Tips to solve white hair woes

Updated at: Jan 20, 2012
Tips to solve white hair woes


Shreya Lall
LatestWritten by: Shreya LallPublished at: Jan 20, 2012

Gray hair can be elegant and stylish if you embrace it. It depends on the person’s preferences and choices. Alternatively, grey hair can be hidden if one does not prefer swanking them. Here are some tips to solve white hair woes.

  1. Whether one is 16 or 60 years of age, white hair will strike some day or the other. As one grows in age, the pigment producing substances in the hair shut down, leaving the hair without any colour.
  2. The grey or white hair brings with some new challenges, though the solutions are easy and can leave you with some stylish and attractive locks.
  3. Some people face a problem of only a few grey hair, but even they are wiry and attract attention. A solution to solve this white hair woe is to pluck the particular hair strands.
  4. Since grey hair tend to be more dry and brittle, if one has a sleek style, they can even stand out like porcupine quills. Thus, if there are not many, they may be pulled out. Contrary to popular belief, you will not grow two more in its place.
  5. If you go grey more quickly, it may seem as if multiple new grey hair grow out every time you pluck one, but they would grow out irrespective of whether you plucked the previous ones or not.
  6. There are certain cases where people face a problem in colouring their grey hair strands. Here, a point to be noted is that whether you plan to colour your hair yourself or have it done professionally, the stylist working on them can give you tips on what works best.
  7. Talk to your stylist about your colour choices as there are many available in the market today. Many women find a shade or two lighter than their natural colour preferable or something close to the hair colour they had as a child.
  8. If your grey strands are too widespread to be plucked, the stylist may be able to blend the grey with highlights or lowlights.

Sometimes, people with grey hair woes face difficulties since they have been covering up the greys for years and now that they are almost entirely grey, they wish to let it become its natural colour. A solution to this would be to switch your hair colour in gradual shades i.e. moving step by step towards grey while your own grey grows out. Alternatively, you may use temporary or semi permanent colouring on the roots. The products that may help you here will cover the grey and instead wash out with a number of shampoos. Once they are washed out, you can decide whether you need another application. Whatever you choose, a short hairstyle will help keep the transition time brief.




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