Blind Date

Blind Date: Useful guide to surviving a blind date. Here are some tips and ideas for a blind dating and more.

  • Dealing with Love Addiction

    Going crazy to handle your love addict friend/brother/sister? Here are the tips to deal with their love addiction and to settle them in their relationships.

  • Who is a Blind Date?

    A blind date is essentially someone you have never met before. This blind date of yours can be a complete stranger or someone your parents or friends have found for you.

  • How to Deal with an Ex at Work

    You can deal with your ex at work with a show of confidence in yourself. Deal with your ex by ignoring her/him personally and by not displaying any malice or emotion at your place of work.

  • How to Act On a Blind Date

     People are often confused on how to act on blind date. The anxiety stems out from the fact that you are going to meet a complete stranger.

  • How to Approach a Blind Date

    A successful blind date requires positive and realistic approach from both the partners. Here are some of the ideas on how to approach a blind date.

  • Do Blind Dates Really Work?

    Going on a blind date and wondering whether it will wor or notk. If yes, then there is no reason to worry as you are not alone. For some people blind dates turn out to long lasting relationship while for others it simply adds to their experiences!!

  • Are his friends a Threat to your Relationship?

    Relationship Help - If you find your man to be giving more attention to his group of female friends than you, it might be time to get a reality check on your relationship. Be proactive and communicate with your partner without being possessive.

  • Five Ways to apologise in a Relationship

    Relationship Help- Sometimes a simple apology can strengthen your relationship and help you to reconnect with the other person.

  • Do Men and Women cheat for different Reasons?

    Relationship Help  - Men and women do cheat for different reasons as their need for sex and socio-economic interactions are not the same.

  • Effects of Alcohol on a Relationship

    Relationship Help- Alcohol dependence have negative effects on a large number of things such as personal relationships, work and money.

  • 5 Things Guys Notice about You

    Relationship Help- Are you wondering about what your guy notice about you? Physical appearances do leave first impression but that is not all that guys look for.

  • Marriage or Divorce- Which will make you Fatter?

    Relationship Help - Research on the impact of marriage or divorce on people’s weight shows that while men tend to gain weight after divorce but women after a marriage.

  • Things you do at Facebook that your Man Dislikes

    Relationship Help - Know what to avoid doing in your Facebook profile to avoid irritating  your guy friends.

  • Signs she will make a Bad wife

    Relationship Help- Don’t expect your women to change after marriage. Instead marry someone who perfectly fits to your expectations.

  • Get What You Want from Any Man

    Relationship Help - At times men seems to be so complicated and difficult. But getting what you want from your man is still easy. Wondering how? This article gives you some easy tips.

  • 10 Signs of a Bad Relationship

    Relationship Help - Know about the ten signs of a bad relationship. You should be aware when your relationship needs a rethink.

  • How to Solve Marital Conflict

    How to Solve Marital Conflicts: Here are various Helpful Tips by which you can attempt to solve marital conflicts…

  • Tips to Solve your Marriage Trouble

    Relationship Help - Communicate effectively, be receptive of your partner's views, rekindle the romance and you may well find your marriage troubles vanishing.

  • How to Get Over Your Ex

    Relationship Help - You need to shun obsessive thinking, give yourself time and plan distractions to get over your ex.

  • The Secret to Surviving Divorce

    Relationship Help- Self-compassion, forgiveness, avoiding legal battles are some ways in which you can get your life back after enduring a divorce.

  • Healthy Love Gestures for you

    Relationship Help - Surprises, fondling, cuddling, kissing, holding hands and listening are some healthy love gestures for your relationship.

  • Dealing with an expensive girlfriend

    A girlfriend is a complicated person to begin with... the mood swings, the date fetishes and the ‘clean’ obsession! And if she has expensive tastes, chances are you're going to each the end of your tether. Help is here!

  • Social Rejection Pain Similar to Physical Pain

    Social rejection and physical pain hurt the same way.

  • 10 Things Men should never Ask Women

    10 things men should never ask women - Here is a list of things that you should never ask women. This checklist will surely help men communication better with the woman of their dreams!

  • How to Reduce Stress in a Relationship

    Reduce stress in a relationship - We present to you some guidelines on how to reduce stress in a relationship.

  • Relationship Help for Married Couples

    Relationship help for married couples - There are many problems between married couples nad that is where relationship help has an important role to play. Relationship help for married couples aims to eliminate the problem from its root.

  • Difference between Dating and Relationship

    Difference between Dating and Relationship – Dating is the start of a relationship and quite often people use the term dating to imply being in a relationship. This is not correct. Read more to know about the difference between dating and relationship.

  • 10 Tips to Start a New Relationship

    10 Tips to Start a New Relationship – With the tips to start a new relationship, you will learn how to save yourself from the ill effects of extremes of emotion that is normal whenever you end a relationship.

  • Tips to Build a Strong Dad Daughter Relationship

    Tips to Build a Strong Dad Daughter Relationship - Building a strong dad daughter relationship is important for the healthy upbringing of daughter. It is always wise to start early to strenthen the roots of your bonding.

  • How to Deal with Depression in a Relationship

    Depression in a Relationship : You should have coeans of patience to deal with depression in a relationship. Helping your partner to come out of depressive state makes you feel relaxed.

  • Ways to Keep a Relationship Interesting

    Ways to keep a relationship more interesting – It is important for couples to device ways in which they can keep their relationship interesting. Read on to discover ways to keep a relationship interesting.

  • 10 Tips for Blind Date

    Tips for Blind date - If you find going on a blind date wearisome, know all about setting up one with due preparation and care for safety. You should go prepared for making an impression on a blind date but also to go away without hurting the feelings of your date.

  • How to Be Safe on a Blind Date

    Dating Tips - Safety is the prime concern of people who are going on blind dates. Here are some of the ways of being safe during your blind date.

  • Ways to Enjoy a Blind Date

    Dating Tips - Looking for ways to enjoy a blind date? Here are some tips that will surely help you enjoy your date.

  • How to Fix a Trust Issue in a Relationship

    How to fix a trust issue in a relationship- Fixing trust issue in a relationship is a difficult task but if the issue is handled with little maturity and patience then you can bring back the lost trust. This article includes some of the ways of dealing with trust issues in a relationship.

  • Healthy Social Relationships key to Long Life

    Healthy social relationships key to long life - The key to long life is in healthy social relationships. This is what a new research claims. Conducted in Israel, this research says that people who enjoy a healthy social relationship at work live longer.

  • Facts on Blind Dating

    It is a fact that blind dates often turn out into a long-term relationship. But for starters, it should be a great experience for two people getting together to enjoy their time without the hang-ups of long-term commitment.

  • How to Deal with Age difference in Relationships

    How to deal with Age difference in Relationships – Age differences in relationships can be sorted out with commitment, forbearance and patience. If you really want to be with your loved one, age will not matter.

  • 10 Things to Ask Before Marriage

    Relationship Help- Certain questions must be asked to fiancé before getting married. This will help you to lay strong foundation for your married relationship.

  • How Bad Breath ends your Relationship

    Relationship Help- Bad breathe can often create rift or end your relationship. People suffering with bad breath must indulge in self-introspection and find out the root cause of problem.

  • How to Prepare for a Blind Date

    Preapring for a blind date is necessary because you are going to meet a stranger. Prepare yourself for the blind date by readying yourself to face rejection, to reject the person or even to foot the bill if need be!

  • Emotional Insecurity in a Relationship

    Relationship Help - Emotional insecurity in a relationship can have a negative effect on both the partners. In order to keep probelms related to emotional insecurity in a relationship at bay, one needs to trust her/his partner and also get rid of any problems.

  • What Women Want in a Relationship

    What Women Want in a Relationship : Men who are ready to take pains for sustaining a relationship are worthy of women's emotional expectations. A woman expects her man to go the long haul with her and not be content with just a dash of romance.

  • Top Ten Reasons why Men Cheat

    Relationship Help- Men cheat because of certain personality traits. It can be because of impulses, ego, passionate behaviour or problem in the present relationship.

  • How to Handle an Open Relationship

    Relationship Help - An open relationship can be in a turmoil due to issues such as level of commitment, love and emotional fulfillment. Read on to know more about ways to deal with it.

  • How to Start an Open Relationship

    Relationship Help- Open relationship is still a debatable issue in society. However, for some people it is the excellent way to expand their horizons.

  • How to Get Rid of Boring Blind Dates

    Blind dates turn out to be boring if your date is shy or a completely different person. Almost all the people have some or the other story of strange blind dates.

  • How to Solve Marital Problems

    Relationship Help - It is often better to try to resolve marital problems rather than getting a divorce as it brings instability and can lower self confidence.

  • Why do Women Lie in Relationships?

    Relationship Help- Wondering why women lie in a relationship? Some believe that women lie to avoid unnecessary fights while according to other women lie only if they don't have trustworthy partner.

  • Top 10 Muscles that Women Love

    Top 10 muscles that women Love - Most men sweat out in gym to get body that women crave for. If you are planning to do the same, read on and know muscles that women love.

  • Romantic Ideas for Married Couples

    Relationship Help - Get some ideas to bring new spark into your married life. The romantic ideas given in this article will help couples relive their passion all over again.

  • Common Problems before Marriage

    Relationship Help- Getting married is an important decision. Common problems before marriage would affect your future goals therefore it is best to solve them beforehand.

  • Secrets of Falling in Love

    Relationship Help - Political views, genetics, geographical location, chivalry are some factors which influence the choice of our life partner.

  • 5 Signs Your Man is Using You

    This article gives you five warning signs to know that your man is using you.

  • Spot a Man who won’t Commit

    Relationship Help - If you can identify the signs of a guy who is not likely to commit, it would be easier for you to keep your distance from him.

  • His Habits Define Him

    Relationship Help - Know what the irritating bad habits of your man indicate about his personality and what you should expect from him.

  • Signs they are still into their Ex

    Relationship Help- This article brings to you some indicative signs that will help you to know whether your partner is still into his/her ex.

  • Did You Marry the Wrong Guy?

    Relationship Help - Know the types of men that are likely to make you regret your decision of marrying. If their behaviour becomes extreme, you might have to reconsider your decision of marriage.

  • Why Conflict Resolution is Easy for Some Couples

    Relationship Help- Some couples can easily deal with the relationship conflicts while the others may take time to resolve the problem.

  • Types of Men we can do without

    Relationship Help - If you want to know the kind of men you do not need to get intimate with, some pointers given here can help.

  • How your Family is Good for your Health

    How your Family is Good for your Health? Learn about happy families play together and this makes them healthy, caring dad makes you do better at school, eating together, being together will heal you quicker etc.

  • Guide to Ruin your Relationship

    Relationship Help - If your relationship is in a rut, chances are that you have been following some of the tips given here on how to ruin a relationship.

  • Signs that He is Ready for Marriage

    Relationship Help - Acting like a husband, behaviour in the weddings and signs of maturity are some indicators that your man ready is for marriage.

  • Dealing With Your Ex on Special Occasions

    Relationship Help - Keep your composure after you ex has left. It is especially troubling for a year after which life will go on.

  • How to handle Abusive Relationships or Coping with Abusive relationships

  • Divorce Advice and Help

    It is important that you communicate with your partner and avoid day-to-day fights with your partner. This not only offers emotional reassurance but also enough hint to the spouse that everything can be sorted out.

  • Is Social Media Spoiling Your Relationship?

    Is your relationship going off the bumpy road because of social networking? Worrying won’t help. Try these rules to keep it relationship safe.

  • How to Cope with Anxiety about your Relationship

    Anxiety could be a massive boulder in a relationship, in order to remove this boulder you will have to consider some tips, and with God's grace your relationship will shine.

  • Tips on Dealing with Rejection in Love

    Rejection is love is not an easy deal, but you can turn things around and make it better for yourself. Take a look at a few tips that will help you to deal with a rejection.

  • How to reduce fear of Uncertainty in Relationship

    Relationships can be bumpy when there is a cloud of smoke above your head, and to get past such uncertainties we have brought to you some tips.

  • Ways to be a better Boyfriend

    Being a better boyfriend can be a Herculean task if you are not very sincere about it, but we have devised some ways for you to become a better boyfriend.

  • How to Rescue a Relationship

    A relationship is hard to maintain, but if you can try then there are many ways in which you can do it. Here are some ways in which you can rescue your relationship.

  • 5 Ways to Ruin your Marriage

    Marriage is a holy bond, but when it goes astray you cannot help but want to get out of it. Here are five steps in which you can get out of your marriage.

  • Secret Laws of Attraction in Love

    The idea of love is different for each person, and attraction stands in the middle of this entire game. What are the rules of attraction in love?

  • Why do Men Have Affairs

    Affairs can be disastrous, as it wrecks lives and causes heart breaks, tet us take a look at why men go astray and have affairs.

  • How to Bring Love into a Relationship

    Being in a relationship doesn't necessarily mean that you are in love. Letting love into your relationship will need you to work towards it.

  • When Falling for a Friend

    An intense friendship with your friend from the opposite sex has now resulted in something else. Love is brewing inside you, love for your friend, find out more on this here.

  • Blind Date Advice for Men

    Men should ensure that their blind date suggestion is from someone who knows their tastes. Nonetheless they should always be prepared to find someone who does not fulfil their expectations. Here is few blind date tips for men.

  • Tips to Plan a Blind Date

    Tips to Plan a Blind Date: Planning for a blind date is of much importance as you meet a complete stranger. Blind date has only two outcomes, one being beginning a new relationship whereas the other of facing a disappointment.

  • How to Ruin a Blind Date

    Ruin a Blind Date: One wishes to ruin or ruins a date when things don’t go the desired way. Another reason of ruining a date could be avoiding commitment.

  • Blind Dating Facts

    Blind Dating Facts: Blind dates could be more exciting than conventional dating practice. Spice up the activity a bit more by knowing more about blind dating facts.

  • Making a Good Impression on a Blind Date

     To make a good impression on a blind date, ensure that you have characteristics of an ideal dating partner.

  • Things to Remember for Blind Date

    Blind dates are surprise package, they can give you long lasting relationship and even an awful memory. Here are some of the things to remember on a blind date to make it a pleasant memory.