Anti Aging

With years of exposure to external environmental forces, the skin begins to fall pixel by pixel into bags of weak muscles. While you may not entirely be able to keep your skin’s youthful yore for a lifetime, there are ways in which you can prevent premature ageing or delay ageing by a few years. Get educated on the process of ageing and how to fight it.

  • Anti-ageing Products that Work

    Should you be able to work the benefits of anti-ageing products, you must know the type of product that will work for you.

  • Anti-ageing Tips for Women

    Lifelong responsibility of multi-tasking leaves women with less time for themselves making them age early. Delay the ageing process with these age-defying remedies.  

  • What is Red Light Anti-Ageing Therapy?

    With LED applications being found in a wide range of home appliances, seldom did we think of its usefulness in treating a host of ageing issues.

  • Smile to Fight Signs of Ageing

    We are ready to splurge on age defying cosmetics, Botox implants etc, but, we tend to neglect the easiest route to sparkling youth: a simple smile.

  • Anti-ageing Make-up for Women

    If your skin is lacking glow due to ageing, add life to it by using concealing make-up. Find quickies to give your flaws a fix.

  • Lifestyle changes that counter ageing

    Some lifestyle changes can help you find the moves with the biggest beauty payoff. These should be at the top of your list.

  • Unhealthy habits that make you age faster

    Slow down the process of ageing by avoiding a few unhealthy habits you have been practicing without self-notice; learn exactly which ones.

  • Cosmetic acupuncture is the new rage for anti-ageing

    Anti-ageing cosmetic acupuncture is an effective and safest alternative therapy for anti-ageing treatment.

  • These foods will be your ultimate solution to ageing woes

    We have always wished the scientists came up with something concrete to resolve the issue of ageing by the time we are 40 and we have found it!

  • How should men over 50 deal with ageing

    Ageing brings about a spurt of problems related to physical and mental health. If you are 50 or above and a male, you need this piece of enlightenment.

  • Know how to look 5 years younger with pomegranate peel masks

    Love pomegranate? Well you will love it even more after knowing that it can help you look younger. Read more to know how.

  • Interesting ways to reduce wrinkles

    Wrinkles can destroy your looks, the once shine and glow can disappear in no time. But there are some ways in which you can definitely save your skin.

  • Why you age faster on some places more than others

    Strange as it may sound, but different parts of the body age at different speeds. Central part of the face, cheeks and lips are the first to reveal ageing while the rest of the body takes its own sweet time.

  • 5 Best homemade anti aging facial masks

    Homemade anti-ageing facial masks are the natural way of getting rid of signs of aging. Pull out those sunken, saggy cheeks and contour fine lines with natural products.

  • Health risks of using anti-ageing products

    Anti-ageing products sell like hotcakes. But the fact is that they may do more harm than good. According to health experts, anti-ageing creams used by millions of women worldwide could increase their risk of cancer.

  • Top 5 anti-ageing vitamins

    For healthy skin and preventing premature ageing, include a lot of vitamin foods in your diet. Make sure you are getting enough of the anti-ageing vitamins to stay young and look beautiful.

  • Amazing anti-ageing benefits of green tea

    Green tea is your skin's super food for it helps reduce age spots, clarifies the skin, lowers LDL cholesterol, protects against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and more.

  • Anti-Wrinkle Creams to Remove Wrinkles from your Face

    Anti-wrinkle creams are considered to be safest and cheapest way to remove wrinkles, choose the right product and  ensure that your cream contains certain harmless ingredients.

  • How to Prevent Saggy Skin

    Saggy skin is one of the prominent signs of aging. Learn how you can avoid it and carry your youthful skin for several more years.

  • Top 5 Anti-ageing Products for Men

    An anti-ageing product can defy all your fears of aging from blemshies to saggy skin. Discover the 5 best anti-ageing products for men, but consult your doctor before buying them.

  • Which Parts of Our Body Age the Fastest

    Experts say that people start ageing in their 20s. Some parts of our bodies age the fastest when compared with the rest. Let us find out which ones exactly.

  • Right Age for Using Anti-ageing Products

    Since the process of ageing is different in different people, there is no specific age in which one should start using anti-ageing products.

  • How to Choose Anti-wrinkle Cream?

    An anti-wrinkle cream should be chosen after looking at some vital indicators. Learn about the best and worst of ingredients in an anti-wrinkle cream.

  • Botox for Wrinkle Treatment

    Botox is a non-surgical, doctor administered injection treatment to temporarily reduce moderate to severe expression lines on face.

  • Healthful Anti-ageing Diet

    What we eat makes up what we are on the outside. If you are looking forward to fight ageing, you must take shelter in the right refuge, which is food.

  • Easy Tips for Better Ageing

    Ageing is always wrongly assumed to be a only about loneliness and ugly skin, but such is not so. Learn tricks to love the wrinkly phase of life.

  • Anti-ageing Dietary Supplements

    Dietary supplements are great add-ons to natural food nutrients that we consume every day. Discover 5 wonder tabs that will delay ageing.

  • How to Look 30 at the Age of 60

    You are as old as you think. Ring your ageing woes to a permanent stop by following quick-to-follow lifestyle changes and laugh your heart out.  

  • How to Use Lemons to Remove Age Spots

    Lemon juice contains vitamin C that functions as an antioxidant and allows formation of collagen and it can do wonders for your skin.

  • Expert Tips on Anti-ageing Products

    Anti-ageing products are a rage in the beauty industry and with so many competitors, the question is which one to use and when.

  • Dracula Therapy to help you Fight Ageing

    Imagine if you could use your own blood to revive your youthful skin? That is exactly what Dracula therapy. Learn all about it and how it works.

  • Anti-ageing tricks to tighten Saggy Skin

    With age, skin loses its elasticity and becomes less rigid. Blow the ageing trumpet into the sky with these quick-to-follow remedies that work.

  • Side-effects of Anti-ageing Creams

    Ageing is one of those dreadful things we wish never existed. But, with anti-ageing creams stocking the market, it is a different story.

  • Anti-ageing Tips to Prevent Wrinkles

    To have wrinkles is to be calling on oneself sly social embarrasment, especially when we are standing in a pool of youngsters. Learn the tips and tricks to a no-wrinkle skin.

  • Non-surgical Anti-ageing Treatments

    Chemical Peels, botox and fatty injections are some anti-ageing treatments that you may undergo to retain your skin'a natural elasticity.

  • The Process of Ageing

    We only know ageing by the terms "wrinkles" and "age spots", but it is much more than that and involves tiny skin cells and DNA.

  • Preventive Tips for Ageing Woes

    If you paid little attention to your skin during the early twenties, premature ageing would worry you. We think it's not late yet. Fight the battle, right away!

  • The Ultimate Guide to Age Spots

    Age spots, though mosty referred to as signs of ageing are also a sign of skin cancer. Learn about its causes, risk factors and treatment methods.

  • How Ageing affects the Eyes

    With ageing, come a lot of health troubles and one of the most common ones are of the eyes. Take a look at different age-related eye problems and their treatments.

  • Hide your blemishes with concealers

    Concealers help to camouflage dark spots or patches, acne scars, even dark under-eye circles and other such blemishes. They help in making the skin texture appear smooth. Concealers come in stick, cream or cake form. The stick-type concealers are easy to use. Foundations can also be used to conceal blemishes and thus perform the function of a concealer.