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Top 6 Sex Tips for Conceiving

Top 6 Sex Tips for Conceiving

Top 6 Sex Tips for ConceivingIt is easier for some women to conceive while for others other it take a bit of  struggle and discomfort to conceive. There are several aspects related with sexual activity and sex positions to help a woman conceive easily and quickly. The best sex position is the one that assures that the sperm cells reach as close to the opening of the cervix as is needed so that the sexual intercourse brings positive results.

Besides sexual tips for conceiving, aids such as basal thermometers and ovulation predictor kits are used to boost chances of conceiving. Some experts ascribe conception to  emotional feeling by virtue of which readiness is more important than the mechanics of pregnancy.

Mentioned below are some  tips and recommendations that can familiarise you with your body and the mechanism of sexual activity that will boost chances of conceiving to a great extent.

Tip 1

The foremost step towards conception is to enjoy the sexual pursuit. There are several sex positions and you must make an effort to choose something apart from the regular. Be involved passionately, which will keep you excited and relaxed at the same time.

Tip 2

If you’re stressed because of your job routine, take an extended vacation. You will not be able to enjoy sex if you are marred by stress and tiredness. Alternatively, you can also make some changes in your work routine. Don’t kill your relationship with a stressful job.

Tip 3

A busy schedule or stress may degrade hormones’ fertility or interrupt the process in some way or the other. Make sure that there is no burden on you and you are doing everything to deal with the unproductive circumstances that have popped up. Moreover, ascertain that your partner doesn’t have any emotional concern as such.
Tip 4

If you are comfortable with a specific sexual position, go on with it. Ask  your partner what he thinks he is comfortable doing and consider the response.

Tip 5

Communication is the key. Whatever has been going on in your head should be discussed  with your partner.

Tip 6

Not too much, not too less. How frequent one must engage in sexual intercourse is a common doubt that sprouts in many desiring a child. When it comes to sex for conception, frequently doing it could be bad. Experts advise to involve in sexual pursuit every alternate day for pregnancy. In this manner, men’s sperm count remains high and it ensures that you have had sex at least once during the most fertile days.

These six tips are handy to learn the art of conceiving easily. Therefore, keep these points in mind to increase the likelihood of conception.




Written by
Himanshu Sharma
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamMay 28, 2012

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