Top 10 Tips for Happy Marriage

Updated at: Nov 27, 2013
Top 10 Tips for Happy Marriage

Tips for Happy Marriage Life: Know the 10 tips for a happy marriage and make it work. Failed relationships often come about due to avoidable circumstances. Patience and commitment are the two attributes for a lasting marriage.

Vatsal Anand
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Top 10 Tips for Happy Marriage

Couples like to think that they will be happily ever after but after some time into their relationship, they soon realise that all is not hunky dory as they thought. Marriages need patience and commitment for lasting long. If you have had any failed marriages in the past, learn from them about what went wrong and try not to repeat those mistakes. If it is your first marriage or serious relationship, some tips for a happy marriage life can be useful for making it a long-lasting one.


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Tips for a Happy Marriage Life


  • Do not get into extra-marital relationships. If after marriage, you do not mend your ways from bachelor days and keep flirting around, it will dampen your resolve to make your marriage work while making your spouse suspicious.

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  • Give your spouse undivided attention when he or she wants to talk to you.
  • Discuss finances together. Quite often the bone of contention between married couples are money issues. Both of you should have one financial goal to follow.
  • Do not put the blame entirely on your spouse – this is an important tips for a marriage life because in case of a conflict, it is always appreciated by your partner if you are objective about the thing. Instead of lashing out, choose your words wisely, like “It would be nice if you helped me do the dishes!!” instead of “Why should I do the dishes always”.
  • Learn from past mistakes – For example if there is some situation in which you are naturally tense and angry, avoid talking to your spouse. You should also avoid behaving in a way that makes your spouse irritated.
  • Do not be cocky about having made a correct decision affirmed with “I told you so!” This only reflects that you are mocking at the person you are talking to. It would be much better if you admitted your mistake immediately and said nothing when proven right.
  • Try making your partner happy by smiling a lot. It does not have to be clownish. Just try to make a happy home with lots of smiles on your faces. Even when in a bad mood, try to bring out that grin.
  • Plan outings togetherYou should continue going on dates together just to have a fun time. It could also be activities or places that interest both of you. Be it Hitch hiking or romantic dates, you need to have fun together.
  • Never shy away from telling your spouse how much you appreciate him or her in your life. If you praise the little things that your spouse does like a wife looking after the house and the husband working hard for a better job, the bond between the two will grow.
  • Be open in your communicationIt is one of the most essential factors that make a marriage last. You need to share your most deeply felt sentiments with your spouse and both of you should connect emotionally.


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There are now hard and fast rules or tips for a happy marriage life. It is advisable that each and every tips for happy marriage life should come out naturally, otherwise all good thing will go in vain.


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