• A blood test might detect Melanoma Skin Cancer: Study

    According to a new study, a blood test might be able to detect skin cancer in its early stages. This first of its kind melanoma blood test could save the millions of peoples’ lives. 

  • Know Why Western Shit-pots are the Devil's Home

    We have come to use the term "restroom" so religiously that it has become a part of us by the letter. Little do we realise that it is not to be taken seriously. Learn why.

  • Common Symptoms of Sleep Paralysis

    Sleep paralysis is every bit as scary for the sufferer as it sounds. A person experiencing sleep paralysis cannot move her or his body when they wake up while the mind is fully aware. Read on to find out about the symptoms of sleep paralysis.

  • What do your toes reveal about you

    If you wish to have a quick personality check, your feet can be of great help. Read on to discover how.

  • Do you Know How Harmful Junk Food is

    Love junk food? Well, who doesn't, but do you know that Junk food is more harmful to your body than you think it is. Find out more, here.

  • Using Public Toilets Can Give you these Infections

    Use of public toilet can be a nightmarish experience for many because the risk for infections is many times more in such settings. Here are some infections you can get by using public toilets and how you can protect yourself.

  • What is Dress syndrome

    Drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms syndrome is a condition caused by an idiosyncratic reaction to a causative drug. The syndrome causes long-term symptoms with a high mortality rate.

  • 6 Simple Tips to Lose Belly Fat

    There is a reason why belly fat is known as ‘stubborn fat’. When you consume more energy than what your body requires, it gets stored as fat and fat stored around your belly is hard to get rid of because it contains fat cells, known as beta cells.

  • Heavy Drinkers might be at a higher risk of Death

    A new study conducted by the Anglia Ruskin University has revealed that heavy drinking can lead to uncontrolled iron absorption into the body, which then puts a strain on the vital organs and increase the risk of death. 

  • Violence against women: It needs to stop!

    Abuse and violence against women need to be stopped. We cannot uproot it completely but we can definitely make a start by spreading awareness. Let’s do our bit!

  • How is Angioplasty Done

    Angioplasty is a procedure done to open an area of blockage in the coronary artery with the help of a catheter. Before coronary angioplasty is done your doctor will do coronary angiography. This procedure helps the doctor to know the location and extent of the blockages in your coronary (heart) arteries.

  • Harmful habits that affect your teeth

    To keep your teeth healthy, you not only have to religiously brush and floss your teeth daily but also have to pay attention to casual habits.

  • How to Be a Parent of an Adult Children

    Now your children are adults; they may or may not be economically independent, but you need to understand that being a parent of an adult is very different from being a parent of a child.

  • Beware of your Vitamin D supplements

    People who take vitamin D and calcium supplements are no less at risk of suffering from fractures than people who don’t consume supplements,

  • Yoga Asanas to Relieve you from a Headache

    When it comes to preventing or curing a headache, there is no substitute for a thorough, daily yoga programme. The following sequence offers poses that are helpful for opening the chest and stretching and relaxing the upper back and neck.

  • Spring clean your body and mind

    You can strengthen and detoxify your body in three simple ways: Hatha yoga practice, healthy dietary changes, and detoxifying herbs. Let's start with exercise. Ideally, you should move your body every day.

  • High BP numbers may increase Alzheimer's risk

    A new study has found a link between high blood pressure and brain disease, particularly brain lesions. The study also found that people with higher blood pressure numbers can be at a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 

  • Simple Steps To Detox Your Home

    It’s upon us to keep a heart-friendly and earth-friendly abode, let’s just do that with some simple steps to detox our home.

  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis

    Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis is based on restoring the vata dosha. The ayurvedic remedies involve herbs and supplements for relieving pain as well as striking at the root cause of the problem.

  • General Home Health Tests You Should Know About

    General home health tests can be performed in the comfort of your home sans the trouble of visiting a lab.

  • Why We Shut our Eyes When We Sneeze

    Do we close eyes because it is our reflex action or are we scared to expose our eyes to the mucus germs that we throw into the air? Find out.

  • 5 Immediate Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

    Quitting smoking can be daunting. But, if you try, you would be at the receiving end of a lot of health benefits ranging from an improved blood circulation to a better appearance.

  • Dear men, male menopause is for real. Know all about it here

    The march to mid life crisis for a man is actually andropause. Should you be feeling sinister, check with these symptoms characteristic of andropause.

  • 3 Magic Pills you Wish Existed

    3 Magic Pills you Wish Existed: Of all the beauty in the world, what human kind is dissatisfied with is himself. There is always a question of "what if I was smarter, taller, prettier?" In the advent of medical conditions being resolved with pills, why not those aesthetically defined? Take a look at these pills we wish existed.

  • Control your eating habits to avoid gastric trouble

    A frequent cause of gastric trouble can be treated through right diet and yoga. Read on...

  • New treatment for ZIka Virus discovered

    A new study has discovered a chemical compound, which has shown antiviral activity that can help treat Zika virus. This class of compounds is believed to treat respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). 

  • Third-hand Smoke? Know How Dangerous It is

    Third-hand smoke is the smoke that lingers on the surface, carpet floors and in the dust when nicotine is released in the form of vapour. 

  • What are Migraine Headaches?

    Migraine is a type of chronic headache that can cause considerable pain for hours or even days. A patient with severe symptoms may want to rest in a dark, quiet place.

  • How to Protect Yourself from 4 Everyday Infection carriers

    Germs are an everyday thing and you don’t necessarily need to expose yourself to extremely germy situations to catch an infection. They lurk in places you will be shocked to know. Take a look.

  • Things about Tampons that you Were not Aware of

    For the ladies, who do not use tampons and and for the ladies who cannot imagine a their periods without tampons must read.

  • One Symptom That Indicates Kidney Failure in Diabetics

    For people with diabetes, hypoglycaemia occurs when there's too much insulin and not enough sugar (glucose) in the blood. Recurrent hypoglycaemia can indicate kidney failure in diabetics.

  • Nutritional Treatment for Diabetic Macular Edema

    Nutritional treatment for diabetic macular edema involves the reversal of damage caused from macular edema and prevention of the worsening of the condition with certain nutrients.

  • Home Remedies for Fatty Liver

    Fatty liver is a more common problem than what people know. Fortunately with inclusion of a few diet changes and physical activity, a fatty liver can hope for healthier days.

  • Magic Mushroom's Compound may Treat Depression

    Psychedelic mushrooms or more commonly known as magic mushrooms contain active components which can alter moods and may help patients suffering from depression.

  • Dengue Fever: Know the Signs and Symptoms

    Dengue fever has been on the rise in India and many states in the country are drastically affected by it. It is spread by the vector called Aedes mosquito, which breeds on still water in many cities that gets collected after the end of summer.

  • Prevention is much better than cure in Diarrhea

    During monsoon, it is particularly important to guard against the disease.   Diarrohea, as we all know, is a condition in which we experience frequent watery stools (loose stools). 

  • How do you Lower Blood Pressure?

    Lower blood pressure naturally to avoid side-effects of the medications. Follow a healthy lifestyle by keeping a check on your diet, exercise and weight.

  • Causes of Infection in Leukaemia Patients

    Infections are a potential threat to the well-being of a patient, who is suffering from leukaemia. Moreover, it leads to various other health problems and complicate their condition.

  • What is the Prognosis of Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma?

    Childhood rhabdomyosarcoma is a medical condition characterised by malignant (cancer) cells forming in muscle tissues. The size and location of tumour affect prognosis.

  • Be double sure if the milk you are drinking is pure enough!

    The pure whiteness of milk, the most natural 'complete food' has come under a cloud. In the recent past Pune police unearthed a milk adulteration racket in Kondhwa.

  • Lose Weight in 5 Days with this Magic Drink

    The latest to hit the internet is the newest 555 method. Many people have already benefitted from this amazingly fantastic method, wherein you lose one pound every day.

  • 5 Sneaky ways all your money is getting over daily

    All of us look out for ways to save money, but overlook that we are losing it day in and out. Here are some secret ways in which you might actually be losing all your money.

  • Ways to Remain Energetic and Active in Life

    If you are the kind to start panting after climbing just one flight of stairs, you need to add more zeal and energy to your everyday life. We tell you how.

  • Health Benefits of Blood Donation

    Blood donation is considered as one of the most noble contributions that can potentially save precious lives.

  • Ways to Relax and Unwind after a Hectic Day

    A long day at work or school can leave you sapped. Loosening is increasingly important for those who have a hectic schedule on a regular basis. Taking time to relax will revive and energise you for the next busy day.

  • Everything you need to know about metabolic syndrome

    Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors and not a disease in itself. Metabolic syndrome is also known as Syndrome X, and there are certain risk factors that can be handled by you.

  • Sleeping too much? You May Fall Prey to these Health Hazards!

    Sleeping for more than 9 hours could land you in trouble. Numerous studies show that oversleeping can harm the body in a lot of ways. Here are some disadvantages of sleeping too much.

  • 5 Good Reasons to See a Geriatrician

    Geriatricians are experienced and skilled health care personnel specialised in the medical care for seniors. Here are 5 reasons to see a geriatrician.

  • Defeat Everyday Bacteria Successfully with These Tips

    We are aware of certain harbours of bacteria but unaware of the most unexpected ones. We need to put our guard up against these bacteria as they cause us more harm than anything and lead to severe illnesses.

  • Ways to stay healthy during the holidays

    Holidays do not mean that you let up on your healthy way of life. Ther are simple steps that you can take to stay healthy during the holidays!

  • 5 amazing ways to ease your hangover

    The best way to keep hangover away is to not drink but, our Saturday night parties would have never been the same, without this sweet poison: alcohol.

  • Why do we get goosebumps when we're cold or scared!

    You would have experienced goosebumps several times in your life. Feeling cold can give you goosebumps, but cold isn't the only thing that triggers goosebumps.

  • 5 Weird symptoms that may signal serious diseases

    We often overlook messages that our body signals. Knowing that some weird symptoms can be caused by painful conditions will make you think twice before you take that pain killer the next time.

  • Keep your kitchen clean and tidy with these easy tips

    You can't expect your food to be healthy and be of any good to your family until your kitchen is not completely clean. Bacteria, flies and other pests will always pose a risk of poor well-being of the family members.

  • Tips on living an active life and staying healthy

    There are aspects of an alert and active life that can help a person life happily and healthy. Discover some of the easy and quick ways in which you can have an active life.

  • Let these monsoon drinks refresh your mood

    Weather conditions over the last few days have been close to harsh, what makes it difficult for human bodies is the sudden drop in temperatures owing to sporadic rainfall, or drastic change in the temperature during late evening and night hours.

  • Rev up your metabolism and stay in shape with these tips

    How to improve your metabolism: Here are some tips to boost/improve your metabolism.

  • Reasons you are tired all the time

    Fatigue is something that everyone experiences, but only a few can figure out the actual cause of fatigue. There are several reasons for fatigue, some serious and some minor. Take the time out to know what's causing your fatigue and find an effective treatment.

  • Healthy habits for healthy homes

    Healthy lifestyle and hygiene should begin right from the kitchen. While a clean and hygienic kitchen can help you stay healthier, an unhealthy and infected kitchen will never let you stay healthy for long. Make sure your goal to achive better health has a special plan for a clean and hygienic kitchen as well.

  • Health blunders we all make every day

    The hustle of our daily lives gives us little space to examine all the habits that we follow. And, that is why we have put together different health habits that do us more bad than good.

  • Debunk all monsoon myths and be glad that the rain is here

    What if all myths were true’’? Well, thankfully when it comes to enjoying the monsoon you don’t have to worry about those fables. Debunk all your monsoon related myths to rejoice rain completely.

  • How much water is too much a day

     Do you think 8-10 glasses of water is enough? The typical recommendation of drinking eight glasses of water per day. Also drinking too much water is dangerous to your health.

  • The truth about urine you were not aware of

    Urine is as important a part of one's body as it is considered otherwise. Check out the clues it gives about our body's status.

  • 5 healthy habits you are doing it wrong

    Certain routines that we follow on a daily basis are so simple that we never pause to think about whether we could be doing them wrong or not. We do them in autopilot mode unaware of the effects that can be troublesome.

  • Here is what white spots on your nails indicate

    White spots on your nails may indicate serious health ailments. So, if you have been ignoring them, here are some reason why you should start taking a closer look.

  • Here is how each colour affects our mood

    Colours affect us for sure. Sometimes, they affect us positively while generating negative emotions at other times. Colours are an integral part of our lives.

  • Adopt these 4 lifestyle habits and lower your risk of death by 80 percent

    Lifestyle habits are crucial factors that have ample say in your health and mortality. A recent study has established a close link between four important lifestyle factors and the mortality rate of an individual.  

  • Daily habits that can make you sick

    Eating right and exercising daily can provide one with a false conviction that they have a perfectly healthy lifestyle. Well, one needs to take a closer look.

  • Even a toothbrush can make you sick for these reasons

    As you reach for your toothbrush each morning, you may not realize what’s hanging out on its bristles. Scary truth: Toothbrushes can become contaminated with oral microbial organisms whenever they are placed in the mouth.

  • Stay protected inside the pool this summer with these tips

    To give those blisters some soothing effect, many of you would like to spend the evening by your pool-side. But, to avoid this leisure tuning into a nightmare, few precautionary measures are must.

  • Overcome the fatigue with these quick fixes

    Constant weakness not only interferes with day-to-day activities but is also a sign that something is wrong with your body. There are certain quick-fixes that will help get rid of constant exhaustion.

  • Are these healthy habits really healthy for you?

    There are many habits which we follow in our daily life and treat them to be highly beneficial for us but, in reality they are hazardous and leave us unhealthy.

  • 7 Personal items you should never share with anyone

    Good personal hygiene is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. Sharing of personal items can transfer the germs and bacteria that you may come in contact with.

  • 5 Everyday things that you should throw away for a better health

    Everyday items that we touch, smell and see in our home come off as harmless as flowers, but little do we think about the health risks that they can pose. Start eliminating them today to live a healthier tomorrow.

  • Summers are here and swimming would be on top of your mind, but beware…

    Planning of taking a dip in the pool to beat the heat? Well, before you swim away the heat, here is something you should not overlook.

  • There can be no life without water, but how safe is your drinking water?

    Water Fluoridation or high concentrations of fluoride in water can pose serious health threats to the people who consume it regularly. In India water fluoridation is not practiced, but in some areas the groundwater naturally contains high levels of fluoride which can cause bone and dental diseases for humans and animals who drink it.

  • Stupidity alert! If you have been mixing your alcohol with energy drinks, please don't

    Drinking alcohol mixed with energy drinks increases your risk of injuries, says a new study.

  • Don't blame your food if you're feeling gassy, it's probably something else

    Most of us think, the sole reason behind why we fart or feel gassy is the food we eat, but that's not entirely true.

  • Looking for ways to give up bad habits? Here is what you should do

    Quitting bad habits can be extremely difficult, but if you can put focus with all your might you can overcome any bad habits. Here is a guide for you to quit bad habits effectively.

  • The power of patience : slowing the rush is the key to more happiness

    Learn why patience must be kept from vanishing from today's world.

  • Are your eyes acting weird? You may a have serious condition

    While symptoms like blurry vision or difficulty concentrating in low light are definite symptoms that something might be wrong with your eyes, there are some symptoms which might show up in your eyes, but are a sign that something else is wrong in your body.

  • Beware! non-stick cookware may pose severe risk to health

    The luxury of never getting your food stuck to the bottom of your skillet is tempting to watch on the telly. But, using a Teflon coated non-stick cookware can be detrimental to your health.

  • Top 5 things you need to know about autoimmune diseases

    Autoimmune diseases can make you or loved one’s life challenging. Read on to know a few facts about this condition to make life a little easier.

  • Don't let the sun damage your eyes or vision

    Everyone is at risk for eye damage and potential vision loss from ultraviolet (UV) radiation of th sun. We need to protect ourselves daily, because the damage keeps adding up. Get tips here.

  • World Blood Donor Day 2012 Theme

    World Health Organization celebrates the World Blood Donor Day by increasing awareness about blood donation and its benefits. How are you celebrating this year?

  • Winter health tips for senior citizens

    Senior citizenry are winter illnesses and synonymous unfortunately, but this guide should help you feel a little safer.

  • Things your body is trying to tell you

    The human body is a machine which doesn’t shut down when things go wrong, but sends us warning signals letting us that something is amiss. You must take time to decipher the body’s codes and get to the underlying cause.

  • Ways how monsoon sun can benefit your health

    Monsoons trigger contamination of water and air because of the germs and virus that linger in its moistness. Moderate intensity of sun rays can prove to be good for health.

  • Virus spreads faster than you think

    Viruses can spread faster than we think; it's just a matter of two hours for a single contaminated doorknob to contaminate the whole office or hotel building. A new research has found how fast virus can go around on its infection-causing spree.

  • Ways to buzz the bugs off

    Anybody who wonders that they are too small to make a change, have never tried to sleep with a mosquito. And in this monsoon season. it can be a nightmare.

  • Saving your life can be a race against the clock

    You’re driving to work when you’re struck by another car. If you’re seriously injured, your recovery—and even your life—can depend on how quickly the emergency medical team arrives, what type of treatment you get and how fast they get you to a hospital.

  • Top concentration killers that are sabotaging you

    There are various regular activities we commonly practice, which prove to be top concentration killers. Refraining from them can indeed improve your efficiency levels.

  • The strange signs you’re likely to live longer

    Lifestyle choices and your habits can influence how long and how well you'll live. Find out the surprising clues that you will live more than you think.

  • If you've adrenal fatigue, here is how to fix it

    Adrenal fatigue may be an ambiguous term but it certainly has some significance. You can put your adrenal glands back to normal functioning and release the fatigue.

  • The 9 biggest myths about alcohol, busted

    Every party drinker has had a hangover at least once in a lifetime. If you are one who falls in this category and thinks the pasta or the pill at bedtime could wake you up to a beautiful morning, perhaps its time that you realise it is a myth.

  • Let sunshine in to throw stress out

    If stress is making you pull your hair apart, take a pause and consider letting the sunlight into your life. Know the use of sunlight in the treatment of stress, depression and other physical and mental problems.

  • Know how high RSPMs in the air are affecting your health

    High presence of RSPM matter in the air can be harmful for your health. It can increase the risk of several serious health problems and may even reduce lifespan.

  • Information on world blood donor day

    Information on World Blood Donor Day: World Blood Donor day is celebrated on 14th of June every year to thank and encourage voluntary blood donors throughout the world.

  • Hygiene tips for your home this winter

    With the advent of winters, we start arranging for things that keep us and our homes warm. But, what about keeping steering clear of diseases like asthma, cold, lung infections, chest congestions among the others? Your home harbours a lot of germs; figure out how to keep it hygienic.

  • Preparing for visit to doctor

    Just like you prepare for an office meeting or for other necesarry work, it is also essential to prepare before visiting the doctor. We tell you exactly why.