Hair Growth

Hair problems are a plenty, a patch of scalp in the middle of lustrous black hair, strands of hair disappearing into the sink, hairline taking a step back and more. Resolving these takes the hand of an expert that can reach you just in time if you cash in this resource of information on hair growth techniques, both natural and artificial.

  • Include these hair-growth-friendly super foods in your diet and say bye to hair fall

    Dark green vegetables, nuts, whole grains and carrots are some health foods very beneficial in aiding hair growth. But they can't alter the hair texture.

  • Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth

    Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth - Stem cells can transform into almost any type of cell in the body and hair is no different. Stem cell therapy for hair growth could provide a safe and effective treatment for hair loss if done under the guidance of an expert.

  • Sleeping after hair transplantation

    Sleeping after hair transplantation - It is important to know about the sleeping postures post the hair transplant as some sleeping postions such as sleeping flat on our backs can lead to swelling.

  • Possess Hair like Rapunzel with this Excellent Hair Growth Guide

    Hair growth guide - Hair grows in phases and each hair has a life cycle that can last from a few years to a few months. Here's a hair growth guide to help grow hair without much trouble.

  • How to use aloe vera to promote hair growth

    Aloe vera is been used by people of different cultures for stimulating hair growth. The extract of aloe vera contains medicinal properties that conditions hair to make it stronger and thicker

  • Henna for Hair Growth

    Henna for Hair Growth - Henna is a non-damaging colouring option for hair and does not fade out quickly as other hair dyes. It conditions the hair too. Read here how to use it.

  • Hair Growth Tips for Women

    Hair Growth Tips for Women - To promote  hair growth, women should oil their hair, keep it trimmed, avoid hair styling products and plait it. Say hello to rapunzel like hair.

  • How Hormones Affect Hair Growth

    Hormones play an important role in hair's health. An imbalance can cost you your cherished tresses. Read how to control hormones to stimulate hair growth.

  • Fish oil for hair growth

    Fish oil for hair growth - Fish makes a great ingredient for some amazing recipes and a wonderful food. Fish oil can also be of great help for you due to its high omega 3 content. It can help you prevent hair loss and increase hair growth

  • Use grapeseed oil for hair growth

    Grapeseed oil for hair growth - Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and emollients, benefits of grapeseed oil are countless. Here’s how to use grapeseed oil for hair growth.

  • Brahmi Powder for Hair Growth

    Brahmi powder has been a traditional remedy for several problems since ancient time. It can help your hair get thicker and nourished. You can support your hair growth with brahmi powder without any risk of side effects that chemicals may pose.

  • Is Soft, Manageable Hair on Your Wish List? Use a Conditioner Daily

    Just as you need moisture to lock in the softness and glow of your skin, you also need conditioners to keep your hair soft and shiny. But use the right kind.

  • Biotin for Hair Growth

    Biotin is considered to be an essential vitamin supplement for facilitating the growth and development of hair cells. Here is all about biotin and how it works.

  • Healthy Hair Growth is Every Girl’s Dream; Make it Come True

    There are many natural products that prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Know the natural ways that make your hair grow at a faster rate.

  • Myth Debunked: Shaving does not Cause Hair to Grow Back Thicker

    Hair does not get thick and dark after shaving-there are only some cosmetic changes that occur in your hair when they regrow after shaving.

  • Knowing the Normal Hair Cycle will Save you the Worry about Hair Loss

    The factors which affect the hair include the individual’s age and three phases of hair growth- anagen, catagen and telogen phases. Know how your hair grows and falls.

  • Hair Cloning can End the Bald Truth, if it Ever Becomes a Reality

    Hair cloning is expected to develop an effective cure for people suffering from hair loss and baldness, but it comes along with challenges. Read all about it.

  • Secrets to Healthy Hair

    Healthy diet, good shampoo and conditioner are the few secrets to healthy hair. You must frequently wash your hair and keep use of curls and dryers to minimum.

  • Conditioning your Hair for right