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  • Body-Building Supplements: How They Work & How They Don't

    Muscle building supplements sure work to enhance muscles, but they can be detrimental to one's health. Learn the different pros and cons of using body-building supplements.

  • Most Trusted Bodybuilding Tips

    Bodybuilding is a daunting task as it requires a lot of mental and physical strenght. Know the most trusted bodybuilding tips to help get to your objective or stay on course with it.

  • Six-pack in 6 Weeks: Myth vs Reality

    Six-pack abs in 6 weeks is gettable with a proper balance between diet and exercise. Go slow and don't speed up the process.

  • 4 Strength Training Myths Debunked

    Every fitness enthusiast has heard that ‘lifting weights stunts growth’ or ‘eating before lifting is wrong’, at some point. Well, all we have to say to all you fitness buds out there is to stop believing these myths.

  • Trying to build muscles? Here are 6 foods that you need to include in your diet!

    Foods and supplements as important as exercises when you are into bodybuilding. Right bodybuilding diet essentials help strike the right balance between bodybuilding diet and training.

  • Know How to Breathe While Lifting Weights

    A right breathing technique when lifting gives you a higher degree of control and alertness during your exercise besides preventing injuries. Here is what you need to know to ensure you are breathing correctly.

  • Best Bodybuilding Exercises for Beginners

    While beginners may find it hard to discover the appropriate exercises to work out, it is advised not to go over-the-board with existing exercises to avoid any injury scare.

  • Are You Using the Right Weight for Every Exercise?

    It is quite difficult to figure out how much weight to lift when you are just getting started with lifting. Besides the exercises and muscle groups you target, you must also know how much weight to lift.

  • Bodybuilding for Beginners: How to Get started

    The path to bodybuilding can be a smooth road if driven carefully. All you need is the perfect training program, a diet plan and a strong resolve.

  • Practice These 9 Simple yet Effective Warm-up Exercises Before Lifting Heavy Weight

    Without a suitable workout, your muscles are inflexible, and if you lift heavy weights with them, you stand the risk of injuries like sprains and strains. Here is a great warmup which can help to unlock your full potential before every workout.

  • Women bodybuilding: A starter's guide

    The process of building muscle for women isn’t as quick or significant as men, but they can attain enormous muscular developments successfully with frequent high-volume weight training. Find out how to start bodybuilding for women.

  • Ways lifting weights will change your life

    One each of a heavy-duty dumbbell resting in both hands can give you an edge over belly fat and the social stigma of an out-of-frame body. More importantly, it can change your life. Forever.

  • What and when you should eat to build muscle

    What to eat and when to eat plays a significant role in the building of lean muscles. Combining your diet with the right amount of strength training workout, will get you into the desired body shape.

  • Pros and cons of bodybuilding supplements

    With so many people giving a shot at body-building, it has almost become a way of life and supplements have been oggled at as positive add ons to a pumped up bod.

  • Speed up muscle recovery with these tips

    Working out alone does not let you build mucles and get in shape, there are other factors too. Muscle recovery is one of the most important things required for muscle building.

  • Know how fasting can help you build muscles

    Fasting can help to build your muscles as it does not reduce your muscle mass while brings about a lot of health benefits.

  • Be strong by doing heavy lifts

    Heavy lifting is not just a matter of strength. Grip is one of the aspects you must master to have more wrist control which will then allow you to focus more muscle fibres, thus making you stronger.

  • What is the cause of lifter's shoulders and what is the cure?

    If you do heavy lifting on a daily basis, it is likely for your shoulders to give you some trouble. Lifter's shoulders is a common complaint among bodybuilders and weightlifters.

  • Routine that can help you build muscles fast

    If hectic body building for reaping big muscles are not paying off well, then try to take a look here. We have the essentials of a bigger and muscular you.

  • 4 super-effective ways to build muscles naturally

    If you want to build muscles in a short span of time, you need to have a workout plan. Here's a guide on how to build muscle fast.

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