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    Top 10 tips for healthy pregnancy

    Pregnancy By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 20, 2016
    Top 10 tips for healthy pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a time for lots of worry and excitement at the same time. Learn what you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

    Pregnancy is packed with joy, excitement and fear that last for 9 months and a good way to deal with high tides of trepidation over the baby’s health is to embark on a healthful routine.



    While you are pregnant, there are several aspects of it that will concern and bother you, especially when you realise that almost everything that you do affects your baby. This will presumably put a lot of pressure on you to do things right and somehow get the baby to develop normally to term.

    So, as you lie awaiting to catch a glimpse of your baby’s rosy cheeks, here are a few tips that you will want to follow to ensure yours and your baby’s utmost safety.



    Prepare yourself

    Before you plan to get pregnant, you must prepare for the baby’s arrival before three months itself. This is because the more healthy you are before you conceive, the more healthy the baby will be. One of the first steps to take is to visit your obstetrician while you are planning pregnancy. Discuss your family as well as personal health histories along with any medications that are presently take with your obstetrician during the appointments. Expect to receive advices on lifestyle changes and what prenatal vitamins you must take to ensure a healthy pregnancy.


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    Keep stress at bay

    This is a popular and mostly targeted phrase that is addressed to a pregnant woman from time to time and for the right reasons. Most first time mothers tend to be over anxious about their baby and can’t sit through 9 months of pregnancy. Also, they twirl inside a giant wheel of anxiety about life after childbirth, work life and other inevitable adjustments. Taking stress excessively triggers the release on labour-inducing hormones into the blood, which can lead to premature labour. It is therefore, important to stop stressing a lot during pregnant. If despite your efforts to be stress-free and less anxious of the future, nothing seems to work, you must seek help. Other remedies you can try at home include prioritising and cultivating a support system to help you relax.



    Fight usual complaints

    There are several small issues that disturb the mom-to-be physically as well as mentally when she is pregnant. Some of these include the common signs of pregnancy. For example, an abundance of progesterone delays the process of digestion. If you experience bouts of heartburn as your belly increases in size, you may make use of pillows to sleep in a reclined position. There are over-the-counter medications are available for heartburn. These are said to be all right to use, though you must speak with your doctor to know whether it will be right to take the medicine or not. If there is any other problem that you are suffering from, you must consult your doctor about it and seek the right solution as quickly as possible.


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    Watch your sleep

    Pregnancy can make you fatigued during the second trimester and be even worse in the third. To combat the turmoil you will have to get at least eight to nine hours of sleep to make sure that you have enough energy to get through the entire day. You may take a nap, even if it lasts only 15—20 minutes during lunch hour. Pregnancy is ironical. While you will find yourself sleeping off the first trimester, it will get more and more difficult for you to steal a few hours of peaceful sleep in the third trimester. If you just cannot sleep at night, make sure that you at least rest some time at any time during the 24-hour time frame. Frequent naps during the day will help you to rest peacefully at night.



    Eat well

    You must be very sure of what you feed yourself and your baby when you are pregnant. Pregnancy can easily make a woman immune-suppressed i.e. make her susceptible to contracting even the most minor infections, which can act up to have severe consequences for the mother as well as the baby. Remember to consume your dose of every day vitamins, folic acid and iron supplements to help you keep strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy.



    Proscribe certain foods

    Certain types of foods that are otherwise healthful for you may be unhealthy during pregnancy and are threatening to the baby.  These include mould-ripened or unpasteurised cheeses may carry listeria which increases the risk of miscarriage significantly. Avoid raw meats like sushi, shellfish, rare steak, red meat, etc. Raw or undercooked eggs must also be avoided as they can contain salmonella, which according to the World Health Organization is the one of the most common causes of food borne diseases. Mayonnaise, mousse desserts and liver must be proscribed from diet because of the high level of vitamin A that can harm the baby.



    Eat vegetables

    As mentioned before, whatever you eat and drink during pregnancy has a major impact on the health of the baby and is in fact, the primary source of nutrition for the baby. Therefore, take in foods that have the maximum nutrition in them and one of the most nutritious forms of foods are vegetables. Stock your kitchen with vegetables to make sure that you get the energy and nutrition boost that you need at the time of your pregnancy. Some of the veggies you can stock your refrigerator include bananas, whole grains and sweet potatoes.



    Let your cravings be satiated

    You read it right, you may fill your taste buds with the salts and sweets of the foods that you have been craving, but remember that it is okay up to a certain point i.e. as long as you have had a balanced diet first. One of the reasons for your cravings could be the lack of nutrient that is present in the particular food that you are craving for. But as far as cravings in general are concerned, they are harmless, but you must keep from satiating cravings for non edible items like chalk, dirt, toothpaste, charcoal, etc.



    Do not be idle

    According to Discovery Health, moving around is not only safe but also a form of exercise for the mother. 30 minutes of exercise every day can help to reduce constipation and backaches that are common in pregnancy. Besides, exercising will help you to boost your mood and posture and improve your sleep. If you start doing running everyday at the beginning of your pregnancy or a few months before planning it, you will be able to benefit significantly from it, though running is not for beginners. The best part about exercising is that it helps to ease labour pain and ease the symptoms of pregnancy.



    Do not medicate excessively

    During pregnancy, you may be tempted to reach out for Disprin to get relief from a minor headache, but it is important for you to realise that ingesting yourself with anything, even medicines, can affect the health of the developing baby. When the medication flows through your bloodstream, it also travels and enters the baby’s body. Therefore, consult your physician before indulging in any medication, confirming the dosage allowed to be on the safer side.



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