Hand Care

Hands being the most used yet abused parts of our body, must be given time to be cared for. Doing exercises, massages, dipping them in warm rosewater, regular nail trims or even a wash before going to bed can keep your hands beautiful.

  • Wave goodbye to swollen hands in the morning by learning its causes and treatment

    Swollen hands are caused by a variety of reasons but you can easily reduce the swelling with a few exercises and massages.

  • Tips on how to get your nails in great shape in no time

    Nail art is full-on in vogue these days. It appears to be complicated but can be done at home easily. Read here for tips to do your nail art at home.

  • Flaunt those pretty arms with some surprising ways to remove hair from hands easily

    In today's society hair on hands have become increasingly unwelcome. Find here many procedures to remove hair from hands easily.

  • Amazing reasons to try hot oil manicure

    Hands age and show signs of aging quicker than your face. While a regular manicure will keep your hands and nails clean, the latest buzz around the beauty biz is about hot oil manicure. Read more to find the benefits of hot oil manicure.

  • Nail it: Preventing premature nail breakage

    Women love their long nails and can be disheartened when they break. Nail breakage may, however, be more than just plain discomfort. Learn how you can look after your nails well.

  • Fingernail problems that must not be ignored

    Take a close look at your nails. Do they seem healthy and strong? Fingernails reveal a lot about the state of your health. Healthy nails are smooth, without ridges or grooves, of a uniform colour and without spots or discoloured areas. Here are fingernail problems that must not be ignored.

  • 5 Ways to make your mani and pedi last longer

    No matter how great a mani and pedi might feel, you don't feel the same when it starts to chip, and that too sooner than you had expected. Here are 5 great tips to make your mani and pedi last longer.

  • What type of manicure should you get?

    Manicures provide the much needed rejuvenation to your hands which are often over-worked. To meet your special needs, various kinds of manicures are available.

  • Do You Really Need To Worry About The Ingredients In Your Nail Polish?

    Nail paint is an irreplaceable accessory for every woman who wants to look good. But, there are certain health risks associated with nail paints that you must be aware of.

  • Make your Hands Softer and Younger in Less than a Minute

    Who doesn't want a younger-looking skin? Mere removal of dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin can make your hands look younger and feel softer.

  • Now you can Finally Stop your Hands from Feeling Itchy this Winter

    Your hands can be irritable and dry during the winter seasons, and here are some steps you can take in order to take care of them. Caring for your hands during winters is very important.

  • Hand Care Tips

    Hands are the mirrors to our personality and contribute to it but are often ignored.  We must care for them for they are delicate. Read tips to know how.

  • Manicure Tips for Younger-looking Hands

    Salon manicure can be expensive and unhygenic too. Learn simple ways of doing manicure at home and save money as well as prevent certain health risks.

  • Pre-school Hand Hygiene Basics

    Children can act stubborn about not washing hands. But as parents it is our responsibility to get them adapt to the habit. Learn here how to do it.

  • Arm Lift Cosmetic Surgery

    Arm lift brachioplasty is done to bring back the natural firmness and shape of your arm. In the process, extra fat and skin is removed from arms.

  • Food and Hand Hygiene

    Washing hands regularly is the first line of defense against spreading infectious diseases. Discover all the crucial times in which you must wash your hands.

  • Global Hand Washing Day

    Assigning a hand-washing day can mobilise people to adapt to the habit of washing hands regularly. This will lead to healthier lifestyle among people.

  • Wash Hands to Keep Germs Away

    Not washing hands severly impacts on one's health. Imbibing habit of regular hand-washing is necessary as Germs enter the body fastest through dirty hands.

  • Mehndi for all occasions

    Applying henna is not confined to celebrations and occassions anymore. It has become a trend and can be worn anytime. Read here about various mehndi designs.

  • ABC of Hand Washing

    Many diseases occur due to bad hygiene, and one sure way to save yourself is by washing hands properly. Here is all that you should know about washing hands.

  • Men's Grooming: Fixing Rough Hands

    For men who want to redefine the stereotypical masculine guy image, there are simple hand-care remedies that can be followed. Scan here for such natural ways.  

  • How to do a Manicure

    How about learning a step-by-step-at-home-manicure and saving parlour time for other indulgences? Sounds tempting? Read on to show-off pretty hands.

  • The Amazing French Manicure

    Nails too need to look good! One simple nail fashion is French manicure which suits your look for all occassions. Find out how to do it simply at home.