Top 5 Shopping Tips for Men

Updated at: Feb 27, 2012
Top 5 Shopping Tips for Men

This shopping advice will come in handy for any man who wants to have an impressive wardrobe. These top 5 shopping tips for men have been carefully selected so that men can have variety, class and taste in their revamped wardrobe!

Arshad Said Khan
Mental HealthWritten by: Arshad Said KhanPublished at: Feb 27, 2012

Man have a shopping bagsMen who buy into the image of being non-fussy shoppers often end up buying the wrong clothes. It is wise to keep in mind a few things before you hit the stores to benefit the most from merchandise.


Body Type


Are you tall and lanky; or muscular; or slightly rotund? Every man is different and must invest in a bit of Googling over what prints, style and fabrics suit you the best. For eg: Short men should avoid nautical stripes as it makes them appear even smaller. Muscular men would want to get shoulder pads removed from readymade formal jackets to appear less stiff. Those who are lean and tall should stay away from narrow vertical stripes that make them appear even slimmer.




Wardrobe must haves such as white shirts, blue jeans, black Oxford shoes and black V neck tee shirts are classics that never go out of style. The question is, do you have too many of the same? Most men don’t realise that they keep shopping for the same stuff over and over again. Break the habit and experiment a little. The next time you reach for those Aviators or Wayfarers ask yourself if you really need another pair. If you take stock of your stock you might discover an undetected pattern.




Before setting out to buy yourself new clothes and accessories divide your wardrobe into categories and sub-categories. This will help you decide how much you need to spend. Broad sections will be casuals, formals, casuals bending towards formals, vice versa, sports, and club wear. Each category will speak of its requirements. If you’re more the outdoorsy person you will want to invest in that department. Maybe it is vital to choose another pair of sports shoes over a formal shirt.




It’s never a good idea to appear like a page from a particular brand’s Look Book. If your shirt, jeans and accessories were all bought from one store you are more likely to end up as an mannequin for the same. Be bold enough to trust your own instincts about what might go with what. It would be doubly refreshing to pair a cheap, off the footpath tee shirt with expensive shades and designer jeans. A little bit of creativity goes a long way.


It's most convenient to head straight to the mall where you have a variety of brands under one roof. However, you might miss the real pleasure of finding a great bargain from the ever burgeoning markets that sell factory rejects with unnoticeable defects such as a single loose thread. If you have a little patience you can even find a tailor who makes by measure. Let’s face it; mass produced clothes do not fit everybody after all. A compulsion to wear ill fitting clothes can be disheartening. It’s time to listen in on this piece of shopping advice and change.


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