Normal Delivery

The due date for delivery is kind of unpredictable even after your doctor gives you an approximate date for it. Labour of course hints at the arrival of the new born and that your delivery would be in a few days time. Normal delivery is a boon as it means that you are spared of some of the risks and complications that a c-section might involve. Delivering your new born in the normal way though is natural, yet requires a lot from you. Get an understanding on what to expect from a normal delivery or vaginal delivery.

  • Acupressure Techniques to Induce Labour

    Stimulating pressure points with maternity acupressure has been proven safe and effective as a means of inducing labor. This method works because pressing certain points on your body stimulates your uterus and causes it to contract.

  • How a Caeserean Section is Done

    A low, horizontal skin incision is made in the abdomen at or just above the pubic hairline. Sometimes a vertical incision is required; especially if an emergency cesarean surgery is done.

  • Why do You Need to Preserve Your Baby's Stem Cell

    Cord blood has been used to treat many life-threatening diseases including cancers, and blood disorders. Having stem cells saved can be lifesaving for your baby in the future.

  • When do you need a C section?

    When a caesarean section or C section surgery becomes an imperative for the safe delivery of your baby, the pregnant needs to be aware of the ways of coping with it. Know more about the complications of a c section and tips to take care of yourself and the baby after the surgery.

  • Ways in which you can Prepare a Woman to go into Labour

    How to prepare a woman to go into labour? Women in labour is scared she will panic and behave in an irrational manner, so be prepared to handle all those eventualities.

  • Can a Miscarriage be Misdiagnosed?

    An abortion or a miscarriage can be one of the most traumatic experiences to deal with. There are some circumstances in which miscarriage can be misdiagnosed. That is why you should always get a second opinion to confirm it.

  • Exercises after a C-Section

    Exercises after C-section help you to get back your pre-pregnancy shape. Read this to know how to exercise in a way that is safe for your post-surgery body.  

  • Pain after Childbirth: What is Normal?

    Physical pains of pregnancy do not end at childbirth. There is more that can take a pregnant woman by surprise. Learn about the different postpartum pains.

  • How to Handle Pain during Labour

    How to Handle Pain during Labour: Managing Pain During Labour - Learn about the special ways of pain relief in labour.

  • How to Heal from a C-section

    A C-section may not seem to be as demanding of care as a vaginal birth, but the fact of the matter is that the consequences are quite the same and must be paid close attention to for quick healing.

  • Recovering from a C-Section Delivery

    Recovering from a C-section delivery is easy if you keep a few primary steps in mind, like that of ensuring that the incision doesn't open, that you take your medications regularly and take ample rest.

  • How to Care for a C-section Scar

    The best way to know how to care for a c-section scar is to talk to your doctor and ask him for ways in which it can be cared for and cleansed to speed the healing process.

  • What is required after a Caesarian Section?

    Caesarian Section is the most common major abdominal surgery done in women and during the first few weeks after a cesarean section, you will be told not to carry anything heavier than the baby.

  • What is a Caesarian Section?

    A cesarean section, also called a C-section, is surgery to deliver a baby through the abdomen when it is impossible or not advised to deliver the baby through the vagina. A cesarean section sometimes is scheduled in advance, but it also may be done in an emergency.

  • Common causes of stillbirth

    Childbirth (Delivery) - Stillbirth is a devastating pregnancy loss and occurs due to natural causes when fetus dies in the uterus either during labour or delivery. Let's try and understand the causes of stillbirth.

  • Premature Birth Genes Discovered

    Childbirth (Delivery) - Research will predict how likely a woman is to have premature delivery.

  • Mothers of Twins to Live Longer

    Childbirth (Delivery) - A new study conducted at the University of Utah has recognized that women who give birth to twins have a longer life.

  • How a Caesarean Section is Done

    How is caesarean performed? Caesarean section a lot of precision on the part of the doctor and you should hire the services of an expert for this.

  • What is Foetal Distress?

    If there is any discomfort to the foetus before delivery or after birth, it is called foetal distress.

  • Symptoms of Stillbirth

    Stillbirth Symptoms - Stillbirth is indisputably the last thing a woman wants though if inevitable, it needs immediate concern. If you are pregnant, you may want to check if you have any of these symptoms os stillbirth.

  • Signs of Labour in a Second Pregnancy

    Are you pregnant for the second time and wondering how is the labour going to be like? Learn more about labour in your second pregnancy.

  • Oral Hygiene for a Smooth Delivery

    Along with a complete oral care routine remember to eat healthy, get rest and take adequate care of yourself during this crucial period to insure a hassle free delivery.

  • Difference between Planned and Emergency Caesarean

    The difference between planned and emergency caesarean is one of convenience over necessity.

  • What is Breech Delivery?

    Breech delivery is one in which the feet or bottom of the foetus is positioned to come out first in the uterus.

  • Causes of Multiple Births

    Multiple Pregnancy Causes - Multiple births are on the rise because of fertility treatments and also because many women prefer to have kids at a later stage in life now-a-days.

  • Ways to Make Dads Comfortable at Birth

    Know the ways to make expectant dads comfortable at birth. It would help him prepare well for going through and even enjoying the process.

  • 5 Ways to Avoid a C-Section

    Ways to Avoid a C-Section- Caesarean section is avoidable unless it is an emergency situation and the baby may not survive if not delivered within minutes.

  • Why you should Avoid Induction of Labour

    Why you should Avoid Induction of Labour? Know the reasons that make it sensible to avoid induced labour. It poses various health risks to the mother and the baby.

  • Ways to be a Perfect Birth Partner

    Being happy, flexible, helping in relaxation techniques and encouraging your partner are some ways of being the perfect birth partner.

  • Pain Medication for Labour and Delivery

    You need to know how to decide about pain medication for labour and delivery as well as the options of pain medications available to you.

  • How to Prepare for Labour and Childbirth

    How to Prepare for Labour and Childbirth? Get some tips to prepare adequately for labour and childbirth. You can not leave anything to chance in this situation!

  • Signs of Infection after Delivery

    Signs of infection after delivery are fever, pain, abdominal discharge and extreme tiredness.

  • How to Overcome Fear of Giving Child Birth

    How to overcome fear of giving child birth? Get some tips to resolve fear of giving childbirth. These effective measures would help you make childbirth even an enjoyable occasion.

  • 10 Common Fears of Giving Childbirth

    Fears of Giving Childbirth - The most common fears that women may go through when pregnant are detailed in this article. You can get a better understanding of these problems by going through it.

  • How and When Delivery should Occur

    Find information on how and when delivery should occur including timing of childbirth, and tips that can help you to control blood glucose during delivery.

  • Can Blood banked save your child from deadly diseases

    In the endless quest for youth and health elixirs, stem cell banking is gaining momentum. The procedure typically involves the storage of cord blood - a rich source of stem cells - for future medical use.