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Top Ten Reasons why Men Cheat

Dating By Aditi Dasgupta , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 08, 2011
Top Ten Reasons why Men Cheat

Relationship Help- Men cheat because of certain personality traits. It can be because of impulses, ego, passionate behaviour or problem in the present relationship.

Man cheat to womanWhy men cheat on women has been a nagging question since a long time and one does not have very obvious reasons for the same. However, a long-standing observation studying the varied trends and behavioural patterns to discover why men do so, has given rise to some pertinent traits that lead men to take such a step. Here are the top ten reasons why men cheat:


  • At times, men cheat in a relationship because of impulse. This can be pinned down to factors such as flamboyancy, flippancy in love and indeterminacy. Some men do not really recognise the importance of relationships and treat this as a part of ego-based decision. For many men, dating more than one woman at a time seems to be an indicator of their robust and confident attitude. Such reasons might not even include the role of a female and problems related to her. Ego establishment remains the cause for some.
  • Most men do recognise that they are cheating on their partners and admit that it is wrong. Some men do it because they have this as an option. It might be difficult for men to turn down opportunities at a given point of time.
  • Men are extremely passionate about their physique and the way they appear. At times, they no longer feel they are attractive to their female counterparts which can hurt their ego. This act is purely subconscious and can lead men to cheat.
  • Some couples, whether married or unmarried, grow apart physically or mentally due to reasons such as work pressure and physical distance leading to unavailability of the partner when they are needed the most. Most men become frustrated because of that and find alternative ways in another relationship.
  • If men and women have more arguments and fights than required, they will usually cheat to escape the overtly critical arguments taking place at home. This reason when goes on to extremes can also lead to men falling out of love and seek it somewhere else that catapults their relationships problems.
  • Men usually take to cheating when they find the relationship too agonising or strenuous.
  • Another reason why men cheat is that they have undergone the same experience. Most claim that at some point in time, they have experienced women cheating on them and hence their decision is reciprocal in this case.
  • Lack of satisfaction in bed lead men to cheat.
  • At times, men cannot forego the excitement to hunt for women in life. In other words, for some it is variety that is the spice of life. They find it as challenging and exciting as a treasure hunt.
  • Most men despise nagging and repeated fights with girlfriends. Venting their emotions by indulging in occasional flirting sessions does offer them a better escape route.


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