No matter how how bad your date planning skills are or how boring your love life gets, you can always make it matter. All you need is to learn the do's and don'ts dating tips and few effective dating ideas. Keep browsing to find all the help you need to get rid of your dating problems.

  • What Girls Always Notice on a Date

    What Girls Always Notice on a Date: Some of the things that girls always notice in their man on the first date is his dress, how well he is groomed and how confident he is.

  • The basics of flirting decoded

    Flirting comes naturally to humans, people flirt when they are attracted to someone. Identify a flirty scene by knowing 10 such signs mentioned here.

  • Finding love on the internet 101

    Social networking websites and dating apps have opened many options for those who are single. One dating app that everyone’s talking about these days is Tinder.

  • Tips to Spend a Romantic Night with Your Man

    Tips on a Romantic Night with Your Man— Unveil a few romantic ideas of planning a secret romantic night with your man and how to make the most of it.

  • How to Stop Dating Bad Boys

    Dating Tips- There is nothing wrong in occasionally dating bad boys but if you are stuck at dating bad boys all the while, you must stop. Here are some tips on how you can stop dating a bad boy.

  • How to Have a Great Date on a Budget

    How to have a date on a budget: there are innumerable money-saving ideas to have a fantastic date.

  • Dating Tips for Shy Girls

    If your coyness is becoming a hindrance in striking a chord with the one you like, you really need to boost your confidence and shed off your shyness. These tips will surely help you to impress your man.

  • How to Flirt With Women

    How to Flirt with Women: Flirting with women made easy with few considerations and tips.

  • Looking for Love? Break the Rules of Dating

    Having trouble in the dating universe? The answer to your troubles may be here.

  • How to Talk Smooth with Women on a Date

    How to talk smooth with women on a date: If you want to talk smooth with women on a date, it would be advisable to learn to have poise along with confidence. You need to have the right posture and the right look before making the move to start talking.

  • Dress up for your Date

    Dress Up for Your Date - In this article you can get some guidelines on getting prepared for dating  and how to dress up for you date.

  • 5 Dress Ideas for First Date

    5 Dress Ideas for First Date: Looking for dress ideas for first date? It is important to present your-self well on your first date. The best you can do is be comfortable and be yourself.

  • What is Healthy Flirting

    Healthy Flirting - flirting can be a first step to know the person and also to convey your interest in him/her. Be sincere, maintain eye contact and be natural with your body language.

  • To Date or Not to Date a Co-worker

    Recently, David Davidar had to quit as CEO of Penguin Canada after being accused of sexually harassing a colleague. Flirting with your colleagues, passing dirty jokes at them, sharing “Hey sexy” greetings can be risky.

  • The Stages of Love for Men

    Every man falls in love in a different way, but there is something common in how they fall for women. Men fall in love in the stages. What are the stages of love for men? Read on.

  • Ways to Charm a Woman on First Date

    Have you planned your date and are wondering on how to charm your women on first date? Remember that first impression is very important for your relationship so make her eager to meet you again.

  • What is Cyber Relationship?

    It is a form of interpersonal communication, often including intimate relationships between people who have met over the internet. Cyber relationships are tricky and happen all over the internet, via online chat room, social and dating websites; giving people an opportunity to make unlimited friends.

  • Key Rules for Dating

    Key Rules for Dating: Dating may seem any Stifler's sport, but there is also that layer of the population that can't help but ruin it. Perhaps they haven't abided by the key rules for dating, eh?

  • How to Use Your Body Language to Flirt

    How to Use Your Body Language to Flirt: Learn the ways of using your body language to flirt. It is important that you let it be known to your flirt interest about your inclination with some subtle gestures that reveal your intentions.

  • Negative Effects of Teenage Dating

    Dating Tips- People have different opinion about teenage dating. Some believe that there are many negative effects of teenage dating while the others consider it to be fun. This article discuss negative effects of teenage dating.

  • Tips on dating Someone with a Baby

    It can be a challenge to date someone with a baby because it is far more complicated than you think. Here we guide you to sweep past the troubled tide and win over your date and the kid too.

  • When is The Right Time to Say 'I Love You'

    Saying the L word can be difficult, as it needs timely precision, but not many of us actually pay much heed to it. This is us, trying to explain to you that there is a time for everything, and you must know what time is love time.

  • How to Attract a Woman’s Attention

    How to Attract a Woman’s Attention— Want good scores in the good books of your lady? Grab her attention with your pleasing personality and charming looks.

  • Things Girls Should Never Say to a Guy

    Things Girls Should Never Say to a Guy – Girls on a date with a new guy will never expect to take all their comments and remarks. Here are 10 things that guys hate to hear from a girl.

  • What Girls Never Notice on a Date

    What girls never notice on a date – Boys may presume that they have impressed a girl on a date, although there may not be anything past her. Take a look at a few things she won’t notice on a date.

  • Dating Tips for Divorced Women over 40

    Divorced women dating over 40: Here are a few tips on dating for divorced women over 40, which can help them find love again.

  • Questions to Ask on a Date

    Questions to Ask on a Date : It is your big day and you do not know what are you supposed to be asking her! You dont want to sound like an idiot so you decide to stay dumb, do you? No! Know what to ask your date here!

  • Types of Men, Women find Undesirable

    Women can be extremely choosy regarding the type of men they date. Read to know the types of men women don’t like and would never date! Are you in this list?

  • Women: Dressing Tips for a First Date

    Women Dressing Tips for a First Date - The way a woman dresses up for the first date conveys a lot about her personality and character. She should not overdo or under do her dressing.

  • First Date Conversation Tips for Women

    First Date Conversation Tips for Women - Having an interesting conversation for a woman on the first date date may be difficult. To make it easy and interesting, read these quickies to a successful first date.

  • First Date Conversation Tips for Men

    First Date Conversation Tips for Men - To strike a conversation on a first date for men may be difficult. Surprisingly, it is not as difficult as you think. Here are first date conversation tips for men.

  • How to Improve Your Dating Skills

    Improve Your Dating Skills - With these dating tips you can improve your dating skills. All that you need to do is maintain a confident attitude, respect your date, have realistic expectations and finally, hope for the best!

  • How to Prepare for a Hot Date

    How to Prepare for a Hot Date - Having grabbed the opportunity to go on a hot date, prepare yourself well in advance. Here is how.

  • How to Dress for a Date for Teens

    How to Dress for a Date for Teens - Dressing up for a date for teens is a nerve-racking task, but here are tips that will make you dress your best for your date.

  • Communication Tips for a First Date

    Dating Tips: You might be a little nervous to go out on your first date but these tips will ease the tension and help you exude confidence. Make sure you make an eye contact and not talk on issues that will ultimately result in a debate.

  • Signs He’s Interested in You

    Dating Advice: If a guy is into you, you will come to about it if you keep an eye on his body language.The gestures won't always be loud but could be subtle too. It all depends how close attention are you paying.

  • Online Dating Safety Tips

    Online dating has become a common trend. Take a look at these guidelines to ensure that you have a safe online dating experience.

  • How to Exude Confidence on a Date

    How to Exude Confidence on a Date: A lot of dates end badly due to confidence issues. Take a look at some tips on how to exude confidence on a date and make a good impression.

  • Dating Men Over 40

    Looking for the perfect date in a pool of attractive women may be exhaustive. Here are tips for dating men over 40 to grab the ideal date by her arms.

  • Tips for Talking to a Guy on Phone

    Plan your phone call ahead in time so that you know how to start a conversation with your guy. Initially it will be a little awkward but once you’ve hit it off with him, it will be an easy ride.

  • Dating Tips for Boys

    Dating Tips for Boys: Read easy tips to make your first date the best one? What are the DOs and DON’Ts that keep boys moving ahead in a relationship? Consider the basics of dating and avoid blunders that end possibility of more dates.

  • Dating Tips for the Second Time Around

    Dating tips for the second time around: Being with someone is a difficult task, especially after a failed marriage or relationship.

  • 5 Tips for Creating a Romantic Night

    Tips for creating a romantic night: Unravel few things that you need to consider to create a romantic evening with your date.

  • Bored of Job, Men Flirt for Fun

    Find out why men flirt: one of the underline reasons of men flirting is that they are bored of their job and hence to keep them occupied they start flirting on other women’s

  • How to Succeed On a Blind Date

    Blind dates are exciting and adventurous. To succeed on a blind date you have to be positive, confident and be yourself.

  • Tips to Start a Conversation on a First Date

    A good conversation on a first date can make a positive impact on your date. A nice and confident talk can make your date successful and memorable.

  • How to Get Out of a Bad Blind Date

    Ending a bad blind date is tough, but you can do so easily by following a few tips given here. If you feel uncomfortable, it’s always better to end the date as soon as possible.

  • How to End a Date

    A date should always end in a positive and graceful way. By following some simple tips given here, you can have a successful end to a date.

  • When Dating turns Dangerous!

    When Dating turns Dangerous!: Dating might be an important part of your life, especially in teenage, but some situations should alarm you.

  • What is Online Dating?

    Online dating is a new trend in dating, which has no physical constraint.  It gives you several options to choose from, but also demands cautious attention while indulging in a romantic relationship online.

  • What is Dating?

    Know more about dating to help you nuture an ongoing relationship or make a fresh start.

  • How to Succeed in Dating

    Dating is an emotional behaviour or action, wherein one depends on subconscious mind most of the time. For succeeding in a date, what are the changes and alterations required in one’s lifestyle?

  • Dating Tips for Girls

    Although there are several ideas to make your date a wonderful date, but there are few guidelines that a girl must remember to please his partner. What are these golden rules to be remembered by girls on a date?

  • Mobile Tips on Dating


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