Cheating: Know about cheating signs, tips, myths & facts. Here are great information on various aspects and effects of cheating and unfaithfulness in relationships

  • Major effects of extra-marital affairs

    An extramarital affair may give some joy to the partner involved but eventually it will only cause pain.

  • Tips for Re-bonding after Infidelity

    Here are some tips to deal with that condition in which you have experienced being cheated by your spouse who had an affair outside the marriage or a committed relationship.

  • Reasons why women stay with men who cheat

    Bizarrely enough, men who cheat often have wives who let the matter slide and forgive them. Is it because women are ideally more forgiving than men? Or there are other psychological implications at play between couples.

  • Cheating Myths: Do Men Really Cheat More?

    It is a common belief that men cheat more than women. But is it really true? Apparently not! Find here some popular myths about cheating, debunked.  

  • Causes of infidelity

    Infidelity is mostly seen during an individual’s middle age though it might not be necessary always. A need to add zing in one’s life can lead to infidelity in a relationship.

  • How to Deal With a Cheating Boyfriend

    Dealing with a cheating boyfriend is definitely not easy, especially when you have decided to give your relationship a second chance. Learn some ways to deal with a cheating boyfriend.

  • What causes Married Women to Cheat?

    What causes Married Women to Cheat? There are many reasons that make a married woman cheat. One of the primal reasons that causes married women to cheat is the lack of intimacy in her marriage.

  • How to Catch Cheating Husband or Wife

    How to Catch Cheating Husband or Wife? Catching a cheating husband or wife can be an emotionally wrecking experience for some. We present ways that will surely help in catching a cheating husband or wife.

  • Types of infidelity and how to cope with it?

    The understanding of infidelity is quite blurred as some may not consider “emotional infidelity” as a breach of trust but it actually is. Physical intimacy or sexual relations outside an intimate relationship consists of distrust and betrayal.

  • What is Internet Infidelity?

    Soon internet becomes an alluring medium for all of them! Chat rooms being the fastest mounting cause of relationships breakdown leading to virtual infidelity in recent times.

  • The Dreadful Consequences of being an Infidel

    If you are suspecting your partner to be cheating on you or are cheating your partner, here is what you will be thrown into or are saving up for your partner.

  • Causes of Infidelity in Relationship

    Infidelity or even the slightest threat of it has fragmented relationships for generations.Learn the Causes of Infidelity in Relationship.

  • Dealing with Suspected Infidelity

    To free yoursel from the doubts of suspected infidelity by your partner, figure the potential causes and signs. Be prepared to deal with the worst.

  • How to Heal After Infidelity

    Getting over infidelity is tough and it takes time to heal. There are a few things that a person can do to heal himself after infidelity.

  • Why People Cheat on their Partners?

    Infidelity - Know the reasons behind people’s inclination to cheat on their significant other.

  • How to Trust a Spouse after Infidelity

    Trusting your spouse after catching him or her engage in infidelity is difficult, but sticking to it and denying a second chance to your marriage is also a mistake. Here are ways to trust a spouse after infidelity.

  • How to Survive Infidelity

    How to Survive Infidelity - If you want to give another chance to your relationship after your partner’s infidelity, you need to learn the ways to cope with it. Learn how to survive infidelity, here.

  • How to Prevent Infidelity

    Infidelity has become a common cause of break up in romantic relationships and marriage. Here are ways you can prevent infidelity.

  • How to Deal With Thoughts of Infidelity

    To learn to deal with the thoughts of infidelity, figure out what is missing in your relationship instead of searching for another partner.

  • Dealing with Financial Infidelity

    Dealing with Financial Infidelity: Financial infidelity is not as serious as your partner having an affair but you need to rebuild trust all over again to deal with it.

  • What Is Infidelity?

    Infidelity is breach of trust, it involves physical or emotional intimacy with somebody other than your partner. 

  • Causes of infidelity in relation