Home Remedies for Hair

Every girl want to have beautiful lusturous hair.Now a days every body is facing hair problems due to pollution and extensive use of chemicals.Natural methods are not only effective and cheap but also very safe and gives long term effect.

  • Best Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

    Most cases hair loss in women can be dealt with home remedies. However, different plan of action is needed if hair fall is hereditary or due to side-effect of certain drug.

  • Home remedies for hair loss in men

    Try our easy-to-use home remedies for effective treatment of hair loss in men. They can help curb hair loss without posing any side-effects.

  • Home Remedies for Dry Hair

    Find out 8 most effective home remedies for dry hair. These home remedies include many options which nourish your hair and bring to health back.

  • Homemade beauty tips to control hair fall

    Are you worried to see extra strands of  hair lying on the bathroom floor every time you take a shower? Drop your worries, try these homemade beauty tips to control hair fall.

  • Home remedies for your crowning glory

    Why waste thousands of rupees on expensive clinical treatments for hair growth, when you have a variety of effective homemade remedies for hair growth available.

  • Ways to condition your hair naturally

    These simple home remedies will conditon your hair from roots to tips and also ensure that there is no further damage. Read about them in detail.

  • Home remedies to get rid of dry scalp

    Home remedies to get rid of dry scalp - One of the safe and effective ways to deal with dry scalp is trying home remedies. Try these home remedies before any fancy advertised product for your dry hair and dry scalp.

  • Home remedies for healthy skin and hair during summers

    Simple home remedies for hair fall given here can prevent your hair from the possible damages posed by heat, UV rays, sweat, and pollution in summer.

  • Hair care through herbs and supplements

    You can apply herb solutions to your hair and scalp directly or ingest them to get healthy, shiny hair. Find some herbs and supplements here which can help you to take care of your hair.

  • Most effective home remedies to treat lice

    Lice are parasites found on human head, spread by personal contact or by sharing of combs, caps and other clothing. Find home-made solutions that can help you get rid of head lice.

  • Natural remedies for hair loss

    Natural remedies for hair loss - Know about the natural remedies to reduce hair loss such as hot oil massage, natural juices, keeping your scalp clean, coconut milk and more.

  • Best home remedies to stop hair breakage

    Home remedies to stop hair breakage - These home remedies for hair breakage are cost effective, easy and have no side effects. However one has to be patient and be regular with their application.

  • Home remedies for hair growth that work wonders

    Home remedies for hair regrowth - It is important to keep your hair well-nourished, massage with essential oils can be very helpful. Know about various simple home remedies for hair regrowth.

  • Home Remedies for healthy hair

    As we have know hair is a reflection of health and personality. Here are some of the effective hair care remedies.

  • Home remedies for hair loss after pregnancy

    The home remedies for hair loss after pregnancy are intended to repair the damage caused to the hair by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

  • How to get rid of frizzy hair naturally

    Home remedies for frizzy hair - Best thing about home remedies is that they do not cause any side-effect. This article gives you best, tried and tested home remedies for frizzy hair.

  • Home-made remedies for shiny hair

    Here are a few home-made and natural remedies to get shiny, lusturous hair. These are easy to prepare and convenient to apply without any side effects.

  • Home remedies to don healthy hair

    Hair does not play any significant role in the physiological functions of the body, but severe hair loss indicates a serious health disorder. Try our home remedies to don healthy hair.

  • Get Rid of Irritating Scalp Zits with these Remedies

    Scalp zits are highly irritating and painful. If every time you brush your hair, it results in a scream, it is time you get rid of those annoying scalp pimples.

  • Home Remedies for Thin Hair

    Home Remedies for Thin Hair

    After a certain age, we all develop some extent of hair thinning. But, with extensive use of chem...

  • Home remedies for Hair growth

    Home remedies for Hair growth

    Excessive use of chemical leached hair products has escalated hair loss in young people. Somethin...

  • How to regrow hair on a bald patch

    How to regrow hair on a bald patch

    Use of chemical-based shampoos has made hair loss a common occurrence lately. At least one in 4 p...