10 Tips to save Your Relationship

Updated at: Mar 23, 2013
10 Tips to save Your Relationship

Help a relationship There has to be sustained efforts from both sides if you want to save your relationship. The tips provided in this article to save your relationship will take you step further in solving the problems pl

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DatingWritten by: Arpita DePublished at: Mar 23, 2013

10 Tips to save Your Relationship

Many a times even minor problems in a relationship lead towards its end. In these fast paced times when we are faced with colossal amounts of pressure at our professional end, even a minor glitch in our personal equation can make us see red. However, we have to make serious efforts towards resolving issues that crop up in any relationship. Saving a relationship becomes paramount in today’s day and age when loneliness and solitude are taking a toll on the lives of many individuals.


Following are 10 tips to save your relationship




It is the key to any relationships. Poor communication affects a relationship and it can cause mistrust and doubt. You need to talk about any issues plaguing your mind in order to save your relationship.


Coping with Infidelity


Infidelity is a major concern in modern relationship. In case you have caught your partner cheating on you, it is time you evaluated your relationships. Every relationship has problems but is infidelity an answer to these problems. In case you want to give your relationship another shot you have to come clean and express your doubts in front of your partner. You also have to give your partner a chance to explain her/his stand.




You have to understand that mutual agreement and partnerships are the 2 pillars of any relationship. You have to work with your partner in case you want to save your relationship. Arguments will happen but you cannot lose heart.


Be Honest


Honesty is of paramount importance in any relationship. Share your doubts and fears with your partner. Mulling alone will not take you far and it also will not help in saving your relationship. Voice your opinion and deals with the problems in your relationship together.


Do not play the Blame Game


You might be hurt by all the things that your partner has done to jeopardise the relationship but constantly blaming her/him about it will not help. You need to analyse why she/he is behaving and has been behaving in this erratic manner. Talk it out. Also vent out your feelings but keep in mind not to lose control.


Make time for Your Relationship


If you really want to work towards saving your crumbling marriage or relationship, you will have to find time for it. You cannot expect your partner to singlehandedly solve issues. You have to be there and help this relationship through.


Control Anger


It is understandable that people lose their cool when in a fix. However, you need to understand that excessive anger will only aggravate the situation and lead you nowhere. We don’t think straight when we are angry. Screaming and shouting will only hurt your partner more and if both of you lose your head then you will hit a dead end in your relationship.


Add Spice to the Relationship


Long term relationships including marriages are most hit by boredom. Partners have to be proactive about adding that special spice to the relationship. Bedroom camaraderie goes a long way in ensuring the stability of a relationship.


Involve another Person


If you think that the intervention of a common friend or relative can help you save your relationship then you should seek help. However, make sure that your partner knows and agrees to this step of yours. Jumping her/his bones about this matter will only cause more problems in the relationship.


Relationship Help


This tip will come in handy if every effort that the 2 of you are making to save the relationship is spiralling downwards. Relationship professionals are experts who have an objective point of view and are also well-equipped to help you deal with your problems. Be clear and open about your desired results from these counselling sessions. Be positive but do not expect a miracle.


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