Feet Care

Your feet are the most often used parts of the body, without them you can't even move a step. Thus, you must ensure to give your feet the care they deserve. Pamper your feet by treating them with a nice pedicure session every two weeks. You can even apply nail paint to your toenails and put foot cream to let your feet look beautiful and soft. This is not all, exercises and proper footwear can also help in taking care of your feet..

  • Take control of your type 2 diabetes diet

    A diabetic foot results from diabetic mellitus. Checking foot daily and applying moisturizing lotion are few of the tips to take care of diabetic foot.

  • For happy feet, here is what you gotta do

    Since the feet take quite a beating as they support you and help you stay active, you must consider investing a bit of your time into caring for them. Here is all that you need to do to keep your feet happy and healthy.

  • How to get rid of those sweaty and smelly feet

    Summer brings a lot of challenges and sweaty and smelly feet are among the worst problems that can leave you embarrassing. Learn how you can escape the problem this summer.

  • Steps to Heal Your Feet after a Week of High Heel Horrors

    A week in high heels is of course sexy, but it is painful too. Prolonged use of heels can not just affect the balls of each foot and toes, but also your back and knees. It is important to give your feet a break after you have been wearing heels for many days.

  • How to do a Pedicure in just 7 Simple Steps

    With our DIY guide on how to do a pedicure, you will fall in love with your feet. In just 7 steps, your feet will look as if you got a professional pedicure.

  • Put Your Feet in the Right Place with Our Best Foot Care Tips to Avoid Infections

    Care for your feet every day with these tips to prevent infections. Make sure your health care provider checks your feet at least once a year.

  • Presenting the Best Foot Care Tips for Happy Feet in Winter

    Your feet are the most exploited part of your body. Would you do all you can to take care of them? If yes, take a look at this guide for happy feet this winter.

  • Beauty Tips for Feet

    Feet are the most neglected part of our body because of its less chances of visibility. Beautifully done up feet say a lot about hygiene and attention to detail.  

  • What is a Diabetic Foot?

    Diabetic patients are prone for foot infections due to three main causes: Uncontrolled Diabetes, Peripheral neuropathy  and Peripheral vasculopathy. Read on.

  • Do-It-Youself Pedicure

    The sandal season is here and flip flops are a must. But you can't wear them with those tanned feet. Here is stepwise pedicure that you can do at home.

  • Get in step with natural foot care

    Our feet word hard without demanding much attention but we deprive them of that too. Scan here for tips on how you can take care of your carriers naturally.

  • Tips to keep Feet Warm in Winter

    You just can't keep your mind off cold feet. We bring to you some great tips to keep feet warm in winters. Don't cold feet ruin the joy of the season!

  • Feet Care Tips for Diabetics

    Diabetes brings along a lot of health complications. It can particularly be harmful for your feet. If you are diabetic, learn some feet care tips here.

  • Understand Diabetes and Foot Amputation

    Diabetes can lead to several complications. One of them is diabetic foot. In people with diabetes a small foot problem can turn into serious complications.

  • Taking Care of Our Feet

    Better foot care may prevent many foot problems. Our feet carry us around and need the much deserved care. Scan here for some tips to pamper your feet.

  • Types of Diabetic Foot

    High blood glucose levels can worsen the common infections. Diabetics need to take extra care of their feet. Scan here for common diabetic foot problems.

  • Preventing Diabetic Foot

    Diabetes can give you all kinds of problems. Diabetic foot is one of them. Scan for tips to prevent your feet from developing and managing diabetic foot .

  • Different Types of Pedicure

    A pedicure promises an unimaginable transfortion of dull dirty feet into pretty tootsies. Discover the different types of pedicures that exist.

  • What is the Treatment of Diabetic foot?

    Diabetic foot is a rage among diabetics and much to the hype, it deserves  to be given ample attention and care. Here are some tips.

  • How to Take Care of Your Feet During Monsoon

    Protecting your feet from rain is as important as protecting your body. You can easily prevent smelling and sticky feet with proper feet care.

  • Taking care of your feet and proper foot care hygiene

    Discover few of the best ways to take care of your feet. Ensure proper foot care hygiene and find your way to supple skin.

  • Beat mucky roads with pampered feet

    Malini Banerjee surrendered her feet to hungry fish, before getting them wrapped in sea minerals

  • Be careful heel pain sneaks in Unnoticed

    Pain in the heel has become a common problem among the young and the old these days. The onset of heel pain is gradual. Initially patient experiences the pain early in morning but later on it is experienced during walking. There are various reasons for heel pain ranging from planterfascitis, calcaneal spur, calcaneal bursitis; fat pad syndrome etc. but planterfascitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain.

  • World at your feet

    We rely on them most, we neglect them most. Feet are our pedestal, indispensable for our mobility; ironically, they are the least pampered part of our body. A little planning followed by a simple routine can ensure soft and clean feet. Here is a recipe to plan and execute a foot care session during monsoons.