C Section

This process is where the baby is taken out through the mother’s abdomen, and is usually done when an unusual problem occurs and the mother is not able to deliver the natural way. There could be many reasons for this problem and the surgery is relatively safe for the mother and her baby. However such a surgery could always involve many risks and we have attempted to address all such issues that could stand as a threatening factor during such a surgery. Also find out why and under what circumstances do you require a c-section.

  • How to care for post caesarean wound infection

    Caesarean sections are not harmful however sometime women develop infection inside the caesarean wound due to bacterial growth. Learn how you can reduce the risk and manage post cesarean wound infection.

  • Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Caesarean Section

    Considering the risks and benefits of caesarean section is the first crucial step before giving consent to the doctor. Caesarean section is usually a hassle-free and safe medical procedure.

  • What are the Risks Associated with a Caesarian Section?

    The most common problems following cesarean delivery are heavy bleeding, endometritis, bladder injury, and blood clots in the large veins of the legs, pelvis or lungs.

  • Caesarian Section: When to Seek Medical Care

    Childbirth (Delivery) - Seek medical advice for Cesarean Section if you have fever, chest pain, yellowish green or bloody discharge from your wound.