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Top Lies in Online Dating Revealed

Dating By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 22, 2011
Top Lies in Online Dating Revealed

Dating Tips - Online dates are a minefield of lies. Know more about the types of lies and how they vary with gender, country and age-group.

Online Dating RevealedOnline dating sites are increasingly being used all over the world, and it is easy for people to lie about themselves to create a favourable impression on their online date. In a survey studying online behaviour, it was found that men were most likely to lie about their jobs while women lie about their looks. The survey was conducted by a popular online dating website.

Out of the 1000 people questioned in the study, it was found that women lied mostly about their vital stats such as the size of their bust. About 33 percent of the women lied about their jobs; most of them claimed that they worked in the entertainment industry. Women also lied about being friends with celebrities to make themselves look more attractive to the date.

The growing trend of women lying about their physical atrributes does not mean that men do not practise the same. In fact, a few men admitted that they lied about their physical attributes like weight, height, age etc.  Around two-fifth of them masqueraded as if they earned more than what they actually did and tried to make their job more interesting.

What is most intriguing about this survey is the finding that although people lied about their appearance and jobs, they were quite likely to accept what their online date mentioned about him or her. It often leads to circumstances such as a man calling an online date for a real date, expecting her to be a slim ravishing girl, only to find someone who looks absolutely different.

There was a difference between countries as well as age groups with regards to the tendency of lying. 53 percent of Americans lied about their appearance while the same stat for Brits stood at 44 percent. This suggests that American society is more obsessed with appearance than the British. The survey confirmed the fact that older people tend to be mature and content with how they look or earn or other aspects of life. Across countries, it was found that the older the people got, the lesser they were likely to lie. This makes sense as with age comes maturity and acceptance of oneself. They know that it would be of no avail to keep deceiving themselves and their online date about their appearance or how much they earned.


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