Herb is a plant used for food, medicine, flavouring or as perfume. In this exclusive section of onlymyhealth, our experts have provided information about a variety of herbs which are used commonly across the world. Herbal medicines available in the market are a type of dietary supplement which is given a particular disease condition. From basil to fennel we have provided the nutritional and health information on different herbs. The art or practice of using herbs and herbal preparations to maintain health and to prevent, alleviate, or cure disease is provided in this section and is completely safe to use.

  • 9 Dynamic herbs that can increase your energy naturally

    To increase your energy naturally, you might try supplementing with one or more of these amazing, energy-boosting "super" herbs.

  • Benefits of green tea you need to know

    Although, drinking tea has been a part of different cultures for centuries, only recently were its medicinal properties recognised by the world of medicine.

  • Herbs that can help you gain weight

    Ginger, Chamomile and Gentian are some herbs that can help you to gain weight. They improve the digestive system and help related body functions work better.

  • Use tulsi to relieve anxiety and cough naturally

    Tulsi is the most used ingredient by the chefs in haute cuisine. A gourmet’s glee, tulsi is full of health benefits and in Indian context has been given the position of god.

  • Chirata: Natural, quick fix for glowing skin

    Learn how Ayurvedic remedy of swertia chirata can help you purify blood naturally to get healthy, glowing skin without any risk of side effects.

  • Amazing benefits of sarsaparilla

    Sarsaparilla is made from Smilax ornate, a vine native to Mexico and Central America. It was introduced to the Western world as an ingredient in a fizzy drink called Sarsaparilla. It has been used to treat certain ailments by the natives for years; here are some amazing health benefits of Sarsaparilla.

  • Amazing health and beauty benefits of calendula

    Calendula, a bright orange or yellow flower, or commonly known as marigold flower which abundantly grows in Mediterranean countries.

  • Amazing benefits of red sandalwood you were not aware of

    Red sandalwood, also known as Raktachandan is a red coloured wood used for treating skin disorders. Red sandalwood has multiple benefits, from improving skin complexion to providing relief from burns. Read on to discover amazing benefits of red sandalwood.

  • Gain weight by adding these herbs to your diet

    Ayurvedic herbs for weight gain possess numerous latent health advantages. Ashwagandha, Saatavari, AnnonnaSquamosa, Yashtimadhu, Soonth and Rasyan are some of the ayurvedic herbs for weight gain.

  • How to Use Harad for Weight Loss

    Harad for Weight Loss: In 14th century, another eminent scholar described seven varieties of Chebulic myrobalan.  It is mentioned that even the smell of Chebulic will cleanse the body and in the process it helps with weight loss.

  • Vinca: Health benefits and side effects

    Periwinkle or better known as vinca is a highly useful herb with several health benefits to offer. Here is what all you need to know about its health benefits and side effects.

  • 5 Healing properties of lavender

    Lavender flowers are beautiful and there is more to them than what meets the eye. Lavender oil and extracts can be very effective when used as natural healing remedies.

  • Wheatgrass benefits for diabetics

    Although conventional medicine does not accept wheatgrass as a cure for diabetes, it is considered as herb that can bring down blood glucose level.

  • Herbal chickweed for weight loss

    Chickweed has excellent nutritional, medicinal and metabolic properties to affect desired weight loss. Its therapeutic formulations can be taken as supplements.

  • Health benefits of linseed you never knew

    Linseed is coming to the surface of herbal remedies as a wonder food that  can prevent some of the severest forms of diseases. This includes cancer and diabetes.

  • Benefits of ashwagandha tea

    Know how you can benefit from having Ashwagandah tea regularly. Its benefit ranges from improving neural transmissions of brain to purification of blood.

  • 2 Safe and natural alternatives to deal with kids cough and cold

    Cold and cough are among the commonly occurring health concerns. While there are several over-the-counter medicines for cold and cough, they may not be safe for children. Try these herbal and natural remedies for cold and cough in children.

  • Benefits of Malabar nut for your lungs and digestive system

    Malabar nut, a popular herb in Ayurveda and Unani medicine systems, can treat various conditions or disorders and also speed up wound healing. Here are some of the most common conditions that the herb can treat.

  • Ashwagandha for weight loss

    Ashwagandha is a widely used Ayurvedic herbal medicine and it is known for helping in weight loss without any side-effects.

  • 5 Side-effects of Ashwagandha you need to know

    While the claims of Ashwagandha’s efficacy in various curative properties, it is not entirely free of side-effects. Read about various side-effects like drowsiness, stomach ache, inflammatory conditions, body temperature and more.

  • Harmful side effects of triphala

    Triphala is one of the most recommended and popular ayurvedic medicine but you need to know the right dosage and the right time for taking it to avoid some side-effects.

  • Triphala benefits for heart, lungs, hair and better health

    Triphala is an Ayurvedic medicine composed of three herbs that have a great effect on boosting one's health. Discover some of the amazing benefits of this trio.

  • Cure digestive problems, muscle spasms, athlete's foot and bruises with cloves

    Clove is an ancient Indian and Chinese herbal rememdy that holds immense medicinal value and can benefit our health. Here are some health benefits of this dark brown magic.

  • Do not play down the neem power, it has numerous benefits

    Neem leaves can heal cracked dry skin, improve the skin cell structure and treat acne along with the treatment of chronic inflammatory skin diseases.

  • Is Ashwagandha good for anxiety

    Ashwagandha is a popularly used Ayurvedic herbal medicine for many diseases. Its effect on treating anxiety has been very tested and found to be very good.

  • Saffron benefits for cancer patients

    Read how science is pushing towards a way to find the positive effects of saffron on a cancer patient.

  • Reasons to use Ashwagandha to heal thyroid

    Ashwagandha is one of the main components of ayurvedic treatment for thyroid. It is an ayurvedic herb which is effective for both hyper and hypo form of the disease.

  • How to Use Amla (Indian Gooseberry) to Lose Weight

    Amla has been used as a remedy for several problems. It can be very effective in weight management and weight loss too.

  • Take Ashwagandha for Better Sleep

    Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is a type of herb that induces sleep and can therefore, help in treating insomnia. Ayurvedic practitioners largely make use of Ashwagandha for the cure of insomnia.

  • Use Triphala Water to Fight Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

    Eyes are the windows to our soul. They need to be taken good care of and a rejuvenating routine can help them relax. Here is how you can use triphala water to calm your eyes and get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes.

  • Get Rid of Debilitating Toothache with Cloves

    Toothaches can be so painful that you would want to pull out the tooth yourself. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can resort to cloves for toothache.

  • Why Natural Herbs for Pain Relief?

    The use of painkillers are most common, but we are often warned about its consequences. Therefore, we should look towards natural cures like herbs that will be effective without any side effects.