Abortion is not an easy process, it is taxing physically and mentally for a woman. Then again there are medicines that one can procure which are very dangerous for the health. It is of utmost importance that a woman wanting to terminate her pregnancy understands all about it and takes professional medical practitioner’s help to deal with it. The most important factor is to make sure that the pregnancy comes to light and it is done at the right time, in order to steer clear of complications you will have to understand all about abortion in great details. Here is a guide for you.

  • When to take an Abortion Pill

    Are you willing to terminate your pregnancy but confused about when to take abortion pill? If your answer is yes then you must know that abortion pills are meant for early abortion.

  • How Safe are Abortion Pills

    There is a debate on whether abortion pills are safe or not? The realty is that abortion pills are more safer than the surgical abortion. 

  • Ethical Arguments For and Against Abortion

    The issue of abortion has been a very debated one and it inevitably acquires moral and religious undertones. Know the arguments for and against abortion.

  • Reasons Why Women Need Abortions

    The reasons why women want abortions are highly debatable and have been presented in an objective manner here. Read them to make an informed choice.

  • How is Partial Birth Abortion Performed

    Go through the steps of partial birth abortion mentioned in the article to know about how it is performed. It is important that you are aware of the painful procedure.

  • When after an Abortion must one follow up

    If done before the ninth week of pregnancy, an abortion does not usually pose health risks. But it is important to follow up with your doctor after the procedure. Know when.

  • Top 10 Anti-Abortion Facts

    Women should think twice before getting an abortion. It not only impacts the woman psychologically, but may pose various medical threats.

  • Medical Reasons against Abortion

    There are many medical reasons for not getting an abortion done. From stress to major damages to internal body organs, it is medically advisable to avoid an abortion.

  • Risks Involved with Various Abortion Methods

    Different methods of abortion have different set of risk factors associated with them. This article describes different abortion methods and risks involved in each of them.

  • Psychological Effects of Abortion on Women

    Abortion causes both physical and psychological damage to women. This psychological setback can be overcomes by providing emotional support to her.

  • Medical Reason for an Abortion

    There could be several medical reasons for getting an abortion done. From genetic to heriditory problems, there are several conditions in which abortion cannot avoided.

  • What are the risks of Abortion

    Before considering whether or not to have an abortion, know the risks and complications that are possible. Read the article to know in detail.

  • How is Abortion done

    The doctor will recommend abortion procedure for elective pregnancy termination based on how far your pregnancy has progressed. Know how it is done.

  • What is Chemical Abortion

    Chemical abortion may sound something wrong to do, but the good news is that it is a moniker for medical abortion or non-surgical abortion.

  • Does Abortion Increase Mental Health Problems

    Several studies have found that women post abortion tend to go through several psychological problems. Find out how abortion and psychological problems are correlated.

  • Terminating Pregnancy: When and How

    Abortion is a life-changing desicion and should be done only after acquiring all the information about it. Read the article to know when and how to terminate a pregnancy.

  • Side Effects of Abortion Pills

    Get to know about many long term side effects of abortion pills, therefore the best way is to take them under medical supervision.

  • Coping with Termination of Pregnancy

    Coping with termination of pregnancy is the most stressful experience for a mother. Most of women gets psychologically affected and may even develop post-abortion depression.

  • What is the Procedure of an Abortion

    Abortion procedures depend on the need of the patient, her medical history and the stage of pregnancy that she is in. Read about various abortion procedures.

  • Social, Personal and Medical Reasons for Abortion

    While abortion may be mostly conducted for unwanted pregnancies, there can be other social and medical issues for it. Learn about all the causes that pushes one to seek abortion.

  • Age Requirement for Abortion

    Apart from the age of the mother, the age of the foetus also needs to be considered when deciding about the viability of abortion. Read about such considerations here.

  • What is Abortion

    Abortion means terminating the pregnancy before the foetus can survive independently outside the mother’s womb. Learn about it in detail.

  • How can one prepare for Abortion

    The more you know about abortion, the more confident you will be and the less you will worry before, during, and after the procedure.

  • When Must One Seek Medical Advice after Abortion

    Abortion is otherwise a safe procedure if done at the right time. However, some cases might need follow-up with doctor. Read to know the reasons when to seek medical advice for abortion.

  • Know the Types of Abortion to Make an Informed Choice When in Need

    There are two types of abortion, medical and surgical. The psychological repercussions of an abortion may be immense, so it is best to adopt birth control methods.

  • Physical and Psychological Pain Caused by Abortion

    Abortion is always associated with pain and discomfort or not. Read complete article to know more about the amount of pain caused by different methods of abortion.

  • Facts About Using Abortion pill vs Surgical Abortion for Termination of Pregnancy

    Find listed below are the differences between an abortion pill and a surgical abortion. Discuss the pros and cons of both modes of abortion with your doctor.

  • How does the abortion pill work

    The abortion pill has been proven successful in most cases, only if taken within the first nine weeks of pregnancy from the date of implantation

  • The Complete Guide to Abortion

    Learn all about what causes one to seek abortion, what happens after a woman has gone through it, how best to recover, complications and the abortion law practised in India.

  • Make an Informed Decision Knowing the Pros and Cons of Abortion

    Although abortion is seen as an easy way to end unwanted pregnancy, it surely has its pros and cons. Learn about them here to make an informed desicion if you are facing the situation.