Tone up with social networking!

Updated at: Feb 04, 2013
Tone up with social networking!

Sharing diet and weight loss successes and malfunctions via tweets, status updates or pictures by using the twitpic application and FB image uploader helps in staying fit. No, we are not kidding. Log in and get going!

Mansi Kohli
Weight ManagementWritten by: Mansi KohliPublished at: Feb 04, 2013

networkingIndulge in networkcise as platforms such as twitter and facebook which can help you in getting fit. No we are not kidding!


The internet is fast becoming a place where people spend hours all together to keep weight off them. From joining social groups to tweeting about what you ate and following fellow dieters motivating you to lose weight, social networking has become a healthy option!


There are numerous facebook profiles and tweeters such as health magazines and dieticians giving out free weight loss tips. They extensively update the user about diets, exercises and also reply to queries readers regarding weight loss on a regular basis. Gaurav, a sports writer says, “Twitter is like an ocean-full of information and the superlative part is that you can choose who you want to listen to. I follow around 10 to 12 health magazines. Daily, they give health tips and exercise routines that keep me informed.”


Get motivated


Walk the road that millions have travelled before. Akshay, a sales executive and ten kilos overweight started following a facebook community which was run by a formerly obese man. The latter used to regularly share his experiences. He says, “I could empathize with the person. His battle to lose weight and to get generally accepted body weight inspired me to a great deal. I followed his exercise regime and got where he is today.”


social networkingShare it


The magnificence about social networking is that you are linked with thousands of people without little apprehension of being constantly judged. Sharing diet and weight loss successes and malfunctions via tweets, status updates or pictures by using the twitpic application and FB image uploader helps to relate to people who are suffering from same issues.


Track it


The best way to lose weight is watching the calorie intake. Twitter has an amazing application called This application helps you keep a track of each and every calorie you eat.


On a related note, Facebook has this application called where just by entering your blood type you’ll be able to see what kind of diet profile you have, foods which are allowed and which would ultimately help in weight loss. In this way social networking helps you to attain your goal with the help of thousands of supporters.


Clinical Psychologist at VIMHANS, Dr Pulkit Sharma adds, “Surfing the web to lose weight has two sides to it. On a positive side it gives a platform to people where they can share experiences and stories and find social support. Interaction, guidance and motivation help them to come to terms with their individuality and gives them a sense of being. On the flip side they might feel distressed because they would be aiming to reach a certain and ideal body type. So, this creates a paradoxical situation.”


So perform a balancing act, log in and get going!




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