce is a step by step process, which we could call post divorce emotional stages. These emotional stages of divorce should be coped delicately. Let us discuss how a divorce can affect a person’s emotions and what the stages of divorce are.

  • Relationship Myths People Swear By

    Relationship Help- Myths about relationship can lead to biased approach and misunderstand about the truth. Let’s get the facts right and derail the misconceptions people swear by!

  • Health Benefits of Kissing

    Health Benefits of Kissing: Kissing not only brings you close to your partner, it has an observable good health impact. The oxytocin and endorphins released in the body during kissing have a calming effect.

  • How to Earn Respect in a Relationship

    Relationship Help- Respect is a vital component of a long lasting relationship. To earn respect, it is important to respect your significant other. Here are some of the ways to earn respect in a relationship.

  • How do You Know When You're In Love

    Let yourself know whether cupid has struck you lately or it's just another infatuation.

  • Ways to Build Trust in Your Relationship

    Ways to build trust in your relationship: You can build trust in your relationship by following some tips given here. These would provide you with the guidelines for paving the way for a beautiful relationship.

  • Communication to Keep Your Relationship Strong

    Communication to keep your relationship strong: Communication is one of the foremost aspects for a long lasting and strong relationship.

  • Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

    Ways to Heal a Broken Heart: If you are heartbroken, some ways given here can help you grow over them and open your heart to get mellowed. The tips given here do not make you escape from the sorrows but deal with them courageously.

  • Instant Turn offs for Her

    Instant Turn offs for Her: Men need to know what can put women off when in a date.

  • Ways to Help your Relationship

    Ways to Help your Relationship-  Are you looking for ways to help your relationship with your spouse? If yes then you are just a click away from exploring different ways to help your relationship. Read on for details.

  • How to Fix Communication Problems in a Relationship?

    Read of some effective means to fix communication problems in a relationship becomes immensely crucial for the fate of the relationship therefore.

  • How to Get Help for Abusive Relationships

    Relationship Help - Know how you can manage an abusive relationship. The key is to be patient and keep emphasising to yourself about having the right perspective.

  • Brush up your Kissing Skills

    Relationship Help- If you think that your kissing skills need to be improved then work to brush them up. This article guides you on how you can do so.

  • Top Reasons for Divorce Revealed

    Relationship Help- There are multiple reasons for divorce, some marriages endure ups and downs due to communication breakdown while the others may become prey of infidelity.

  • Conflict Resolution Is Easy for Some Couples

    Conflict Resolution for Couples:Conflict Resolution Is Easy for Some Couples - Read Full information

  • How to build a strong healthy relationship

    Build a strong healthy relationship - In order for you to build a strong healthy relationship you need to cultivate the trust and love that is there. This article presents an insight into how to build a strong healthy relationship.

  • How to know When You're in a Relationship

    Help in a Relationship – There are various signs that will help you know you're in a relationship. Once you know that you are in a relationship you need to make sure that your partner is at least on the same wavelength as you and is thinking of taking this relationship to a new level.

  • Is Fatigue Affecting your Relationship?

    Relationship Help - If you relationship has gone into a rut, it is not something unexpected. Be prepared to work it out with a balanced approach.

  • Does taking Break in a Relationship work?

    Almost every relationship has a phase where life seems to be moving nowhere and has become more stressful than cheerful. Depending upon the severity of the situation, couples may opt for taking a break in their relationship.

  • Why Good Girls Prefer Bad Boys

    Relationship Help – There is something about bad boys that makes good girls like them. Girls feel that they can be the transformative person in a bad guy’s life and mend his ways for the better.

  • 10 Tips to save Your Relationship

    Help a relationship – There has to be sustained efforts from both sides if you want to save your relationship. The tips provided in this article to save your relationship will take you step further in solving the problems plaguing your relationship.

  • 10 Fears in New Relationships

    Problems in Relationships – Fears in new relationships are common phenomena. These fears in new relationships arise due to factors such as low self esteem, doubts and ultimately a case of nerves. Fears in relationships should be dealt early on so that they do not hamper the new relationship.

  • Tips to build strong Dad – Daughter relationship

    Fathers find it difficult to connect with their daughters. This article shares tips to build a healthy and strong father – daughter relationship.

  • How to Improve Interpersonal Relationships at Work?

    Relationship Help - In order to improve interpersonal relationships at work, one has to maintain professional courtesy and ethics. Interpersonal relationships at work will only improve if you clearly differenciate between your professional and personal life.

  • 10 Love Lessons Movies Teach Us

    While you may associate romantic films with cheesy lines, there are certain life lessons they teach us. Here is a sneak peak into some of the most popular romantic movies that strive to teach us an important lesson.

  • When your Wife is Bossing at Work

    Have you ever thought what it would be like if your wife is the boss? Read to know!

  • Breakups Hurt Men More than Women

    Breakups mostly bring the girl in the limelight because of her constant crying and whining. But did you ever think what her ex-flame must be doing, without her presence in a paradise that is not the same anymore?

  • Five Great Ways to Have a Romantic Night at Home

    Five great ways to have a romantic night at home: if you haven’t spent time with your partner in a long time, take a look at these romantic ideas to spend the night together.  

  • Tips to Spice up Your Relationship

    If you feel that your relationship has lost its spontaneity and fun, then time has come to charm your partner again.

  • Rules of a Casual Relationship

    If you are in a casual relationship and you call your partner at least twice a day, then you are in trouble. These rules then are meant just for you.

  • How to Hide an Affair

    An affair can be a difficult thing to hide, or so you may think. Here are some tips for you to hide your affair.

  • Top 5 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

    A relationship demands more than communication, sex and intimacy to develop in a healthier and stronger bond. Read through the five traits that are essential in a healthy relationship.

  • How to start Dating again after a Break-up

    To start dating after a break-up, you must make sure you follow certain rules of the game.

  • Quick Fixes for Every Relationship

    Relationship Help - Being tender, turning off the gadgets and ending the communication gap are some ways of getting your relationship back on track.

  • How to Help Friend in Abusive Relationship

    Relationship Help- This article brings to you some tips to help friend in an abusive relationship.

  • How Does A Relationship Suffer from Hidden Affairs

    A relationship suffers a lot from hidden affairs or any extramarital affairs. The affair breaks a person emotionally and mentally leaving him/her helpless and hurt.

  • Recipe for a Healthy Relationship

    Recipe for a healthy relationship – What ingredients do you need for a healthy relationship? Take a look at the recipe of a healthy relationship, which is fun, exciting and romantic.

  • Effective Communication Skills for Good Relationships

    Effective communication skills for good relationships – Enhancing a few communication skills will help you understand your partner's needs better. Here is a guide to master communication skills for a fruitful relationship.

  • How to Best Deal With a Nagging Wife

    Is your wife nagging you every now and then? Is she becoming a menace for you? Find out ways to deal with your nagging wife!

  • Ways to Deal with Your Woman's Nagging

    Find out how you can actually deal with the nagging nuances of your mother, sister, wife or lover. We are to get you out of this muddle!

  • Conflicts in Interpersonal Relationships

    Interpersonal relationship is the foundation of a good conversation. Read on how to resolve your interpersonal relationship conflicts.

  • How to Give Space in a Relationship

    Like every other normal human, you and your partner have lives of their own and there is more to both of you apart from your relationship. Therefore, giving space in a relationship is important to do not let kill your and your partner's individuality and to make your relationship stronger and better.

  • Essential Relationship Skills

    Want to build a long-lasting relationship? Here are the five essential skills enhancing which will help you to retain the love and care in your relationship.

  • What to do when you romantically like a Friend?

    Do you like a friend romantically? Before you pop the question, you need to be sure that you and your friend are romantically compatible. Here is a set of tips to figure out the action plan.

  • Are Friends Ruining your Relationship?

    If a friend doesn’t help your relationship cruise, it’s not a friendship worth keeping. Know if you have foes among your friends who are ruining your relationship.

  • How to Live a Fairytale Love Story

    Fairytales are not fantasy folk tales for grandmothers to read to their grand children. They exist for real and if you take the lessons right, you will live a fairytale love story yourself.

  • Things that Turn Women On

    Have all your attempts to impress a woman slipped down the drain? You should perhaps take a look at some tips to help you turn her on.

  • How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

    How to Propose to Your Girlfriend: Learn what to do and what not to do when proposing your girlfriend.

  • Intimacy Problems during Depression

    If depression has caused intimacy problems, you are not alone. Find out what stops you from being intimate during depression.

  • Can your Ex be your Friend?

    Relationship Help - Learn how to overcome the emotional wreck of losing your ex and actually still be friends with him/her.

  • Is Jealousy the Antidote to Cheating?

    Jealousy has been uprooted in the history of human evolution and it is no anotidote to cheating.

  • Why Divorce is Habit for a few?

    How to sustain your marital relationship? Know what it takes to hold on to your relationship or after effects of getting a divorce.

  • Tips to Stop Women from Nagging

    If you have been a victim of serial nagging by women around you, here are the secrets that will help you put a brake on women’s nagging.

  • How to Detox your Relationship

    How to Detox your Relationship: Every relationship gets sour after several moments of sharing happiness. But there is something that can keep your relationship going forever and that is detoxifying it.

  • How to keep Spark Alive in your Relationship

    Relationships need skill, and we are here to provide you with those essential ingredients that make a relationship fruitful and keep the spark burning.

  • How to Have Multiple Relationships

    If you think there is too much of love in you that needs to be distributed, then here we are to help you have multiple relationships; find out the rules.

  • How to Bulletproof Your Relationship

    Relationships can be very fragile and you need to have a good hold of it before it gets penetrated by a threatening bullet. Know how you can bulletproof your relationship.

  • Tips for Meeting Your Boyfriend's Parents

    Meeting your boyfriend's parents may be nerve-wracking, but tips here will help you sail through easily.

  • 5 Things to Leave Behind in a Romantic Vacation

    Know what you can leave behind in a romantic vacation in order to find pure bliss with your loved one.

  • Tips for Meeting Your Girlfriend's Parents

    Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents: Some tips and realising the need of preparation to meet girlfriend’s parents will save you from nerve-wracking situation.

  • How to Hide an Affair at Work

    The eyes of the world are on you; all the time, twenty four hours a day. How will you hide your affair at work in such a situation? Read to know!

  • Common Relationship Problems and Solutions

    Relationship Problems and Solutions : If being in a relationship brings joy to a person then relationship problems also creeps with it. Here are the things that causes problem in a relation.

  • Common Relationship Mistakes

    Common relationship mistakes: There are some common relationship mistakes which people make and the worst part about these is that they could have been easily avoidable.

  • Keep Your Relationship Strong Post Baby’s Arrival

    Keep Your Relationship Strong Post Baby’s Arrival : The new born baby that has just entered your home is a gift of God. However, this may turn out to be a test for you and your spouse. Read and leran ways to keep your relationship strong.

  • Why is Communication Important for Relationships?

    Communication in relationships – How important is communication for a successful relationship? Take a look at the impact of good communication on a relationship.

  • When to Give Up on your Relationship

    When is it time to leave the relationship – What are the signs of a toxic relationship and the best time to call it quits? Here’s a guide to help you know when it is  time to end a relationship.

  • Tips on Starting a New Relationship

    Tips on starting a new relationship: With some tips on starting a new relationship give here, you can make sure that your new attempt at a relationship does not meet with the same fate as your earlier one.

  • Are you in a Happy Relationship?

    Are you in a Happy Relationship? While you are blissfully thinking that you are in the best romantic relationship ever, here is something to put it to test. Are you ready?

  • How to Plan a Romantic Evening on a Budget

    How to plan a romantic evening on a budget: If you want to plan a romantic evening on a budget, do so with some useful ideas given here. There is no price for your desire to be with your partner.

  • Ways to Get over Jealousy Pangs

    Conquering your jealousy – Jealousy could wreck your relationship! Here’s everything about overcoming jealously pangs to save your relationship.

  • Does Living Together before Marriage lead to Divorce?

    Does Living Together before Marriage lead to Divorce: It has been widely presumed that living together before marriage can help one get the best of their partner before tying the knot, but reality has it that cohabitation before marriage leads to better chances of divorce.

  • Are you Addicted to Disappointing Relationships?

    Are you addicted to Disappointing relationships: All of us make relationship mistakes, but have you been making the same mistake incessantly? Here are some tips to stop being in dissapointing relationships.

  • When to Seek Marriage & Relationship Counselling

    When to Seek Marriage & Relationship Counselling : Your marriage may be on the edge and you do not have any idea about it. Learn how to recognize the the problems of your married life and when to seek for counselling.

  • How to Ask a Guy Out

    How to ask a guy out: Have you been ogling at your crush for a long time? Is it time to let him know about your feelings? If yes, take a look at these tips to ask a guy out.

  • 5 Tips for Starting a Relationship

    To start a new relationship, you must know how to pop the question other than knowing each other well.

  • Communication Skills for Lifelong Relationships

    Communication is an important part of a healthy relationship. Here are some communication skills you must expert in to sustain a lifelong relationship.

  • How to End a Romance

    There is no easy way out to end a romance but you have to tell your partner that it is not working out anymore. Do it sophisticatedly and part ways on good terms.

  • 5 Tips for Keeping a Relationship Fresh

    With sky rocketing number of divorce cases and breakups, partners need to go an extra mile to keep their relationship intact and alive.

  • How to Balance Your Girlfriend and Friends

    Knowing how to balance your girlfriend and friends may be stressful, but some tips and general rules can help you manage your relationships with friends and girlfriend.

  • Healthy Couple Friendships make Marriages Exciting

    Healthy friendships make marriages exciting: Couples making friends with other couples help their own marriage.

  • Exercises to Overcome Fear of Intimacy

    The fear of intimacy may sprout from a variety of reasons that may be emotional or physical in nature. Here are a few exercises that will help you overcome the feat of intimacy.

  • Married People Happier than Singles?

    Married People Happier than Singles? : Married people have been found to be happier in various surveys but you cannot bet on marriage to get more happiness.

  • Gift Ideas for your Techie Guy this Valentine’s

    Surprise love of your life on this Valentine's Day with techie-picks he will cherish forever.

  • What Turns Her Off?

    Know what your woman doesn't like to keep her happy throughout and be the most desired man.

  • Things That Make Him Bitchy

    Men and women are very different in their thinking and actions and sometimes woman’s action does make their guy bitchy. By making few adjustments and compromises, a healthy relationship can be maintained between the two partners.

  • Can you Catch your Partner's Depression?

    Depression is a contagious mental condition that travels the fastest among close-knit friends or family members.

  • Charitable ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

    It is time that we realise that Valentine's day is not only a day to celebrate for romantic lovers, but also a day to celebrate that which binds everyone: love.

  • PDA’s He’s Okay With

    PDA is a way of showing your love and intimacy towards your man. There are some public displays of affection that guys like and enjoy.

  • 4 Strategies to Stop Arguing

    Arguments are an inevitable part of a relationship, but going overboard with one is destructible. Here are ways you can stop arguing with your partner.

  • Are Relationship Rules Changing in India?

    Relationship Help- Do you think that relationship rules are changing in India?

  • Mobile Tips on Flirting

  • 10 Secrets Guys wish you Knew

    Relationship help: To bring your man closer to you try to know the secrets that your guys wish you knew. Read on for 10 secrets guys wish to you knew.