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When it comes to fashion & style, each one of us has tried-and-true tips and tricks to steal the show. Some are useful, while some aren’t. Get the latest style scoop from us! Read about celebrity fashion secrets, latest fashion trends, styling ideas, and more! Keep yourself updated with current fashion industry news, designers and body art. Also get style advice and grooming tips from our experts. With these valuable tips, you’ll be well on your way to living your most stylish life.

  • Take Cues from Jhanvi Kapoor on How to Look Chic this Monsoon

    When rain takes over the scorching sun and the clouds pour warmth in the form of water, we enjoy the downpour but think that it is time to say goodbye to trendy and fashionable clothing for a few months. Well, no you do not have to. Yes, your wardrobe demands a change and it requires a makeover but that does not mean that you have to give up on your favourite type of clothes. 

  • The complete guide to dressing up according to your body shape

    Can't figure out what style suits your body? These tips on dressing for your body shape will help you avoid a wardrobe disaster. Thank you hugs are welcome.

  • Sport a bikini with style and look fit in it

    Your bikini dreams will remain a dream unless you work towards it, and it is just a few steps away. Look fitter in a bikini and turn heads on the beach.

  • Save your Leather Shoes from Water during Monsoon

    Although, monsoon gives all of us respite from summer heat, it does bring with itself several challenges, one of which is keeping leather shoes safe.

  • An Insight on Caring for your wet Leather Shoes

    To care for leather shoes after they have got wet in monsoon may seem difficult, but as long as you clean them quickly, you are on a safe boat.

  • Head Turner Make-Up for a Rainy Day

    Make-up in monsoon can ruin your days, but only as long as you stick to one make-up style throughout the year. You must use monsoon-friendly products.

  • Your Guide to Wearing Leggings

    Leggings can make or break your look if not worn the right way. The tips on how to wear leggings in this article will bring out the style diva in you.

  • 7 Tips to Look and Feel Hotter

    Looking more fashionable sometimes is as easy as just tucking in your shirt or throwing on a pair of sunglasses. Learn to look your best no matter the circumstance.

  • Saturday Night Look Book

    When it comes to Saturday night partying, everyone has their own sense of style. We here have a great Saturday night look book, with embedded video to help you rock this and every other Saturday night.

  • What to Wear on a Rainy Day

    It is not easy to decide what to wear on a rainy day. Make dressing up in monsoon quick and easy with these tips and dazzle the Gods of rains with your style.

  • Clothes Not to Wear in Monsoon

    You shouldn't get your clothes spoilt with muck during monsoon. Take a look at these tips on what you should avoid wearing during monsoon.

  • Dressing up for Work during Monsoon

    Getting to work during monsoon may seem like a hassle. Take a look at these fsahion tips on going to work during monsoon without compromosing on style.

  • How to wear statement jewellery

    Statement jewellery is the perfect way to bring life to an outfit and enhance your best features. The key is to keep it simple and strike the right balance with clothes. Here is all you ever wanted to know about how to wear statement jewellery.

  • Love fake leather accessories? They have lethal metal

    As much as we love fake leather accessories, they harbour lethal metals such as lead. Using them causes us to ingest such harmful chemicals and fall ill. Here is what you should know about fake leather accessories and how to steer clear of the health dangers.

  • 4 Accessories (apart from your skinny jeans) that can be lethal

    Fashion is a thing to follow but to an extent. It is better to leave fashion trends alone when they start to interfere with your health. Here are five everyday clothing pieces with shocking health risks.

  • Bring the heat down with our cool summer styling tips

    Summer is fun and pleasure; it is bright and joyous and so should summer clothing be. With our summer styling tips, you will never go wrong with your summer wardrobe. Try them!

  • Ways to be a budget fashionista

    Being a fashionista on a budget is a huge style dilemma and a lot of women relate to it. Don’t you worry girlies for we have brought tips that will help you be a budget fashionista without looking like one.

  • 100 Years of Indian beauty: nail that retro look

    In their recently released videos, Cut Video looked at 100 Years of Indian Beauty, showing how Indian style has evolved over the century. If you are inspired by this amazing video too, here is your chance to nail that retro look and be a glam diva.

  • Different Fusion Outfits for Weddings

    A perfect choice for your wedding cocktail or reception party, fusion bridal dresses are a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional design. You can go for an embellished or embroidered net gown to look like a diva on any of your wedding functions.

  • Celebrity Hook Ups of 2014 that Took Us by Surprise

    2014 was a very productive year, at least for our celebrities. It saw many celebrity affairs rock the world for either turning into marriages or frizzling out too soon. Here are some spicy celebrity hook ups of 2014.

  • Clever Styling Tricks that will Make You Look Slimmer

    Try our clever styling tips that can make you look thinner. Fashion is all powerful and can give us the illusion of a slimmer physique.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness for Women in 50s

    A recently published study has found that among all women in Great Britain, most find true happiness when they reach the age of 54.

  • Learning to Love your Body for a Positive Image

    If you are not satisfied looking at yourself in the mirror and feel that you need a makeover then the first step is to loving your body.

  • How to Choose Right Heels

    Fashion and Style  - Heels give you smart, sophisticated and elegant look. However, it is very important to make the right decision when you choose them.

  • Men no longer behind women in fashion

    Gone are the days when women used to go for shopping and men used to wait for them holding  their shopping bags. Today's metrosexual man is enormously conscious about his own attire. Go around the city and you will find lots of brands for men,  giving a tough competition to women's fashion.