Marriage and Sex

Marriage and Sex: Know what the connection between marriage and sex is what the effects of sex on marriage life are, premarital affairs, and advice for newly married couples with guide to solve marita

  • Understand effects of sexual abuse on marriages

    Understanding the effects of sexual abuse on marriages helps people in understanding the position of their partners. This understanding of sexual abuse and its affect on marriages is also beneficial in helping couples steer through the problems in their marriage.

  • Common Mistakes to Get Pregnant

    Common Mistakes to Get Pregnant - There are many mistakes that are commonly done by couples while trying to get pregnant. This article includes possible mistakes done by couples who are trying to conceive.

  • Emotional Infidelity Vs Physical Infidelity

    Infidelity: The main difference between physical and emotional infidelity is physical contact. But in both of the trust is breached.

  • Ways to Encourage Emotional Intimacy with Your Husband

    It may be difficult for some people to get emotionally closer in marriage. Here are ways you can encourage emotional intimacy with your husband.

  • Don'ts for First Night with New Partner

    Intimacy in Relationships – The first night with a new partner is an exciting prospect for all. However, one needs to be carefully so as to not turn a beautiful first night into an absolute horror.

  • What is Adultery?

    Infidelity - Adultery is usually considered to be the act of having sex with someone who is not your spouse, but this definition is being revisited as some consider even flirting as being adulterous.

  • How to Improve Marriage with Increased Intimacy

    Improving your marriage with increased intimacy requires you to come close to your partner in all aspects i.e. emotionally, sexually, mentally and intellectually.

  • Exactly how Good is Marriage for Health?

    Exactly how good is Marriage for Health?: How much ever you complain of your marriage, there is a hidden treasure of benefits it has on your health. Check them out, here.

  • Babyproof your Relationship Post-Marriage

    Babyproof your relationship – A marital relationship suffers under the pressure of caring for a baby. Babyproofing your relationship is important to make sure nurturing a baby is not done at the expense of one’s marriage.

  • Woman’s Mr Perfect Changes with Her Age

    The existence of Mr. Perfect is a myth. According to a latest report, a woman's age influences the idea of a perfect man and often they become pickier as they grow older.

  • Swaying Hips is a Sure Sign of Love

    Read article on swaying hips is a sure sign of love, study of the walk patterns of 103 women were studied with special focus on the alluring sway characteristic of women and more.

  • Lean Men for the Ladies, Please!

    New Study shows that while women may still be ogling at rock hard abs and chiseled triceps, they however, prefer lean men to the macho ones.

  • How Important is Sex in a Marriage

    Sex in a marriage is important because it brings two people close. Sex in a marriage is an important indicator of the fact that these two people completely trust and also desire each other.

  • Things to Know about First Time Sex

    Things to Know about First Time Sex- First time sex is often surrounded by feeling of nervousness. Read on to know all the things about first time sex.

  • Tips for a Great Sex Life

    Having a great sex life is the key to a happy rlelationship. Here are tips to have a great sex life.

  • How to Save a Sexless Marriage

    Intimacy in Relationships - A marriage can fall into the rut of becoming sexless. Couples who intend to have a long-term relationship should try to fix this problem before it is too late.

  • How to be Happy in a Sexless Marriage

    Relationship Help - Sexless marriage can be quit taxing to continue but if you value the companionship of your partner, it is not impossible to work out a solution.

  • Signs of a Sexually Abusive Relationship

    A relationship becomes sexually abusive when a partner has no control and manipulation of partner’s actions and emotions, wherein the later don’t feel loved.

  • Causes of Unhappy Sexual Life for Women

    Causes of Unhappy Sexual Life for Women: Women’s sex life can be unhappy due to various factors given here.

  • Keeping Your Marriage and Sex Life Strong

    Keeping your marriage and sex life strong would need to be worked out as it would not happen of its own.

  • The Art of Sexual Foreplay

    Spices are essential in life. Sexual foreplay is one such spice in your sex life which will keep you wanting for more. Here are a few tips for warming up!

  • How to Say No to Sex with a New Boyfriend

    How to Say No to Sex with a New Boyfriend: Saying no to sex, especially when your boyfriend you just got yourself hooked to asks you for, may be difficult, but here are ways you can nail that moment without regret.

  • How to Communicate Better during Sex

    It may be intimidating and awkward to think, but communicating during sex can be very romantic and prolific. Learn how to communicate in a better way with your partner during sex.

  • Spicing up your Sex Life

    Your body is a gift to you and to whoever you share it with. One of the greatest gifts that it gives us and our sexual partners is the gift of sensory pleasure.

  • Are you Living in a Sexless Marriage?

    Living in a Sexless Marriage: A sexless marriage is the one in which spouse has a feeling that there isn’t enough sex in their relationship.

  • Why Women Like to Cuddle after Sex

    Women mostly like to cuddle after sex while men prefer to take a nap or eat something. Post-coital consideration of men and women are different from each other. Read on for details...

  • First Time Intercourse Before Marriage

    First time intercourse before marriage : First time sex before marriage is a debatable issue. Some think first time intercourse before marriage is not a big deal while according to others it is a complete 'no'.

  • How to Have a Romantic First Night as Newlyweds?

    First night romance after wedding is perhaps the most wonderful night for any couple but there are nervousness. Here are some tips to make it memorable.