Conceiving not only means becoming pregnant with the offspring but it involves getting mentally prepared for the physical changes, conceiving a plan for the future of the family and becoming fearless of the challenges that accompany the decision. Some women may get pregnant at the very first try while it may be a long road for others. Having made the decision, do not get disheartened if you do not become pregnant at the time you want to be; it may take while. The process of consists of three processes- ovulation, ejaculation and conception. The course involves certain dos and don’ts to ensure safe and comfortable pregnancy and a healthy child. Allow us to take you on the fantasizing trip of information about matters related to conception. Your “moves” along with our expert advice will surely lead you to the beautiful stage of pregnancy.

  • A Guide to Getting Pregnant

    Reduce stress, have folic acid, follow the timing of menstrual cycle and ensure the right position during sexual intercourse to get pregnant fast and easy.

  • Why some Women Face Problem in Conceiving the Second Time

    Couples often face tremendous problems when trying to conceive for the second time. After the first time, they are usually instilled with confidence and they like to pursue another child birth, which unfortunately does not happen.

  • Facts about pregnancy you were not aware of

     Just when can you become pregnant. NIH Researchers have shown what some women have long suspected: many women who think they can only become pregnant during this span become unexpectedly pregnant.

  • How to get pregnant with twins

    These are effective guidelines that couples can look at and try, if they are bent on raising twins.

  • Trying to conceive? Must follow these tips to get pregnant

    If you have decided to have a baby, it is important that you know all about the best time of intercourse for conception and the lifestyle you need to adopt for it and more.

  • Side-effects of in-vitro fertilisation

    In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a procedure that can have adverse side-effects on the body during and after treatment. A woman undergoing IVF should be prepared to face these side-effects.

  • What are the Odds of Getting Pregnant during Periods

    Getting pregnant during periods is possible but less likely. If a woman starts to ovulate right after her period, she can become pregnant while menstrual period is not over.

  • Is it Safe to Conceive after Breast Cancer?

    Breast cancer doesn't take your life, but can take away a lot of other important things. Becoming  a mother is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a woman, but can she conceive after surviving breast cancer? Find out.      

  • How to get Pregnant with PCOS

    To get pregnant when you are suffering from PCOS is a daunting task. You will have to consult a specialist and resort to fertility medication to boost your chances of ovulation.

  • Getting Pregnant After 30

    To increase your chances of conception, you must know when you are most fertile and understand how to time your intercourse so that conception is more likely.

  • Now Diabetics can improve Chances of Conception with Simple Lifestyle Changes

    Up until now women with diabetes had major doubts regarding their ability to conceive, but then they needn't worry any more because there are some sure shot ways to help them get through a successful conception.

  • Womb Transplants:Providing the Joy of Becoming a Mother

    Many women facing such a situation where either their uterus is absent or is diseased, want to know about the potential for womb transplantation, either for themselves or a close relative.

  • How Autoimmune Diseases Prevent You from Conceiving

    In autoimmune diseases, the immune system starts attacking the healthy cells and can therefore, end up harming sperms or your ovaries, thus preventing you from conceiving.

  • Difficulty Conceiving a Second Time

    Pregnancy spacing and limiting number of pregnancies dramatically affect the mother’s health in more than one way. Here is all about difficulties that women may face conceiving a second time.

  • Tips for Getting Pregnant Again

    You may have tried several things or have done as much as possible about all the different ways to increase your chances of conceiving but all in vain. Here's help for you to get pregnant with your second child.

  • How to Get Pregnant in Middle Age

    Getting pregnant in middle age can take a lot of time and effort for a woman, but knowing the tips mentioned can help you quicken the process.

  • What is the Best Time to Conceive

    When ovulation is only two to three days away is when the woman is the most fertile. It is advised not to engage in intercourse a few days before the ovulation period so that sperm count is high.

  • How to Conceive after Cervical Cancer

    The chances of conception after cervical cancer depend on the stage at which the cancer was diagnosed and treated. Find out more, here.

  • Things to Know about Pregnancy

    There are several things that you need to know about pregnancy because it comes with its own set of baggage and wonderful moments!

  • Causes of Unplanned Pregnancy

    Unplanned pregnancy can occur due to various factors such as non-availability of contraceptives, failure of contraceptives and many others.

  • Foods that Can Help You Get Pregnant

    Foods that enhance fertility in women trigger the production of reproductive hormones in the body and increase the chances of conception.

  • Planning a Baby: Advice & Tips

    Are you planning to have a baby? A preconception visit to doctor and certain healthy habits in your life style can go a long way healthy pregnancy and baby.

  • Things to know before Getting Pregnant

    Many women are not informed enough about maintaining their health to help in conception. It is also important for keeping up the health throughout the pregnancy.

  • How to Conceive Quickly

    It is of utmost importance that you have a combination of regular exercise regime and a balanced diet in order to get pregnant. Most importantly try to conceive at the opportune moment.

  • Getting Pregnant After Surgical Abortion

    Getting pregnant after surgical abortion is not difficult as long as you do it keeping in mind factors such as resting enough, having sex often, timing sex in accordance with ovulation, etc.

  • Best Vitamins When Unable to Get Pregnant

    Getting pregnant is probably all that you have been wanting for. Here are a few vitamins that you must consume when trying to get pregnant.

  • Information on IVF Success Rates

    In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an effective way to treat infertility problems. The tubal surgery has helped many couples to solve their problem of infertility caused by many known and unknown reasons.

  • Understanding Test Tube Babies

    Test tube babies are conceived after the egg is fertilized with a sperm in the laboratory under artificial conditions. Learn all about them.

  • Which are the Most Fertile Days to get Pregnant

    Trying to figure out the most fertile days to get pregnant? Find out whether you are already in your fertile days for conception or not.

  • Process of Conception to Birth

    From conception to birth, myriad changes take place in a baby’s transformation from being an ovum fused with a sperm to being a full-term baby. Learn more about these myriad changes.

  • Things to do Before you Get Pregnant

    If you plan to conceive, you must have scheduled a preconception visit, stacked folic acid supplements to take during pregnancy and gradually stop smoking, drinking and taking drugs.

  • Family Planning: How to get Pregnant

    Know the basics of getting pregnant and ease the difficulties of starting a family. How to adopt a healthy lifestyle and when to get professional help.

  • Family Planning: Ideal ways of planning a baby

    With the help of family planning or birth control, couples can fulfill their desire of having a specific number of children and can space and time their births. Advice on spacing the children.

  • Best Time to Get Pregnant

    While it may be easy for most women to get pregnant easily, it takes effort for others and the key to help the lattter  get pregnant quickly is by knowing the best time to get pregnant.

  • How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant?

    Pregnancy is one of the most momentous times in a woman's life. The time that it takes for a woman to get pregnant should preferably be 1-4 days before ovulation.

  • How to Monitor Ovulation to get Pregnant

    Monitoring your ovulation to get pregnant: If you are having problems in getting pregnant, it would be a good idea to monitor your ovulation. There are various types of ovulation tests available in the market nowadays.

  • What is IVF Technology?

    IVF Technology - In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive technology in which the egg is fertilized with a sperm in the laboratory under artificial conditions and the zygote is placed into the uterus of the mother.

  • How age affects fertility of Women

    Getting Pregnant - How age affects fertility of Women? Find out how age affects fertility. Both women and men’s fertility potential declines with age.

  • Information on Oocyte Banking

    Getting Pregnant - Oocyte banking is a rapidly advancing, breakthrough technology. In this technology a woman's eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and stored in oocyte bank.

  • Reasons for Having Trouble getting Pregnant

    If you have trouble getting pregnant, it is most likely due to some lifestyle related issue. Be prepared to make some changes in your life in order to get pregnant.

  • Chances of Getting Pregnant After Birth Control Pills

    Getting Pregnant After Birth Control Pills - Know all about the kind of changes your body goes through when you are on contraceptions to prevent pregnancy and how you can have a baby still.

  • Effects of Stress on Getting Pregnant

    Effects of stress on Getting Pregnant - Stress has a negative impact on your chances of getting pregnant as it upsets your normal menstrual cycle. Sudden stress affects your fertility more than constant stress.

  • Gum Disease delays Pregnancy

    Gum Disease delays Pregnancy – A recent research is of the opinion that gum disease increases the amount of time a woman takes to conceive. Therefore, experts suggest that oral care that includes brushing your teeth regularly might just help you in conceiving faster.

  • Getting Pregnant in your 20s

    Getting pregnant in your 20s: women have a greater chance of getting pregnant in their 20s as it is at this age that they have larger number of eggs in their ovaries.

  • How to Get Pregnant Fast with Clomid

    How to get pregnant fast with clomid: You can get pregnant fast with clomid by following some tips that improve your chances for conceiving soon. Consult your doctor to know about customising the dosage of clomid and other factors about your health.

  • How to Prepare For Getting Pregnant

    How to Prepare For Getting Pregnant: Plan ahead of time the changes you need to make to get pregnant quickly and have a safe pregnancy.

  • All About Conceiving

    Pregnancy remains one of the best experiences of a woman’s life, but it is also a roller-coaster ride for which you need to prepare your body in advance.

  • Important Facts about Fertility

    Did you know that the best time to get pregnant is 2-4 days before ovulation? Here are some important facts one must know about fertility to be pregnant.

  • Understand Ovulation Process

    Ovulation Process - Ovulation takes place when a matured egg is released from the ovary, moves to the fallopian tube and is ready for fertilization. Know more about your fertility by understanding ovulation.

  • How to Get Your Body Ready to Get Pregnant?

    How to Get Your Body Ready to Get Pregnant? The best way to get ready for pregnancy is by taking care of your health and making some healthy alterations in your lifestyle.

  • Tips to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

    Tips to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant - Fertility issues limit one's chances of easy conception. Follow some simple tips to increase your fertility.

  • How to get Pregnant after Miscarriage

    How to get Pregnant - For pregnancy after miscarriage it is important to prepare yourself at both the emotional and physical front.

  • How to prepare your body for Pregnancy after 40

    How to prepare your body for Pregnancy after 40? Even though pregnancy after 40 is quite risky but with extra care and precautions, it is possible to ensure a fruitful experience.

  • How to Get Pregnant If You are Overweight

    Getting pregnant becomes difficult if a woman is overweight. Extra weight decreases fertility in some women and can lead to complicated pregnancy in others.

  • Chances of Getting Pregnant on Birth Control

    The chances of getting pregnanct on birth control pills or other methods is not entirely nonexistent.. Effectiveness of each birth control technique depends on its success rate.

  • Reasons to Take Your Childbirth Class Early

    A childbirth class is one of the ways to prepare for labour and childbirth. Here are several other aspects that expecting parents can learn from a childbirth class.

  • How to Increase Chances of Conceiving Twins

    How to Increase Chances of Conceiving Twins : What are your chances of conceiving twins? Can you happen to have any role in inreasing your chances? Learn more on this here!

  • How to Get Pregnant after Birth Control Pill

    How to Get Pregnant after the Pill— If you want to conceive after discontinuing oral contraceptives, ensure that your periods have normalised and you’re healthy to conceive.

  • How to Identify the Best Time to get Pregnant

    How to Identify the Best Time to get Pregnant— Here are some tips that can help you to know your fertile-window, which is the best time to conceive.

  • How to Get Pregnant if You Are Fat

    If you are willing to conceive, but pulled back by obesity or being overweight, here are a few tips to help you conceive sucessfully.

  • Surrogacy: A growing Trend in India

    Surrogacy a growing trend in India: Read interesting article on surrogacy and find answer of queries like is surrogacy benefitting or harming women and more.

  • Understanding Pregnancy & Conception Process

    Understanding Pregnancy & Conception Process: In order to understand pregnancy and conception process, you need to know the initiation of ovulation and the process of fertilisation.

  • Guide for a Christmas Baby Shower

    Know how you can have a great Christmas baby shower by incorporating the elements of both the special occasions.

  • IVF Procedure - Step by Step

    IVF Procedure - IVF treatment involves several steps over several weeks. Step-by-step description of this fertility process will answer all your questions regarding it.

  • Best Age to have a Baby

    Best age to have a baby can differ from one woman to another. Health and financial security are the two main factors that must be considered before deciding to have a baby.

  • How to Choose an OBGYN (Obstetrician Gynaecologist)

    How to Choose an OBGYN? Know how you should go about researching for choosing the right obstetrician and gynaecologist.

  • Reasons you should be happy you’re Pregnant

    Getting Pregnant - Many women tend to look at pregnancy as a burden with a lot of responsibility. They should look at it as time to be happy and enjoy the experience!

  • Risks of Pregnancy at 40

    Pregnancy at 40 - 40 year old pregnant women are at risk of much more complications than younger women. The advances in medical technology make it possible to have a baby at and advanced age but not without health risks.

  • Benefits of Pregnancy after 40

    Pregnancy after 40 - The greatest benefit of having baby after 40 is that by now you must have been stable in your life. The relationship with partner becomes stronger and the person also becomes financially stable.

  • Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

    Getting Pregnant - When a baby's on the way, moms-to-be are often overwhelmed by advice and warnings from family, friends and even strangers. But perhaps the most important advice is to stay as healthy as possible before and during your pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Facts - Before and After Conception

    Facts about Pregnancy - There are some important facts which you must know about pregnancy. These will help you get pregnant and go through the 40-odd months comfortably.