Pregnancy and Work

If you're pregnant, you're already a working mom! Working carefully when you’re pregnant can sometimes require a little planning. In this section you will find everything you need to know about safeguarding your job while pregnant, right moment to tell your boss about your pregnancy, benefits of maternity leave, maternity leave rights, how to manage pregnancy at work, and also when and how to decide if and when you want to go back after you have delivered.

  • Top Tips for To-be-moms at Work

    When you are pregnant, you will have to adjust some of your work habits and make slight changes to your schedule to stay safe and comfortable at work.

  • How and When to Tell your Boss that you are Pregnant

    The right time to tell your boss depends upon many factors such as work culture and the experience of your co-employees during their pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Discrimination Claims that you must Know

    Discrimination at workplace during pregnancy is a common experience and the women experiencing it should not be afraid of speaking for their right for equal treatment in the office.

  • How to Ask for Maternity Leave?

    If you're currently holding a job and you'd want to know how to ask for maternity leave, you may find it difficult at first. It is a tough business, so better plan ahead and be prepared.

  • How to Handle Morning Sickness at Work

    If you're a pregnant, working woman, it might be a little taxing for you to handle morning sickness. But, these tips will help you deal with morning sickness.

  • Working While Pregnant and Maternity Leave Policy

    Moms-to-be should know about benefits of the maternity leave law in India to seek their rights. Here is all you need to know about the maternity leave policy.

  • Top Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe at Work during Pregnancy

    If you are pregnant and working to ensure that you have a hassle free time at your professional front, you need take into account certain health measures.

  • Easy Ways to Manage Nausea at Work

    Nausea during pregnancy can bother all women. It is a queasy feeling in the stomach that makes you feel like you might throw up any moment. And some luckless ladies do throw up a lot during pregnancy.

  • How to Deal with Stress at Work during Pregnancy

    Know some tips to deal with stress at work during pregnancy. It involves taking precautions to keep your energy levels up and taking adequate time to rest.

  • Discover when the Right Time is for you to Leave Work during Pregnancy

    If you maintain your pregnancy fitness, it would enable you to work till a few days before labour. You just need to avoid the discomforts and complications while you are at work.

  • Pregnancy Tips - 10 Essential Tips for Working women

    When you are pregnant and working, you need to be more careful to safely work through the nine months of conception, dismantling the thought that pregnancy is a halt in your career.

  • When to Apply for Maternity Leave?

    Working women need to balance their responsibilities of work and pregnancy and applying for maternity is a test for that. Some tips given in this article can help them deal with the situation.

  • Empower your Office Wardrobe for the 9 Months of Pregnancy

    Split between work and dressing ideas? Remember that you pay attention to your comfort than the style or what is trending in fashion.  

  • Pregnancy Issues in the Workplace

    Work issues can crop up for pregnant owmen if they continue working in their condition. The need of the hour for pregnancy and work issues is to know one's option and consult one's immediate boss for the addressal of issues.

  • Dealing with Discrimination at Work while Pregnant

    Employers cannot deny work or insist on a pregnant employee to work based on the health condition. Check with the laws of your land with regards to work descrimination to seek your rights.

  • Should you Look for a Job Change when Pregnant?

    There are a lot of complications in switching jobs during pregnancy. If you are thinking of a job change, consider maintaining the balance between work and pregnancy.

  • Working at Night during Pregnancy

    Working during Pregnancy – If you are working in night shift during pregnancy then you need to take extra care of yourself. Eat healthy and sleep well, you can also practice some relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga.

  • 8 Pregnancy Tips for Working Women

    8 Pregnancy Tips for Working Women

    Is your job too important for economic or other reasons? Of course no expecting mother would want to compromise her health or that of her baby for any sort of professional consideration.