Contraception: Birth Control Pills & Methods- Get Information on different types of male and female contraceptive, birth control methods with their effectiveness.

  • The Benefits of Birth Control Pills Other than Contraception

    Sure it is your “magic pill” but oral contraceptives have more benefits than just providing safety against unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Here are six other reasons why you should take take the pill.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cervical Cap

    Cervical cap has numerous advantages and as many disadvantages. Despite all these positive and negative effects, it is an appealing way of contraception for women.

  • Disadvantages of using a condom

    Condoms are a reliable contraception method and just like anything else, the goods are accompanied with a few downfalls. Take a look at how using a condom could be disadvantageous.

  • Effective birth control measures you should use

    Birth control methods are used by men and women around the world in order to stay away from unwanted pregnancy, here are some top birth control measures that can keep your troubles at bay.

  • An Effective Male Birth Control Pill Closer to Reality

    According to researchers at the Monash University in Parkville, a male birth control shows promise in mice.

  • Contraception through Intrauterine devices

    A small “T-shaped” firm yet flexible plastic is inserted inside the uterus. Two kinds of IUDs are available and they are copper IUDs and hormonal IUDs.

  • Sperm Stunner to give Rise to Male Birth-Control Pill

    Reducing the ability of sperm to swim can help control birth, says study.

  • Men Can Pop a Pill for Birth Control

    Men can take part in controlling birth the woman's way.

  • Morning-after Pill that Works 5 Days

    A birth control pill that works 5 days to be sold without prescription in the UK.

  • Natural Methods of Contraception

    In natural contraception method the sperms are prevented from coming in contact with egg or the time is determined when there is no egg for the sperm to fertilise is evaluated.

  • What is Emergency Contraception?

    Emergency contraception helps women prevent unwanted pregnancy after she had unprotected sex. For maximum safety such measures must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

  • New Birth Control Pill in the Pipeline

    Minimal side effects is what the new 'pill' will offer!

  • Order contraceptives on your mobile phone

    With online sales of contraceptives seeing a surprising jump, condom manufacturers are set to introduce new goodies, including massage gels. And with 3G, you can now order that Mango-flavoured, extra ribbed version off your cell phone

  • Female Contraceptive Methods

    Female Contraception Methods: Different female contraceptives methods to prevent pregnancy are medication, diaphrgam, spermicide and other devices to be used during sexual practices.

  • Male Contraceptive Methods

    Male Contraceptive Birth Control Methods: As of now only two male contraceptive methods are there. Male contraceptive pills and injection are on trials.

  • Types of Contraceptives

    Contraceptives Birth Control: Different types of Contraceptives are oral, injectable, birth control skin patches, implant contraception and sterilization are the

  • Contraception vs Natural Family Planning

    Contraception vs Natural Family Planning - There is debate on contraception vs Natural Family Planning in which arguements backed by research seem to show that there are pros and cons in both the methods. Natural Family Planning do not cause any side-effects while contraception methods have greater succes rate, at the risk of serious side-effects.

  • Difference between Birth Control and Contraception

    The difference between contraception and birth control lies in usage. The major difference is that contraception refers to the devices used to prevent unwanted preganncies and birth control is the process by which unwanted pregnancies are controlled.

  • How to use Contraceptive Sponge

    Contraception- Contraceptive sponge is an easy to use barrier contraceptive method. It contains nonoxynol-9 that prevents sperms from entering vagina and finally prevent unwanted pregnancy.

  • How Contraceptive Pills Prevent Pregnancy

    Getting Pregnant - How Contraceptive Pills Prevent Pregnancy? Contraceptive pills prevent pregnancy by thinning the inner lining of the uterus and by suppressing ovulation in women.

  • How Effective are Birth Control Pills?

    Contraception with birth control pills? – Birth control pills can be most effective when taken according to the directions of your doctor. The chances of getting pregnant increase if you take the birth control pills but do not follow directions.

  • Birth Control Methods for Women

    Birth Control Methods for Women: Barrier methods, hormonal methods and permanent birth control method for women, all have different uses depending on the purpose of birth control.

  • Surprising Facts about Birth Control Pills

    Contraception – There are some very surprising facts about birth control pills in this article which include the fact there is a male birth control pill in the pipeline. These surprising facts about birth control are surely going to enlighten you!

  • Contraception for Women living with HIV

    By integrating family planning and training of contraceptives’ use in HIV care programmes for women living with HIV, a lot of benefits have been observed.

  • How does Hormonal Contraception Work?

    Contraception - Hormonal contraceptives prevent the natural process of fertilisation and baby growth in women by influencing the normal hormonal functions of your body.

  • Does Birth Control Pills cause Weight Gain?

    Contraception- Most women believe that birth control pills are cause weight gain. However, recent studies don’t consider birth control pills to be the main cause.

  • How Effective is the Implant Contraceptive?

    The implant contraceptive is a flexible tube inserted in under the skin in the upper arm and it releases progesterone for contraception.

  • How to use Oral Contraceptive Pills?

    Contraception- Oral contraceptive pills contain synthetic hormones to prevent pregnancy. Read on to know how to use the oral contraceptive pills.

  • How to Choose the Right Contraception?

    Contraception- These days, there are many options of birth control pills that work without compromising on the pleasure quotient. The best way to choose right contraception is by discussing with your partner.

  • Side-effects of Birth Control

    Contraception - Sterilisation, birth control shots, pills and barrier are some contraceptive methods that can have serious side effects.

  • Barrier Method for Birth Control

    Several methods of birth control method are use for preventing fertilization and interrupting the pregnancy at various stages. Female condoms, diaphragm, cervical cap, spermicides and vaginal rings are some contraceptions that is easily available in market. 

  • Emergency Contraception Pills

    Emergency contraception pills are a back-up birth control method that is used after unprotected sex or in the event of a known contraceptive failure such as condom breaking.

  • Withdrawal Method for Birth Control

    Contraception: Withdrawal method for birth control is use by many couples around the world. In the withdrawal method, the man pulls his penis out of the vagina right before ejaculation for birth control.

  • What leads to Contraception Failure?

    Contraception failure is caused by many factors but you can make yourself better prepared by knowing about them.

  • What is Spermicide?

    Spermicide is a contraceptive method, which helps one enjoy sex without any fear of an unwanted pregnancy. Before using this contraceptive method, it is important to know what spermicide really is.

  • Birth Control: How can contraception be harmful?

    Birth Control and Contraceptives: Contraceptives or birth control can be harmful for women. The harmful effect of contraception birth control depends on the hormonal structure of particular women.

  • Does the Birth Control Pill Affect Fertility?

    Contraception - Birth control pills do not affect fertility in any way. Birth control pills merely halt the process of ovulation and do not have any effect on fertility.

  • How Effective and Safe Is Spermicide?

    Spermicides are one of the effective ways of contraception. If used properly, they are very useful in preventing pregnancy, but they don’t prevent the occurrence of STD.

  • Effectiveness of Permanent Birth Control Methods

    Effectiveness of Permanent Birth Control Methods: The effectiveness of birth control methods depends on the medical condition of women and other factors.

  • How Effective and Safe is Birth Control Shot?

    How Effective and Safe is Birth Control Shot? : The effectiveness of birth control shots is good but it is not complete.

  • How Safe are Birth Control Pills

    Contraception - Birth control pills are usually safe but in some cases they can lead to health complications.

  • How Contraceptives Work

    Birth control contraceptives are available in several forms such as pills, injections, topical (on-the-skin) patches and slow-release systems.

  • What is Birth Cervical Cap?

    Birth cervical cap blocks the opening of the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It is used with spermicide as the latter restricts the entry of the sperm.

  • How Effective and Safe is Cervical Cap

    Cervical cap is a way of contraception especially designed for women. It is a quite an effective and safe method of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Birth Control Shot

    Birth control shot is an effective birth controlling method, which has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

  • What is Birth Control Shot?

    Birth control shot is an effective method to prevent pregnancy and it is taken in every three months. In birth control shot, progestin (a hormone) is inserted in the body of a woman through injection. It does not offer protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Birth Control Methods for Teenagers

    Diaphragm, cervical cap, condoms and contraceptive pills are the most common birth control methods for teenagers.

  • What are Mini Pills?

    Unlike ordinary contraceptive pills, progestin-only pills or mini pills have lower side effects. They do not contain estrogens and therefore, are suitable for breastfeeding women

  • What is Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill (COCP)?

    Contraception - Oral contraceptive pills (COCP) are the pills which contain both progestin and oestrogen hormones that prevent unwanted pregnancy.