Home Remedies for Diseases

Home Remedies for Diseases

  • Surprising health benefits of algae

    Blue-green algae (BGA) are among the most primitive life forms on earth and have been consumed as food or medicine by humans for centuries.

  • Natural and Effective Remedies for Sinus you Can Rely upon

    Sinus is a troublesome condition which not just makes you restless but is non-curable too. But, you can effectively treat sinus with these home remedies.

  • Depression and anxiety may trigger heart failure: Study

    The study conducted by the Harvard Review of Psychiatry says that one-third of the people who suffer from depression or anxiety have higher chances of developing progressive heart diseases.

  • Looking for Natural Cure for Acne Problem? Try these Effective Home Remedies

    Try our home remedies for acne problem because they are natural and also not too heavy on the pocket. These home remedies deal with the acne problem from its root and also prevent future break outs.

  • Home remedies for Sore Joints

    There can be many reasons for experiencing a sore joint. In this article are given some common home remedies have been given for relief.

  • Best home remedies for diarrhoea

    Diarrhoea can be very disturbing and an unpleasant experience that weakens you. If you are taking frequent trips to the toilet then here are home remedies for you.

  • Home remedies for sinusitis and bronchitis during winters

    Sinusitis and bronchitis are very common in winters. By following a few easy home remedies, we can avoid these nagging problems while enjoying the chill.

  • Tips to get rid of a cold quickly

    There is no discernible cure for the common cold, so in effect this will be an article will help you on how to ease the symptoms of a cold quickly.

  • Natural remedies to curb cold and cough

    There are a few natural remedies that you can use as soon as you feel a bout of flu or cough coming on so that you do not suffer too much.

  • How to prepare natural decongestant at home

    Learn how to prepare a natural decongestant at home to get quick relief from a discomforting blocked nose or chest congestion.

  • Home remedies for throat ulcer

    Home solution for curing throat ulcers is a safer way. Read article on various home remedies for treating throat ulcer such as Palm Oil, Chamomile, deglycyrrhizinated licorice and more.

  • 8 Easy home remedies for sore eyes

    Home remedies for sore eyes - Sore eyes, also known as conjunctivitis, are a very widespread and common eye infection that affects people of all ages. You can get relief from sore eyes or conjunctivitis at home.

  • Natural ways to heal respiratory infections and soothe lungs

    Respiratory system works constantly to provide fresh oxygen to your body, any problems with respiratory system can affect your daily life and have greater consequences for your health. Here are some herbs which help heal infections and soothe your lungs.

  • Natural treatment options that can help cure itchy feet

    Itch on any part of your body can be a nuisance. Do not be worried because these itchy feet remedies can bring you relief in no time.

  • Home remedies to get rid of piles

    Home remedies for piles help patients recover from the discomfort created by swellings that develop around anus. Try our home remedies if you are affected by piles.

  • Use neem leaves for natural treatment of chickenpox

    Neem extracts, containing curative properties, have been used for health and overall well being from centuries. Learn how neem leaves can help you treat chickenpox.

  • How to use banana peel for psoriasis treatment

    We bet you did not know that banana peel you have been throwing away your entire life can be an effective remedy for psoriasis. Learn more.

  • The healing powers of honey you were not aware of

    Honey has always been regarded for its healing capabilities since time immemorial and this has also been identified by researchers of Manchester University, Britain. Healing powers of honey has been found useful for treating several diseases, caused by pathogenic fungi that cause severe infections to people vulnerable to them.

  • Banana and water mix that can treat respiratory infections

    Consumption of bananas is extremely beneficial for the body and the mixture of the banana cream with water is an excellent remedy that helps in cough and also treats persistent cough and bronchitis.

  • Natural remedies that can fight bone cancer

    Some natural remedies for bone cancer are effective in curing bone cancer. Find out which ones can help you fight the battle against bone cancer.

  • How sesame seeds cure ailments

    Various nutritive and medicinal properties of sesame seeds help to cure ailments such as coronary artery disease and colon cancer.

  • 5 Home remedies for sinusitis symptoms

    There are many remedies that can keep breathing clear and easy. Read this for effective remedies that relief in symptoms of sinus.

  • Home remedies for urine infection

    It is important to keep urinary tract infection at bay in order to stay healthy and avoid complications. It can cause you to urinate in a very slow and painful manner.

  • Know about natural strep throat remedies

    Strep throat could be irritating for you, with all the pain and inability to swallow solid and liquid foods. Before you run to the doctor, here are some home remedies for it.

  • Natural remedies to increase thyroid function

    Natural remedies are as effective as over-the-counter drugs to improve or enhance thyroid function. Foods with vitamins and minerals are useful in improving a dysfunctional thyroid.

  • Home remedies for low blood pressure

    Low blood pressure is a serious medical condition; here are some home remedies for low blood pressure that can help you keep it at a normal level.

  • Home remedies for gas

    Intestinal gas, flatulence and bloating are embarrassing conditions for many. Here are some home remedies for gas that can relieve intestinal problems in people.

  • Home remedies for sinus infection

    Read here some home remedies for a sinus infection. They are the best natural treatments that can help you ease the discomfort and restlessness.

  • Home remedies to get rid of pink eyes

    Try these safe and effective home tested remedies for pink eye that can provide immediate relief to the patient without showing any side effects.

  • Home remedies for bronchitis

    Home remedies for bronchitis are the best course of treatment for bronchial sickness as they improve the condition within two to three weeks sans side-effects.

  • Stop being anxious anymore with these simple home remedies

    Getting anxious is very common. The fear, tension and anticipation of an impending doom is not a very nice feeling to experience. Ease such symptoms of anxiety with home remedies.

  • Best home remedies for asthma

    Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition. Here are some of the effective home remedies you can try to ward off asthma attacks and prevent it from aggravating.

  • Home remedies to get better sleep

    It's so frustrating, tossing and turning every night, in a vain attempt to try to get a decent night's sleep. There are ways to improve your chances though.

  • Home remedies to cure acidity

    Tired of trying various medicines for acidity? Here are some home remedies that will help you to cure acidity.

  • Home remedies to stay away from swine flu

    Swine flu is a novel strain of the H1N1 influenza virus. Here is what you can do to keep away from the life-threatening disease.

  • Effective home remedies for treating gout

    Each patient’s medical condition differs from another in case of gout. Read about best and effective natural home remedies for its treatment.

  • How to get rid of a bad cough naturally

    The over-the-counter remedies for cough relief can lead to side-effects such as constipation, dry mouth and drowsiness hence, time-tested home remedies that are wholly natural are considered favourable choices for treating cough.

  • Home remedies for migraine

    Tired of prolonged use of over-the-counter medicines to cure migraine? Try these safe remedies for migraine to get immediate relief sans side-effects.

  • Home remedies for ear infections

    Read more about some simple home remedies for ear infections that can help in mitigating its symptoms and relieving the pain.

  • Home remedies to keep anaemia at bay

    Home remedies for anaemia are effective, natural ways to remedy anaemia sans medications. These help relieve dizziness and tiredness.

  • How to treat knee pain naturally

    Is your knee pain making you bend backwards? Knee pain is one of the common medical conditions that occur to people over the age of 45. You can easily get relief from knee pain with some home remedies.

  • Home remedies to treat ear congestion

    Home remedies for ear congestion include many ingredients found in your kitchen. Vinegar, sesame oil, vinegar and even hot water bottle can be used effectively for getting relief from ear congestion.

  • Home remedies for chest congestion relief

    When an ordinary cold or flu isn’t treated with due care, it can trigger a build-up of excess fluid and mucus in the respiratory tract – specifically the lungs – which is called chest congestion.

  • Home remedies for top 3 monsoon diseases

    Rains can cause various infections like dengue, and conjunctivitis. A few home remedies for the top 3 monsoon diseases will take care of you and keep you going!

  • Lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels naturally with garlic

    Garlic is an old remedy for many diseases, and diabetics could also gain much from it. Garlic could help the heart, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  • The perfect home remedies for fibroids

    Fibroids may sound harmless as compared to cancer tumours, but they can have some very discomforting symptoms and may even lead to pregnancy related complications. These natural and effective home remedies can help you relieve the symptoms as well as cure fibroids.

  • Home remedies to get rid of gallstones

    Gallstones are small stones that form in the gall bladder, these can cause a lot of pain. Here are some simple home remedies that would help you to remove them.

  • Home remedies for arthritis that really work

    Arthritis is a common chronic disorder that affects your joints and muscles, causing immense problem in your daily chores. Some home remedies can treat it effectively.

  • How to balance hormones naturally

     Know about some natural remedies for hormonal health such as nuts that help in menstrual bloating, curds for relief from menstrual cramps and others.

  • Cinnamon:An Effective Remedy for Arthritic Pain

    Arthritis is a painful medical condition that is caused by a swelling of the joints. If you don't want to rely on medicinal drugs for arthritic pain, you can consider natural remedies such as cinnamon.

  • 5 Home Remedies for an Eye Stye

    Eye steys is a bacterial infection that affects the skin around the eye. Home treatment for eye styes is effective when it is found out early and further complications can be prevented.